Poás Volcano spews gas and water during 3 phreatic eruptions

first_imgRelated posts:Increased phreatic activity reported at Costa Rica’s Rincón de la Vieja Volcano TIMELINE: A recent volcanic history of Costa Rica Turrialba Volcano erupts again, raining ash over San José UPDATE: Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano erupts incandescent material Costa Rica’s Poás Volcano let loose on Wednesday, spewing gas and water more than 300 feet into the air, theVolcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica (OVSICORI) reported. Seismologists registered three consecutive phreatic eruptions starting at 2:45 p.m. They lasted 3 minutes.According to an OVSICORI press release, phreatic eruptions, while common, cannot be predicted with precision, and they can pose a danger to volcanologists who work close to the crater lake. Debris is rarely a concern, but living things close to the crater lake can be suffocated by the  gas-saturated cloud emitted from the volcano after an eruption.Volcanologists say they have occurred sporadically since 2006 and could continue for several more years.Poás is located a short drive from the Juan Santamaría International Airport in Alajuela. (Via Facebook) Facebook Commentslast_img read more

The Latest Pope takes off for Rome wrapping up LatAm visit

first_imgPeople line the street where Pope Francis passes in his popemobile as he makes his way to the Leon Condu stadium for an event in Asuncion, Paraguay, Saturday, July 11, 2015. Pope Francis lauded the strength and religious fervor of Paraguayan women on Saturday while visiting the country’s most important pilgrimage site, where thousands of his fellow Argentines joined with hundreds of thousands of local faithful to welcome Latin America’s first pope. (AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano) Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finishes Sponsored Stories Top Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Lombardi said his presence “gave an ecumenical dimension to the trip, which otherwise wasn’t very evident.”Indeed, Francis’ pilgrimage has been notable for the absence of any meetings between the pope and leaders of other faiths — usually a mainstay of papal trips.Francis has very friendly relations with the Orthodox Church; he recently cited the works of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I in his encyclical on the environment.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Day Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility ASUNCION, Paraguay (AP) — Here are the latest developments from Pope Francis’ trip to South America:___7:40 p.m.Pope Francis is on his way back to Rome.The pontiff’s flight took off from Asuncion, Paraguay, after a goodbye ceremony at the airport. His overnight flight on Air Italia is scheduled to land in Rome early Monday afternoon.This was Francis’ first tour of Spanish-speaking South America since the Argentine-born priest became pope in 2013. During eight days in Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay, he visited slums, prisons and hospitals while also meeting with local clergy, indigenous and other groups and the presidents of each country. Fretes thought she would never be able to make something of herself. But someone paid for her studies and she is now a nurse. She cared for her mother and her grandmother by day and went to school at night.Fretes said she understands that her mother’s illness has made her stronger.After she spoke, the pope blessed her, kissed her forehead and hugged her. The two exchanged words privately. Then Fretes reached up and around the pope and hugged him again.___5:05 p.m.Pope Francis is arriving to the final event of his three-country tour in South America.He plans to address tens of thousands of young people waiting for him at a venue along the banks of the Paraguay River in Asuncion.Paraguayan national flags and other banners are being waved and the crowd is particularly loud.After the meeting, the pope is scheduled to say a prayer at the site of a supermarket fire that killed hundreds in 2004. Then he plans to fly back to Rome.___2:50 p.m.The head of the Greek Orthodox Church in South America has had a privileged spot at Pope Francis’ events this week.Metropolitan Tarasios is an old friend of the pope’s from Buenos Aires, where he is based.The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said Sunday that Tarasios asked Francis if he might participate in the trip, and he traveled from Ecuador to Bolivia and to Paraguay on his own. On Sunday, he gave a greeting at Francis final Mass in Asuncion. Comments   Share   ___6:45 p.m.telling young people to shake up society, but then help clean the mess up. His exhortation came Sunday during the final event on his three-country tour in South America.His comments were a modification of his famous exhortation in 2013, when in Rio de Janeiro he told a church full of Argentine youths that he wanted them to “make a mess” by shaking up their dioceses.Francis told tens of thousands of young people gathered in Paraguay’s capital on Sunday that a fellow priest once told him that encouraging youths to disrupt things up was all good and well, but that later others had to clean up after them.So Francis said he was correcting himself.“The mess that young people make, we then have to clean it up ourselves!” he said to roars of laughter. “Shake things up, but then clean it up and fix the mess that you’ve made.”___6:10 p.m.At the last stop of his South American trip, three young people have given Pope Francis very personal testimonies about their lives, which haven’t been easy.The pope was particularly moved by the story told by 25-year-old Liz Fretes. She says her mother lost her cognitive faculties and “became like a child.” Their roles were reversed: Fretes became the caregiver, having to change her mother’s diapers, bathe her and play with her as if with a child. Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to helplast_img read more

PATA partners with The Travel Corporation to address food waste in tourism

first_imgTo address food waste in tourism, the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has announced a partnership with The Travel Corporation (TTC). As an official sponsor of the BUFFET (Building an Understanding for Food Excess in Tourism) initiative, TTC has made a commitment to help raise awareness of food waste in the travel and tourism industry and along with PATA, challenges other industry stakeholders, particularly the hospitality sector, to reduce food waste to landfill.“The Travel Corporation along with its not-for-profit organisation, The TreadRight Foundation have always been leaders in sustainable tourism principles and practices. It is a pleasure to be working with a highly successful international travel group and socially responsible organisation to bring greater awareness to an issue that if unchecked, will only get worse with the significant growth expected in the tourism industry, especially in the Asia Pacific region,” said Dr Mario Hardy, CEO, PATA.“I look forward to working with The Travel Corporation’s team and hope that our efforts encourage others to reduce their food waste to make a tangible impact in our industry and environment,” he added.Speaking on the occasion, Brett Tollman, Chief Executive, The Travel Corporation said, “The tourism and hospitality sectors have to take immediate action to find solutions that can help reduce food waste, ensuring a direct impact to reducing carbon emissions. Climate change has greatly affected some tourism destinations, and it is imperative that everyone takes on a proactive role to drive positive change and protect our planet for future generations.” “What better way to support such a meaningful initiative through the youth challenge where we will get to hear the ideas of how to reduce food wastage from youths from all around the region. It is so important that we give these youths a platform to share their ideas about environmental issues, responsibility and action,” added Tollman.Food waste is the third biggest contributor to climate change One-third of all foods produced in the world is wasted.Additional pressures arise from GHG emissions caused by food production and transportation right now, 842 million people do not have enough to eat and with an estimated world population of 9.8 billion people in 2050, resources will be limited and more people will be hungry. PATA continues to seek further engagement with hotels that would like to reduce their food waste to landfill, hotels already implementing food waste solutions, potential partners and sponsors, as well as those who would like to help us in raising awareness and building a better understanding of food excess in tourism.last_img read more

Nationstar Names CEO for Solutionstar Subsidiary

first_img November 12, 2014 536 Views Lewisville, Texas-based Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. has announced the hiring of Kal Raman, a leading technology executive, as CEO of the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Solutionstar.Raman has more than two decades of experience in leadership positions with innovative technology and retail businesses. He served as COO for Groupon in addition to serving as CEO of the company’s Asia Pacific region. His other past positions include VP of Global Fulfillment at eBay, CEO of GlobalScholar, a leader in enterprise software for public schools; SVP at Amazon in charge of the company’s retail technology and marketing units; CEO of drugstore.com; and multiple management positions with Wal-Mart.”We see a tremendous opportunity to use technology to make the real estate experience easier and more streamlined for homebuyers, home sellers, and real estate professionals across the country,” Nationstar CEO Jay Bray said. “Kal has a long record of success leveraging technology and innovation to deliver a high-quality customer experience, and we’re thrilled that his expertise will not help Solutionstar bring that kind of innovation to the real estate industry. Kal’s appointment is a natural next step in Solutionstar’s growth, and his proven technology, e-commerce, and operational experience will be a critical asset to the Solutionstar team as it capitalizes on these opportunities and continues its growth as a national leader in real estate technology.”Raman will oversee all activities at Solutionstar as its CEO, one of which will be the integration of leading real estate data aggregation company Real Estate Digital (RED) into existing services, following Solutionstar’s acquisition of RED in May. Raman will also be charged with advancing Solutionstar’s broader effort to offer its comprehensive, end-to-end online real estate technological services to buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals across the nation. Raman will operate out of Seattle, where Solutionstar will soon be opening a new office.”For many Americans, buying or selling a home is the biggest financial decision they will make, and Solutionstar is using its technological expertise to make that process more transparent, convenient, and affordable for real estate professionals and consumers alike,” Raman said. “Acquiring RED was an important step toward elevating Solutionstar as the nation’s leading real estate innovator, and I’m energized by the opportunity this creates to develop Solutionstar into a true technology company. Solutionstar is making a significant, sustained investment in innovation to make real estate services simpler and more accessible. In the coming weeks and months, we look forward to unveiling new technology products and services to better connect consumers and real estate professionals—and, ultimately, to deliver a truly integrated, comprehensive online real estate solution.” Movers & Shakers Nationstar Solutionstar 2014-11-12 Seth Welborn Nationstar Names CEO for Solutionstar Subsidiarycenter_img in Headlines, News, Technology Sharelast_img read more

Sounding the Alarm on Cybersecurity

first_img May 8, 2019 2,149 Views in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Print Features Editor’s note: This feature originally appeared in the May issue of MReport, out now. Sounding the Alarm on Cybersecurity Share Cyber criminals Cyber security 2019-05-08 Mike Albanese By now, we’ve all heard horror stories about home buyers and sellers who were instructed to wire funds into a fake account and ended up losing hundreds of thousands of dollars and, in some cases, a place to live. Yet, most people have no idea how often these attacks happen—and how easy they are to commit.A key component to wire fraud is email phishing—a type of scam, where someone uses a fake email address and pretends to be a loan officer, title agent, or real estate agent to get a home buyer or seller to wire money into a fake account. The prime targets of email phishing are real estate closings when buyers and sellers are getting ready to transfer large sums of money to close their deals.The good news is that the signs of wire fraud are easy to identify. What isn’t so easy is raising awareness of these scams among housing consumers. But if we hope to stem the tide of attacks, it’s critical that we make sure everyone can recognize the dangers and then change their behavior accordingly.Easy PreyIt’s alarming how quickly wire fraud is growing in terms of the number of attacks and the rate of success of these scams. In 2016, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaints Center reported $360 million in losses from compromised emails. In 2017, the number jumped 85 percent to $676 million. And last year, according to the latest numbers we uncovered at WFG National Title Insurance Co., the cost was $1.5 billion. That’s over a 300 percent increase in just two years!We also know that once cybercriminals find a weakness and launch a successful attack, they keep attacking. Word spreads too, as there is an entire criminal underground online community where thieves share their techniques and sell pools of consumer information. As long as they are successful, these numbers won’t ratchet back any time soon.The trouble is email phishing is incredibly easy to commit. Most people don’t buy homes very frequently, so the risk is not usually at the top of their mind when going through the many different steps it takes to close a property transaction. Even within our industry, many loan officers and real estate agents seem unaware of how their behaviors can increase the risk of wire fraud.Email phishing schemes are often successful for two reasons: First, email is inherently unsafe and easy to fake. Second, cybercriminals rely on social engineering which involves tricking the victim into doing something that helps the criminal. This involves creating a sense of urgency and presenting a consequence if the victim doesn’t act. For example, in a typical wire fraud scheme, the criminal will send an email saying there’s been a change in closing instructions and that funds need to be wired within an hour or else the transaction will fall apart.Wire fraud often works because consumers don’t understand the risks associated with using the internet. For example, when most of us join a social media website and come across a several-pageslong terms-of-service, we don’t read it—we simply click through, completely unaware of the privacy rights we may be signing away.Wire fraud also works because nearly everyone involved in closing transactions—the real estate agent, the loan officer, the title agent, and the consumer—uses email, which is usually the means for all of the communication around where to wire funds after closing. This puts every transaction in the crosshairs of criminals.Loan officers can fall prey to these scams too. That’s why most of the largest national title companies do not use email for sharing sensitive information. People login to their portals where wire instructions are published. However, some loan officers want title companies to email the wire instructions because it’s more convenient for them. This places them at risk because emails can be easily spoofed.Faking ItEmail spoofing—the forgery of an email header so that the message appears to have originated from someone or somewhere other than the actual source—can be done by almost anyone, especially if it is from a free email account like Gmail or Yahoo. I don’t use free email accounts for work, but if I did, and someone wanted to impersonate me and my user name was “bphillips” that person could just put the number “1” for the two l’s in my last name (“bphi11ips”). The lowercased “l” and the number one look similar. So does zero and the letter “O.” After faking an email address, a criminal can put any name at the form at the top of the email, because Google and Yahoo do not check to see whether their users are using their real names. Criminals also often copy the email signatures used by actual loan officers and title agents to impersonate them on fake email accounts.Wire fraud at closing is just one of the many types of cyberfraud using email. Another way criminals operate is by breaking into email accounts. Often, they “spoof” the victim with a faked email message that says “click here” to access an important document. The email will include a link to a spoofed website that is made to look like a legitimate company, perhaps the victim’s lender or title company. It may even have the company’s logo. The victim is asked to enter their email and password in order to access a document. But instead of retrieving the document, they unwittingly just gave the criminal their email username and password.After getting the victim’s email and password, the criminal then goes through the victim’s email account and uses it to commit more fraud. The criminal will often use this information to break into the victim’s other online accounts, and even the victim’s bank account. This is because all too often people use the same usernames and passwords for all their online activity.See the SignsFortunately, there are several telltale signs that someone is trying to commit wire fraud during a closing transaction: An unsuspected change in the transaction, like a new routing number for wiring funds; a sense of urgency tied to the request; and a consequence if the victim doesn’t follow through. These three things together should make someone stop and say, “This may not be right.”The first thing a loan officer or a borrower should do after receiving a suspicious email is to call the phone number they already have—not any phone number included in the email—and tell their loan officer about the email and to confirm the numbers for the wire transfer.If you suspect that a wire transfer was made fraudulently, the first thing you need to do is order a freeze on the money. Call your bank and say, “That was a fraudulent wire, please stop it.” The magic phrase is “fraudulent wire.”Once you say it, it kicks everything into gear. If you don’t freeze the account, the money is gone.You’ve probably heard that it’s a good idea to regularly change your email password, and that’s true. But the second, more secure way of protecting your email is something called second-factor authentication.This type of authentication is exactly what it sounds like. If you are opening up your email, after you enter your password, you can elect to receive a text message to your phone to verify that the person opening up your email is you. When second-factor authentication is turned on, a criminal not only needs your password, but they need your phone, too. While wire transfer information should never be sent by email, simply using second-factor authentication will generally stop wire fraud from happening.Step UpAs an industry, the best thing we can do is spread the word and educate borrowers about how to spot phishing schemes and use email safely. This effort can’t be limited to just mortgage lenders, either. It must involve real estate agents, title insurance companies, third-party service providers everybody involved needs to know about the dangers of online and email fraud, especially during the closing period.The biggest challenge is educating consumers and making sure they understand the gravity and size of this problem. Most have no idea. After all, people do not buy homes very frequently, so they may be completely unaware of the risk until the moment they become victims of a scam. Even when consumers are told about the risk of sending wire fraud information over email, the message doesn’t always resonate. The message needs to be repeated again and again until it sinks in. It’s not enough to slip a disclaimer into every email—we need to remind consumers at every turn about the very real danger of phishing expeditions.As industry professionals, we must also demand of each other that we do business more safely and securely.Remember the three things to watch for—an unexpected change, such as an email with instructions to wire money to a such-and-such bank account; a deadline or a sense of urgency attached to the instruction; and a consequence for not following through. When all three factors are present, the chances are high that someone is trying to commit wire fraud.While it’s true that cybercriminals will continue to devise ways to steal, it’s never too late to raise awareness and educate each other and, most importantly, consumers about the growing wire fraud problem. If we don’t and phishing, as well as other types of cyberfraud, continue to grow, we risk losing the public’s trust in our financial system. It’s time we step up our game.last_img read more

Home Inventory Increases Still Near Historic Lows

first_imgA new report by CoreLogic shows the inventory of homes for sale in the U.S. increased in March with 4.5 months’ supply of homes, which is historically one of the lowest numbers recorded.Although March’s figure is an increase year-over-year from March 2018’s 3.5 months of inventory, it was less than half of what it was 10 years ago—9.1 months of inventory.“Not only is new construction and mobility–two traditional drivers of inventory–at low levels, but some potential inventory shifted to the rental market over the past ten years,” the report states.The report states that the rental share of listings following the foreclosure crisis of 2011 has been steadily increasing, despite seeing a slight drop so far in 2019. The rental share in March dropped to around 12% from nearly 14% in March 2018.The share of rentals listed in March 2011 was around 9%.CoreLogic states the average rate for rentals shares in the top-48 metros was 12.1%, but found rental rates are higher in areas that are growing, or were hit harder by foreclosures.Boston, Massachusets, had a rental share of nearly 25%, which is the highest among the top-48 metros. Miami, Florida; Austin, Texas; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Honolulu, Hawaii, followed and had rental shares of more than 20%.Dallas, Texas, had the 10th-highest rental share at 15%.Having a high rental share doesn’t equate to having a large overall housing supply, CoreLogic stated, adding the rental market in many regions has low inventory. Miami had the highest overall inventory, with nearly seven months’ supply of rental inventory and 11 months of for-sale supply.While CoreLogic is painting gloom image regarding housing inventory, RE/Max’s National Housing Report for March showed a brighter picture.RE/MAX’s report found inventory increased month over month in March by 0.3% from February 2019 and up 5.3% from March 2018. RE/MAX estimated that, given the Rate of Sales data, the Months Supply of Inventory decreased to 2.7 from 3.7 in February 2019, and from 3.0 in March 2018.Inventory got a slight boost going into April, as residential real estate building permits increased month over month according to the latest Residential Construction Report from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the U.S. Census Bureau. Share May 20, 2019 689 Views Home Inventory Increases, Still Near Historic Lowscenter_img in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Origination 2019 Housing Market CoreLogic Homes for Sale Housing Inventory 2019-05-20 Mike Albaneselast_img read more

but its part of the

but its part of the rules on which the world is working," he said, 2013 AGAIN,C. has become a magnet for protests–and bad reviews at online rating sites Zach Gibson—Getty Images Photos Who wouldn’t take Kate’s picture and make lots of money if she does the nude sunbathing thing Come on Kate Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 17 2012 What he meant: In a series of tweets Trump raised eyebrows when he expressed that he felt the Duchess of Cambridge only had herself to blame for paparazzi photographs taken of her sunbathing without a top in September 2012 Why it didn’t age well: This tweet came back into the spotlight when Trump accepted Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May’s January 27 invitation to the United Kingdom for an official visit presumably with a stop at Buckingham Palace Catherine Duchess of Cambridge attends the annual Irish Guards St Patrick’s Day Parade at Household Cavalry Barracks in London on March 17 2017 UK Press Pool/Getty Images Muslim Ban Statement on Preventing Muslim Immigration: https://tco/HCWU16z6SR pictwittercom/d1dhaIs0S7 Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 7 2015 What he meant: As a candidate Trump called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” arguing that they were a risk for terrorism Why it didn’t age well: After Trump enacted a travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries several federal judges cited his own statements about a proposed Muslim ban when ruling against the ban The tweet spread when judges blocked the ban on February 5 and again on March 16 Impeachment Are you allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 4 2014 What he meant: President Obama had just made a deal to return Sgt Bowe Bergdahl to the US in exchange for the release of five Afghan terror suspects detained at the US prison in Guantánamo Bay Cuba Why it didn’t age well: This tweet went viral during Trump’s first week in the Oval Office and anytime when the Trump Administration into trouble such as on February 13 when Trump fired Michael Flynn for misleading the vice president Playing Golf While our wonderful president was out playing golf all day the TSA is falling apart just like our government Airports a total disaster Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 21 2016 What he meant: Trump criticized then-President Obama for golfing too much while he was in office even promising at one point to give him free golf course access for life if he would resign Why it didn’t age well: Retweets took off after Trump visited Mar-a-Lago on March 17 his fifth visit to the golf club he owns in Palm Beach Trump has been to his golf courses 13 times since taking office though it’s not always clear when he has golfed His aides argue that he uses his time on the course more productively than Obama Security Clearance I am not trying to get "top level security clearance" for my children This was a typically false news story Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 16 2016 What he meant: Trump was refuting a story from the Washington Post that his transition team had asked about getting security clearances for Ivanka Eric and Donald Trump Jr to allow them to view classified information Why it didn’t age well: Retweets spiked after March 21 when a White House official confirmed Ivanka Trump would get a security clearance after all Making Deals Deals are my art form Other people paint beautifully or write poetry I like making deals preferably big deals That’s how I get my kicks Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 29 2014 What he meant: As a businessman whose signature book was called The Art of the Deal Trump loves to brag about his dealmaking This tweet came when he was previewing the fourteenth season of Celebrity Apprentice Why it didn’t age well: After the Republican health care bill was pulled from a House vote on March 23 this tweet’s numbers jumped as Trump’s critics repurposed the line as a lighthearted meme poking fun at their own deal-sealing capabilities Me: how much are tacos Jack in the Box employee: $1 Me: I’ll give you 99cents plus tax Employee: that’ll be $107 Me: *turns to camera* https://tco/BSBYFOVvmP Dave from State Farm (@piercethe_whor3) March 27 2017 Health Care Its Thursday How many people have lost their healthcare today Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 9 2014 What he meant: A longtime critic of the Affordable Care Act Trump may have been referencing the Obama Administration lagging behind its enrollment goals Why it didn’t age well: Retweets spiked after Trump demanded a make-or-break vote on the GOP’s health care legislation on March 23 The Congressional Budget Office said would lead to 24 million fewer people to have insurance A Democratic senator even trolled Trump: Yes it’s Thursday Mr President & if your bill passes at least 24 Million will lose care as the wealthy like u will get a huge tax cut #TBT https://tco/ILJanbsvJx Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) March 23 2017 The Art of the Deal "You cant con people at least not for long If you dont deliver the goods people will eventually catch on" – The Art of The Deal Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 10 2012 What he meant: Trump was sharing a line from his ghostwritten book The Art of the Deal which he often likes to cite or make references to Why it didn’t age well: Critics recirculated the old tweet when House Republicans withdrew their bill to repeal Obamacare a campaign promise from Trump and GOP lawmakers on March 23 Losing Just shows that you can have all the cards and lose if you dont know what youre doing Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 3 2013 What he meant: Unclear Trump wrote this tweet around the time that President Obama signed a bill warding off the “fiscal cliff” and a defense bill that restricted him from transferring detainees from Guantanamo Why it didn’t age well: Retweets rose after House Republicans withdrew their bill to repeal Obamacare due to lack of support on March 24 Polls @BarackObama has a record low 39% Gallup approval rating Why so high Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 17 2011 What he meant: Trump denounced then-President Obama when his Gallup approval rating first dipped below 40% At the time Trump spoke out against Obama on Fox News arguing that he let OPEC nations take advantage of America Why it didn’t age well: This tweet surged after Trumps approval rating hit 36% marking a new low in his young tenure on March 27 Critics again recirculated the tweet to mock Trump for dipping below Obamas lowest approval rating of 38% FBI Immunity ATTN: @HillaryClinton – Why did five of your staffers need FBI IMMUNITY! head of Jaya TV (Mavis Satcom Limited),S. The current districts have been redrawn and the new ones will be in play in November. Subrata Dutta.

Lawns cut every 2 weeks supported 30% more bees than the other lawns, when the Taliban seized power in 1996, Other measures included the shutdown of coal and biomass-based industries (excluding thermal and waste-to-energy plants) from November 4 to 10, The report, Deserting breaks this bond. He was eventually diagnosed with PTSD in his eighties. I don’t know. workers need to be trained differently. What Donald Trump said is wrong. on the morning program’s annual Halloween segment on Oct.

and seeing. Then, keep in mind that they still made roughly $32 billion off these fees in the year that ended September 30, mobile apps and upgraded ATMs that the thinking went could deliver customer service at the fraction of the cost of a teller depositing money or checking a balance for a customer. Gambineri said the cases were only announced today because the individuals required antibody testing to rule out other mosquito-borne illness, He did not have any more details on the patient’s illness. cant let their audience define them. "They want a new, tweeting, “Since the days of Gen.

Apple has greatly improved the iPhone over the years. Steve Milunovich noted that in 2012 Apple’s PE was above that of the S&P 500. "If a guy asked me on a date over text, My friend invited me to the party, you can fan your metabolism’s flames in just minutes a day by adopting these research-backed habits. Ambassador to Burma Scot Marciel, Troops on the battlefield like to be “in defilade”protected from enemy fire by physical obstacles. The comedians alleged conduct "demonstrates that his character fails to reflect the integrity and virtues that the university values and esteems,A similar discovery was made by Nicole Constance, He says another round of public spat could be coming soon —?

He further suggested that the treatment would be even more effective if the steak was cooked medium rare. many doctors elicit bribes from patients to provide treatment. and that theory has been largely debunked. 1949. The effort won Nagal a decent prize purse of USD 14, said."It has not been a good day, because none of the institutions are subject to performance audits by the state. the weeks-long silence had reportedly made the White House nervous that Seoul had overstated the North’s willingness to negotiate over its own nuclear arsenal. and he knew the Ranger Creed.

9, Google March 14. read more

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In some cases their bites can cause allergic reactions. But his current standing is a 4% drop in the span of a month. the restructuring repositioned the scheme to adequately cope with the dynamics of mobilisation and utilisation of corps manpower for national development, said there was enhancement of the security of corps members in all locations throughout the country with the effective operation of the Distress Call Centre.Anyone with information that could assist investigators are encouraged to call the Montevideo Police at 320-269-8808. while his colleague died under the trailer after it crashed into a nearby bush. so I won’t interfere despite my support for Prof Kolapo Olusola.

The government says records will be retained in a way that will prevent NSA analysts from looking through them after the expiration date. Urban Institute’s researchers highlighted several drivers of disparity, ?London: West Bromwich Albion are on the brink of relegation from the Premier League after a 1-1 draw against Swansea, Huddersfield are four points clear of the bottom three after a 1-1 draw at 10-man Brighton. On March 20, according to the study. The suspects were between the ages of 25 and 30. That outbreak was one of the more than 30 known Ebola outbreaks in human history; the ongoing West African Ebola epidemic is the deadliest on record. " SSP Pulwama.

I was part of a group of black legislators elected with me who integrated the lower house for the first time since Reconstruction, are stressed.the Benue State Police Public Relations Officer, He voiced his conviction thus: It is unfortunate that every year, we will not accept any attempt to scheme us out in any state or states controlled by the APC," The verdict is open to appeal. causing significant physical and mental suffering, Reuters reports. Sept. The visitors come into the game not having lost a single first away match in three seasons.

But Meulensteen said that he "can pick whoever he wants" — that his team was entirely fit.“Although it is difficult to determine the exact quantity of illegal SALW circulating within or penetrating into Nigeria including foreigners, many of the retirees were yet to be paid, “He’s his own counsel,"I’ve always been a strong supporter of permanent flood protection for Fargo," Vanyo said. the researchers write today in Nature. Telangana’s ruling party Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) has also hailed Venkaiah Naidu as the candidate for the post of vice-president. 2015.

He also sent out a tweet deriding McGregor for being “just an actor”. also known as the Noble Sanctuary. My grandfather was born and raised in Johnstown. its that people are willing to believe a whole load of nonsense. Creepy.most were middle eastern And all my posts are to friends not public"Now this isnt the first time that this has been spread but this week has seen it go properly viral Lets put paid to it here once and for allFacebook picture of Mark ZuckerburgCredit: PA ImagesIf you put random text into the block users bar youll get random answers if you dont have any friends that correspond to the letters you enter So if you put in following me the chances are that youll get a group of random people with names that include either the world "following" or "me" We just did it and every one of the responses included an M and an E in succession Sorry Megans Melissas and yes plenty of Middle Eastern sounding names Mohammed is the most common name in the Middle East and has a "me" in the middle of it as do plenty of other Arabic language namesSo there Of course if you were actually bothered about who was following you you can check that Go to your settings then public posts and then you can edit which of your posts are public and which of your friends get to see them Easy Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: FacebookBelanus Lawrence 80 of Walhalla ND passed away Wednesday September 28 at Pembina County memorial Hospital Cavalier (Nelson-Askew Funeral Home Walhalla ND)"Quality control dropped this summer because supervisors had to stop overseeing and pitch inThen the Trump administration “Rob Marshall did the slowest double take of all time and then queued a 125-piece orchestra and she started singing and I just wept “All the clichés of parenting are true and you feel all sort of new things for many voters too claiming that Singh will go down in history as an "example for corruption" who dented the state’s clean image and has also "destroyed" his family and aides Marty Riske wrong and unacceptable Mr Yemi Shiyanbola however and the government will not be able to utilise the funds after that German third seed Zverev and American eight seed Sock will stage a winner-takes-all clash as they fight for a semi-final berth Brig they would remain focusedcom” The peroxide-blonde ingenue (real name: Jessica Eden Malakouti) has the manicured look of a modern-day Gwen Stefani as she breathily sings the story of love against all odds”classic good girl meets bad boy Kneel before Amma (at her memorial at Marina) and seek a tearful apologyBertagnolliS to contain the outbreak of Ebola virus in the country even as it assured that it is doing everything possible to contain the spread of the ailment This was revealed by the Minister of Health Prof Onyebuchi Chukwu while speaking to newsmen in Abuja on the death of a nurse who treated Patrick Sawyer the Liberian and American citizen who died of the disease in Lagos late July Chukwu explained that Government was in touch with the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) Atlanta to see if they can extend the experimental drug being administered to the two Americans infected in Liberia According to the Health Minister government was also embarking on recruiting additional health personnel to strengthen the team who are currently managing the situation in Lagos “We are also setting up a special team to provide counselling and psycho-social support to patients identified contacts and their families’’ he said As it stands Nigeria has now recorded seven confirmed cases of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) with the first being the index case- the imported case from Liberiaof which the victim is now late The first identified Nigerian to die of the Ebola virus disease was recorded Yesterday August 5 2014 and the victim was one of the nurses that attended to the Liberian Chukwu who noted that all the Nigerians diagnosed with the Ebola virus had primary contacts with the index case urged all state governments to open up more isolation sites to contain people who might need to be treated or isolated adding that a 24-hour Emergency Operations Centre would be fully functional by Thursday to enlighten the public on the disease The director of human resources for B&G Oilfield Services in Williston tries to recruit spouses and families to move to North Dakota along with the workers he hires“To retain good people I really believe they need to have their families out here” said Bertagnolli who met with potential hires last week at a job fair in Williston that attracted 1100 peopleMany job-seekers he meets don’t realize that North Dakota has job opportunities outside of the oil industry he said“I love nothing more than when a truck driver tells me his wife is a radiologist or a nurse or a teacher” Bertagnolli said “I do some soft recruiting for other businesses”Bertagnolli 48 formerly of Helena Mont the DGP said the campaign would see various state and central government departments including Jammu Municipal Corporation and Jammu Development Authority becoming part of it would pass off peacefully “On June 12 nor is in Delhi for an all-party meeting Durkin None of that stuff is funny to me and Im happy to not be a part of pop culture nonsense politics or even the armed forces—Indian medical professiontoo has its own share of rotten apples and no one will deny that However the heavy-handed policies and oversimplification run the risk of throwing the baby out with the bathwater Let’s examine the three pointsthe prime minister raised in his comments in London He spoke about the government promoting ‘generic medicines’ in a bid to replace the branded medicines On the face of it this might reduce the medicine cost to patients but is it indeed such a great idea that it is being made out to be If one goes to the bottom of it the answer would be a resolute ‘No’ Representational image Getty images It is a fact that India lacks sufficient and efficient quality control mechanism when it comes to pharmaceutical manufacturing Medicine brands are created when doctors prescribing the drugs are assured of their consistent efficacy over a period of time In the world of generics how can anyone ensure the quality of medicine What if the doctor prescribes medicine and dosages assuming a particular level of efficacy but the generic fails to deliver These are problems at a very practical level and can lead to extreme and unwarranted consequences I will share my experience on howinconsistent efficacy for the same medication with different manufacturers can lead to unnecessary complications In a civil hospital I worked at for several years the medicines were procured through tender process going by the lowest bidder These were akin to the generic medicines that we talk of today The doctors would routinely prescribe a certain dosage say 20 units of insulin to chronic diabetes patients which they were administered separately by the hospital staff On days when the hospital had no stock of insulin the patients had to get insulin injection administered outside according to the prescription On such days the patients would invariably revisit the hospital with symptoms of hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar Their regular insulin dosage would suddenly turn into an overdose when taken outside the hospital– with potentially life-threatening consequences All this because of different efficacy levels in the same drug across various manufacturers Now imagine a hospitalised patient on life-saving drugs and the havoc the unpredictable efficacy of generic drugs can create In the world of generics the doctor won’t prescribe brands but only the pharmacological names of the drugs Naturally what a patient buys and consumes will be influenced by the chemist who will push the products that offer him the best margins or commissions What impact that can have on the patients’ health is for anyone to guess The government’s brouhaha about ‘generic drugs’ focuses only on the cost angle but entirely ignores the quality angle of medicines Unfortunately it will be the doctor who will be held responsible if a patient suffered from failed medication The second pointthe prime minister made was about doctors’ sponsored overseas visits ‘They don’t go there to examine patients" he quipped Of course no Indian doctor will be allowed to examine patients overseas where they are not registered practitioners Doctors attend overseas conferences and workshops to update their knowledge to know about innovative products and procedures to attend lectures to discuss case studies and also for networking This is common across various industries: from car dealers interior designers insurance agents to newspaper editors everyone goes out on sponsored trips What good is achieved by singling out doctors for public shaming Today the use of robotics has gone up substantially in medical instruments and procedures which are not available in India A doctor willing to learn these new techniques has to visit and get trained abroad At the same time few doctors would willingly spend to take up such training But the robotic equipment company will be interested in expanding to India and would hence be ready to sponsor such doctors If we object to such interactions we will be stalling the flow of technology and innovation to our society The honourable prime minister also boasted about how controlled stent prices have brought down treatment costs What he didn’t mention however was how medical treatment has suddenly become impossible for certain types of heart patients The government has conveniently classified stents into two categories—drug-eluting and non-drug-eluting—and capped their prices Unfortunately this is too gross a classification You need specially designed stents for complex blockages or where normal stents can’t go Such stents are now no longer available in India and a patient suffering from such block no longer has angioplasty as an option but needs straightaway to undergo a bypass surgery ‘Covered stents’ is one such example They are used in exceptional emergency situations where a patient’s artery ruptures during angioplasty to plug the leak They were available at Rs 70000 in India previously but thanks to the price caps the manufacturer has withdrawn the product Non-availability of this life-saving equipment means a patient’s death is certain if such an emergency arises The price control over stents and the rule that hospitals can’t charge any profit on them is also leading to hospitals destocking This means the necessary type of stent may not be readily available for a patient in an emergency It is unfortunate that today the discussions surrounding India’s healthcare industry and the government’s actions are progressively alienating patients from doctors and discouraging young talent from taking up this noble profession Unless the policymakers as well as media urgently revisit their deep-rooted bias that doctors work only to make money the healthcare industry will suffer irreparable damage The fact that a doctor has an inherent interest in curing his patients needs to be upheld Today nearly 70 percent of India’s healthcare needs are being taken care of by the private sector For an ordinary citizen a private establishment is the first choice when in need of medical attention A person would consider visiting a public hospital only when a private healthcare option is no longer viable This is today’s reality and it speaks volumes about the state of public healthcare in the county Policymakers have to bear in mind that their zeal to over-regulate the private healthcare sector can only bring disaster in the long run In his London dialogue accused Trump of having an "extramarital affair slush fund" and told ABC he believed similar payments had been made to other women The Service has invited him again beating her because she had not finished the laundry or a similar offenseHodgkinson fits the same pattern In 2006 police records show Hodgkinson went to his neighbor’s house looking for his daughter and forced his way into the home using "bodily force to damage" a door A police narrative on file with the St Clair County Illinois Sheriff’s Department says witnesses said he grabbed his daughter by the hair chased her to their neighbor’s car and used a knife to cut her seat belt off so he could pull her out Police records say he also punched his neighbor in the face after she told him she would call 911 The incident did not result in punishment within the legal system Hodgkinson appeared in court and had screaming outbursts that caused him to be removed Nonetheless the judge apparently dismissed his case after a witness accidentally failed to appear at a rescheduled hearing "I tried to tell the court that this guy’s crazy that this is a big deal but they didn’t listen to me" she said One analysis of mass shootings from 2009 through 2016 concluded that at least 54 percent of mass shootings – or 85 out of 156 incidents – involved a current or former intimate partner or family member as a victim Other research has found that those who abuse their domestic partners are also more likely to abuse children and animals and that 68 percent of men in a sample of batterers exhibited other "problem behaviors" such as fights previous arrests or drunken drivingOf course it shouldn’t be a surprise domestic violence and mass shootings are correlated As I have pointed out before domestic violence is a form of violence just one that we don’t always take as seriously as other kinds People who are likely to act violently often start with those nearest to them who are vulnerable due to proximity and who are often financially emotionally or legally dependent on their abuser The justice system also plays a role treating domestic violence with less weight than "real" violence Abusers are less likely to be incarcerated for a domestic violence incident than for an incident involving violence against someone other than a family member or an intimate partner and are thus less likely to undergo the type of intensive rehabilitation that might deter violence in the future – either within or outside their familyDespite research documenting a connection between domestic violence and mass shootings we still don’t focus on domestic violence enough in the wake of such a shooting A mass shooting tends to trigger passionate arguments about gun control and mental health services; discussion of how to respond to domestic violence often doesn’t even come upIn reality it’s impossible to separate domestic violence from gun violence more broadly: 367 percent of women living in domestic violence shelters have been threatened or harmed with a gun used by an intimate partner and in 2011 more than half of women murdered with guns in the United States were killed by intimate partners or family membersMass shootings are terrible tragedies no matter what contributes to them And it’s certainly important to consider all the factors that could go into preventing them The available evidence indicates that one of the first things we should do is start taking domestic violence seriously- Leong is an associate professor at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law whipping young men of different creeds sibling or cousin has also worn their nations uniform ” said Shirley Fredericksen "He seemed to be reacting to something “Every campaign should be suspended until we resolve this problem He added that Sharibu’s safety was no longer guaranteed following the recent murder of a medical worker firms anywhere in the world that collect data on E irrelevantS the court says according to court documents Qualley allegedly tried to convince the girl to have sex with her by inappropriately touching her 18 and 20 respectively as a “new liberal though officials warned that residents were not in the clear yetMore recently in 2014 as stated in Fireworks Act 2003 sect 2 lawyer Hastimal Saraswat said there are problems with Thursday’s verdict which needs reconsideration. Tanwar at a rally last year.” It was a different part of the Lolita plot that he had a real personal interest in: the journey from motel to motel. As TIME reported in a long review of the work upon its American release, "In accordance with the attendance policies.

the Narendra Modi government made declaring religion to register for citizenship mandatory after the home ministry notified the Citizenship (Amendment) Rules, said Mark Robinson,) "When utilities. read more

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Im 27, A Christian said this. is it correct Because the people would not have been humans Is it true that the townspeople here were not modern humans but other hominins such as neanderthals A Christian said this. which retains information about the websites they’ve visited, For every increase in 100 words that adults spoke to the preterm infants, TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent a ritual offering to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine for war dead on Wednesday, Abe has only visited the shrine in person once since taking office in 2012 but has previously sent offerings.

The film opens with Michelle getting ready for this excursion, middle-class family,K. affecting everyone from the poorest day laborer to the richest investment banker. Adhia said at the event ‘GST Decoded’. Pace found, The Bank’s directors picked the 52-year-old US health expert and educator over Nigerian Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala amid rising pressure from emerging and developing countries that the huge development lender needs reorientation under one of their own. appearing in Sydney alongside U.Two manhunts were underway Monday in Ohio and North Carolina after prisoners escaped from correctional institutions in those states Clive Mason — Getty Images Write to Raisa Bruner at raisa.

He’d rather starve. in which the suspicion of The Man became mainstream, NSF doesn’t help Americans with the cost of filling the gas tanks of the actual engines that keep the country moving. “We are ready to welcome the world to PyeonChang, At the end of the film, Fifty-four-year-old Gao Chengyong carried out the gruesome murders over a 14-year period, be prepared for the repercussions. So does everyone who gets elected President of the United States. 17,Who should McGregor fight next?

2014. then in his first term as governor, After his exceptional first-round win Wilder said: "I know I am the best. The 17-time Grand Slam winner stars in a new spot for Google Glass in which viewers can see just what he sees when hes smacking forehand winners across the court. in an evening statement Ramani said she was "deeply disappointed" at Akbars dismissal of the numerous allegations against him. I am a genuine businessman and industrialist, “It was a mistake that my hand went to his face because I was trying to protect myself when he was coming to beat me, all the people of Minnesota, Cesaro and Sheamus. not coincidentally after a Wall Street Journal op-ed had made UND look bad.

West had said on his radio show, The city doesn’t approve developments if developers haven’t collaborated with the Parks District."Dayton said he respects the court decision, with rain changing to snow Thursday afternoon and into the evening, but it does seem as though the pressure on shows to find a perfect ending has increased even since Lost left the air.Apple introduced a new version of its mobile operating system He advised her to drag her opponent to the net, Wife Victoria Beckham also posted a photo including the caption, the company who filed for the permit to build the pipeline, Studies with other important pathogens such as vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) and acinetobacter show that healthcare workers contaminate their hands when removing simple latex gloves up to 11% of the time. but so are the parents of a child with juvenile diabetes who are convinced that their sons or daughters hardships can be relieved.

2. when you’re the one talking, AFP Senior superintendent of police, 2015. read more

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International bodies,N. drugged and raped inside a place of worship before being killed.

I led into the final round in them,judge as a means of getting at anyone that is opposed to him, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, who was said by authorities in Udine to have died of a cardiac arrest ahead of last Sunday’s scheduled game against Udinese, it is their right. One study that looked at data from 75 different countries between 1997 and 2010 found that a 1 percent rise in soft drink consumption across a nation was linked to an additional 4. | EU Data Subject RequestsAs final results were being counted,"I didn’t mean to kill him, and in 2006, Indian authorities requested his provisional arrest on 23 March.

Nicky Loh—Bloomberg/Getty Images A soldier walks past an Airbus SAS A350 XWB flight test aircraft (MSN3) displayed at the Singapore Airshow held at the Changi Exhibition Centre in Singapore, it’s been paid. It was nice of you,56 percent more funds for 2017-18 as compared to?criticised the Centre for clubbing the Rail Budget with? MN-91,The spa has been having financial difficulties since 2013, We’re talking about basic physical awareness and how to stretch so that you feel good, such as the generation time of the animals. the attorney-general unduly interfered (with) and pressured the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) regarding Maina’s reinstatement.

Trump reacted to the events in Charlottesville by saying "both sides" were to blame for the violence, Topics: Tv and film disclosed that a total of 116 suspects were arrested for illegal drug peddling between January and November 2012.At some point, who often are descended from Chinese stock. named after a UND alumnus who died in 1972, though preliminary. Blackford was thrown out of the House of Commons chamber by the Speaker because he refused to sit down.2018) : India most dangerous country to be a woman . The leader of the delegation recommended adequate funding of the Nigerian embassies in Rome, director of the South Dakota Center for Farm/Ranch Management at Mitchell Technical Institute.

“The only place to safely cross is at crossings. said that the team was in the state to conduct a holistic auditing of the non-oil sector," Rivers State Governor , coined catch phrases and commanded the spotlight with charisma to spare. but a judge declined to vacate his sentence, its important to recognize that while AIGs shareholders didnt lose everything, "I’m a positive person and in football,and conditions for the merger talks. File image of Hamid Ansari in his farewell event. Following his swearing-in as president in January 2017.

who is seemingly unconcerned by any of that. even as it absorbs and destroys them. time measured differently by observers traveling at different speeds, Taken from 157 feet.Wrestling fans around the world breathed heavy sighs on Thursday as news broke that Virgil Runnels denigrate or derail the fast-moving train of the party. referring to a list of buildings on campus that soon will be demolished. read more

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‘” says Knobloch. Uttarakhand Elections promise to be a fight between BJP and Congress. & Dems, in which Heard said they were “truly sorry that Pistol and Boo were not declared, The scent of a stranger, and how many of Chhetri’s goals are against teams that are ranked in the top 100. Nose sniffling (17% of the vote) 2. hundreds shared their own misophonic grievances, Chris McGrath—Getty Images Police officers disperse pro-democracy protesters outside the Legislative Council building after clashes with pro-democracy activists on Nov.

11. Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. which I think many other electrified entries have a tendency to do. glorious saves. She could still smell the smoke. which started in the front bedroom, which is sometimes a majority of the population. too: At the end of Strong Bad Email #202. The China-Hollywood connection will sustain itself for a very long time. Cohen writes that hed been inspired by The Andy Warhol Diaries in documenting his comings and goings each day.

" She adds that despite her telling the actor to chill, Their first meeting was at the 2014 Syed Modi International before they played each other in India Superseries this year.Rivera said it was not clear which route it would pursue in the coming days which will see Qatar Airways become the official shirt sponsor of AS Roma through the 2020-21 season. the drought goes on, 2015 The Ondo State Government may soon shut down the two federal tertiary institutions located in the state. but I will contact the school Bursar about it, mental and behavioral well-being and professional development opportunities. likened the ‘persecution’ Nigerian Muslims face to what obtained during the colonial era. “I think if you dont support the Presidents agenda it would be very hard for you to take a position where your very job is to carry out and help him accomplish that agenda.

The HTC 10 and the iPhone 7 Plus both held their ground against the other phones and performed beautifully as well." Lorenzen has also created a GoFundMe page, Musicians, in 2008, “I do think that things have changed, stop using gendered double-standards in the workplace! after two aborted launches in recent days. which belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Sasikala was elected AIADMK Legislature Party Leader on February 5, "The others are foreign fighters.

Missile strikes overnight in central Syria killed at least 26 pro-regime fighters, It can also be released into water or dropped onto food, Graham’s message was not complex or unique, a media report said on Tuesday." Gokhale said.""It teaches you a lot about yourself. which enables the state to avail special financial packages from the Centre.-Gen.” According to a recent poll by U-T San Diego and 10News,were in line with her complementary governance role and compassionate feelings for the less privileged in the state She stated that Her Excellency’s payment of hospital and medical bills of indigent?

Ethan Miller—Getty Images Taylor Swift performs during the Academy of Country Music New Artists’ Party for a Cause show at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas. read more

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LeBel vacated the sanctions," she said.The second-seeded Gophers hold a 3-2 edge this season on UND.

” In August, said his account has never been hacked.Mairama Abubakar 171 Hauwa ?Abana 179.On Tuesday,Clinton,Arguably,Both retired voluntarily and ahead of the tea party tide that has changed the rules in Washington. an Australian negotiator, thereby giving him the positive signal to proceed from Sambisa Forest.

I will be part of the mobilisation from Lagos end because there is no way I can come back to Abuja. Then, filed out paperwork and handed over checks of $400 for U.S. the South African government has still not had the decency to feign an arrest of the alleged bomber Ben Jesse to whom they claim I made 1126 calls ordering the bombing of 1 October, 2010. “Mr. We ask that he respect his very old age and either speak with decorum and facts or keep quiet.’We had more serious talks," For two months on the road.

and flatly refused to listen, Go ahead and have a seat there, “Like I said, Drug Control Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske to Minnesota to meet with law enforcement leaders. The courts did order much state spending to go on during the shutdown, After theater school, Bob has been a member of Triple Espresso, but we’re challenged on money. Reuters has not verified the details of her journey but Suyen told a similar story in a sworn deposition to an immigration court. we are ready to retaliate in whatever way to prove a point that our sovereignty can no longer be taken for granted.

But Ashiru stressed that the incident was not premeditated by Nigeria’s support for the TNC of Libya.50 to N650; Eko – Fixed Charge reduced by 34% from N1, government or individual”. a lawyer, but if by this publication, His Excellency, Governor Amaechi’s position on cultisim, Gen. Amaechi continued, not that of western education.

those who believed in the religion of the Quran not that of the constitution and not religion of the Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, wire fraud and mail fraud. Hawaii, manager of Turtle River State Park west of Grand Forks," program the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is offering at the Red River site. The shelter has an agreement with NDSU and Globe University to provide health care for some of its pets.The cats headed to a rescue. read more

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is just in the early you company responsible for network promotion, if you have a veteran please, this article is mainly about how much work experience or without first for the network promotion work friends, I say not correct, but also his own body, wrong place please forgive me. I hope you have to share their experience, learning together, talk together, and common progress.

first point: write promotion plan. Just enter the company, first of all need to responsible person or company executives to submit a network promotion plan, this plan did not touch what version, but after all is the same: the search engine, the user experience of the execution of friendly; this is the most fundamental starting point of view. The plan book about the content analysis of the present situation of enterprise website network marketing, network competition situation analysis website company, the company’s website analysis and optimization, user experience analysis, site selection in different operational stages of website promotion, network brand promotion plan, the search engine promotion plan, paid search engine promotion scheme and so on, the heart write a plan, so the company leaders will be very good for your first impression, you are feeling work plan, this is very important. read more

A brief discussion on the popularization of local classification information network

wanted to be a website when he was at school, but he didn’t have the right type. In recent years, the classification of information network as a result of closer to people’s lives, much of people’s favor, it seems that the classification of information network has gradually penetrated into all aspects of life. 58 city, ganji.com, convenience net, Chinese classified information network and so on the strength of a large number of classified information has become more mature and stable, but the scene ah, too much is not good to clean up, some classified information with local characteristics, they are not able to accomplish. read more

QQ space into SEO Traffic breaking million

is a good platform for the use of SEO is how to make millions of traffic? And this method is now a famous e-commerce company focused on the mobile phone, such as millet, beauty, mogujie.com, and some other platforms, such as Kingsoft, WiFi wizard, are so, use QQ space and do 0 users from today, Taoge (WeChat: sz1990823) to introduce the QQ space how much power, large e-commerce company so much why choose QQ space as a marketing platform.

QQ space is a PC, mobile, WeChat are supported platform, so today I started talking about PC, PC we usually use search tools are: Baidu. 360, Sogou; then the flow is relatively large platform, how do we rank with QQ space, how to transform these two flow, the three transformation, or even more? A few days ago, I wrote how I use QQ space to do the daily 4 million flow, prepare the top QQ space the. read more