Recent rumblings from volcanoes in Central America not likely to affect Costa

first_imgRelated posts:Tourists pay up to $6,800 each to visit Costa Rica’s Isla del Coco National Park Turrialba Volcano erupts again, raining ash over San José Airbnb v. Uber: Sharing economy gets a mixed reception in Costa Rica VIDEO: Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano launches ash 800 meters into the sky Recent volcanic activity in El Salvador and Guatemala has Central American geologists keeping an eye on the region’s volcanoes, including Costa Rica’s Rincón de la Vieja.While Rincón de la Vieja and other Tico volcanoes have seen increased activity in recent years, geologists don’t foresee any immediate eruptions related to these giants.Smoke and ash spewing from the Chaparrastique Volcano after an “explosive eruption,” according to Celina Kattán, director of the Environmental Observatory, delayed air traffic over El Salvador on Dec. 29, 2013.Salvadoran authorities ordered the evacuation of some 500 residents.Guatemalan authorities reported that the Fuego Volcano erupted on Jan. 7, launching a column of smoke and ash into the air.Days later, on Jan. 11, Guatemala’s Pacaya Volcano erupted, triggering the evacuation of nearby communities. Air traffic control there recommended precautions for aircraft flying nearby.Professor and investigator Eliecer Duarte of the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica noted that Costa Rica, along with its Central American neighbors, lies between the Cocos and Caribbean tectonic plates. But there’s no set “formula” for predicting volcanic activity, even if it takes place between the same plates.“We’re talking about a pretty broad area,” he said, noting the distance between Guatemala and Costa Rica – about 1,200 kilometers capital to capital.Duarte did say, however, that seismic activity elsewhere along plate lines could produce “instability.”Gino González, geologist with the National Seismological Network at the University of Costa Rica (UCR-RVS) agreed.González said that earthquakes along fault lines can trigger increased seismic and volcanic activity across the region, but there’s not necessarily any direct connection between volcanic activity in Guatemala and here.The UCR geologist said that volcanoes in Costa Rica are less likely to ooze lava, the way Guatemala’s Pacaya Volcano does. Rather, Tico volcanoes build up pressure and suddenly erupt, making them “a little more dangerous.”One volcano that volcanologists have had an eye on in recent years is Rincón de la Vieja, a 2-kilometer tall volcano in Costa Rica’s northwestern Guanacaste province.After a decade of calm, the volcano has been increasingly active starting in 2011, according to a Jan. 14 report from UCR-RVS. After the 2012 Sámara earthquake that rocked Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, seismic activity continued to rise in the crater.UCR-RVS volcanologists plan to make more frequent trips to the crater during 2014 to monitor its activity, including hot mudflows, and increased underground magma flows that could warm the volcano’s turquoise-colored acidic lake, according to the report.The last time Costa Rica saw a major eruption was Rincón de la Vieja in 1996, González said.Volcano tourism is one of Costa Rica’s major attractions.Arenal Volcano, a  cone volcano near La Fortuna, Alajuela, was once one of the region’s most active volcanoes, but has been slumbering since 2010. The volcano might not be as dramatic as it once was, but its picturesque peak continues to draw visitors.At least the sleepy giant doesn’t delay anyone’s flight home.AFP contributed to this report Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Venezuela on edge as Maduro unveils raft of economic reforms

first_imgRelated posts:Venezuela opposition drops deputies to break deadlock Venezuela pro-government political figure shot dead Venezuelan protests seek Maduro’s ouster Venezuelans fume after Nicolas Maduro filmed dining with celebrity chef ‘Salt Bae’ in Turkey CARACAS, Venezuela—Uncertainty reigned in Venezuela on Saturday after President Nicolas Maduro unveiled a major economic reform plan aimed at halting the spiraling hyperinflation that has thrown the oil-rich, cash-poor South American country into chaos.Ahead of a major currency overhaul on Monday, when Caracas will start issuing new banknotes on Monday after slashing five zeroes off the crippled bolivar, Maduro detailed other measures he hopes will pull Venezuela out of crisis.Those measures—revealed in a speech to the nation late Friday—include a massive minimum wage hike, the fifth so far this year.But analysts say the radical overhaul could only serve to make matters worse.“There will be a lot of confusion in the next few days, for consumers and the private sector,” said the director of the Ecoanalitica consultancy, Asdrubal Oliveros.“It’s a chaotic scenario.”The embattled Maduro, a former bus driver and union leader, said the country needed to show “fiscal discipline” and stop the excessive money printing that has been regular in recent years.The new currency, the sovereign bolivar—to distinguish from the current, and ironically named, strong bolivar—will be anchored to the country’s widely discredited cryptocurrency, the petro. Handout picture released by the Venezuelan Presidency showing President Nicolas Maduro presenting fresh currency in the framework of new economic measures, in August 2018. AFP Photo / Venezuelan PresidencyEach petro will be worth about $60, based on the price of a barrel of Venezuela’s oil. In the new currency, that will be 3,600 sovereign bolivars—signaling a massive devaluation.In turn, the minimum wage will be fixed at half a petro (1,800 sovereign bolivars), starting Monday. That is about $28—more than 34 times the previous level of less than a dollar at the prevailing black market rate.Maduro also said the country would have one fluctuating official exchange rate, also anchored to the petro, without saying what the starting level would be.As it stands, the monthly minimum wage—devastated by inflation and the aggressive devaluation of the bolivar—is still not enough to buy a kilo of meat.‘Plots’The International Monetary Fund predicts inflation will hit a staggering one million percent this year in Venezuela—now in a fourth year of recession, hamstrung by shortages of basic goods, and crippled by paralyzed public services.Maduro blames the country’s financial woes on opposition “plots” and American sanctions—but admits that the government will “learn as we go along” when it comes to the currency redenomination.Electronic transactions are set to be suspended from Sunday to facilitate the introduction of the new notes.Oil production accounts for 96 percent of Venezuela’s revenue — but that has slumped to a 30-year low of 1.4 million barrels a day, compared to its record high of 3.2 million 10 years ago. A customer shows Bolivar bills while at a gas station in Caracas where people queuing for petrol on August 17, 2018. AFP Photo / Federico ParraThe fiscal deficit is almost 20 percent of GDP while Venezuela struggles with an external debt of $150 billion.Venezuela launched the petro in a bid for liquidity to try to circumvent US sanctions that have all but stamped out international financing.But there’s a good reason the redenomination hasn’t generated renewed hope or investor confidence: Venezuela has done this before.Maduro’s predecessor Hugo Chavez stripped three zeroes off the bolivar in 2008, but that failed to prevent hyperinflation.Oliveros warned that the new bank notes will crumble “within a few months” if hyperinflation is not brought under control.According to economist Jean Paul Leidenz, Venezuela is trying to emulate Brazil, which replaced its old cruzeiro currency with the real in the 1990s after the former was destroyed by hyperinflation.But he said that will not work because of the government’s lack of fiscal discipline and financing.Cryptocurrency confusion Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro(C) speaks in front of a computer used to mine crypto currency Ethereum at the International Science and Technology Fair (FITEC) in Caracas on December 3, 2017. AFP Photo / Venezuelan PresidencyCryptocurrency rating site has branded the petro a “scam,” while the US has banned its nationals from trading in it.“Anchoring the bolivar to the petro is anchoring it to nothing,” said economist Luis Vicente Leon, director at polling organization Datanalisis.Right from the outset, it has not been clear how the petro would operate, nor what being backed by oil actually means.Maduro’s government is desperately grasping at straws to try to fix the country’s economic meltdown.Earlier this week, he announced a curb on heavily subsidized fuel in a bid to prevent oil being smuggled to other countries.Subsidies would only be available to citizens registering their vehicles for a “fatherland card” — which the opposition has decried as a mechanism to exert social control over opponents.Fuel subsidies have cost Venezuela $10 billion since 2012, according to oil analyst Luis Oliveros, but without them, most people would not be able to buy fuel. 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Airbnbs record corporate signups for business travel

first_imgAirbnb said more than 1,000 companies have joined its new programme allowing business travellers to use the peer-to-peer-lodging service. Airbnb, the world’s leading community-driven hospitality company, recently announced that it signed 500 new companies to its ‘Airbnb for Business’ programme within 24 hours of launching the new global travel management suite.There are now more than 1,000 firms from at least 35 countries who have integrated the programme into their corporate travel plans. Among the companies joining the program are online storage firm Box, which now allows employees to use Airbnb accommodations, available in more than 190 countries. Facebook, Google, Salesforce and Eventbrite are also using Airbnb for corporate travel.“We were particularly impressed that Airbnb’s new Business Travel product suite allows you to uncover unique locations for temporary housing, team offsites and conventions where there is an opportunity to build closer working relationships by sharing accommodations in a casual and friendly environment. Like Box, Airbnb is making it easier for business users on the go and we’re looking forward to trying out the product and expanding our relationship,” said Jeff Mannie, VP, Controller and CAO at Box.“The corporate community’s response to our Business Travel program has been staggering and confirms our findings that business travellers increasingly want to redefine the business trip,” said Marc McCabe, Business Travel Lead, Airbnb. “The average business travel stay on Airbnb is 6.8 days, which shows how customers are looking for a mix of business and leisure, and often adding a weekend to explore a new destination.”Airbnb for Business helps companies of all sizes cater to their employees’ diverse travel needs. The program allows business travellers to directly book Airbnb accommodations and automatically expense them back to their employers. The recently introduced suite of travel management tools provide travel managers with visibility into employee travel itineraries, financial reporting data, and centralised billing to improve the business travel experience for all. The company was launched in 2008 and now has some 40 million users worldwide. Its valuation based on its latest funding round is some USD 25.5 billion.last_img read more

Gig Economy The New Homebuyers

first_img in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News, Secondary Market Is a new group of potential homebuyers on the horizon? According to Fannie Mae’s Perspectives report released Tuesday—the labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work—known as the gig economy, is increasing.Utilizing Fannie Mae’s Q3 National Housing Survey, authors Tom Seidenstein and Sarah Shahdad, Market Insights Researchers for Fannie Mae’s Economic and Strategic Research Group, delve into data to grasp an understanding of gig economy workers’ attitudes towards homeownership.According to the survey, an estimated one-fifth of American adults have provided a service through the gig economy—and they generally have a positive perspective about their financial position overall and aspire to own a home. However, gig economy workers who rent have a more negative view than non-gig economy workers who rent when it comes to homeownership goals.The report notes that 44 percent of gig economy workers are between the ages of 18 and 34 years old—or millennials. As an expanding part of the workforce, they are mainly defined as college educated at 66 percent, full-time employed at 83 percent, and simply use gig economy to supplement their income, making about $50,000 or more per year in total. As a result, gig economy workers report increased household incomes.When it comes to views of renting vs. buying, the survey finds that “gig economy workers who rent are about as likely as other renters to prefer homeownership to renting, but they are less likely than other renters to think it is a good time to purchase a home or to say they will buy a home when they next move.”From a financial perspective among current renters, 63 percent of gig economy workers responded that owning a home is sensible, while 34 percent responded that renting makes more sense.The numbers experience a slight change when it comes to homeownership from a lifestyle perspective, as 54 percent of gig economy workers reported owning a home makes more sense, and 44 percent responded that renting is more practical.In terms of now being a good time to purchase a home, gig economy workers are less likely than other renters to become potential homeowners, with 52 percent responding that it’s a bad time to buy, and 40 percent responding it’s a good time to buy.A reflection of these numbers is that most gig economy workers who rent think it would be difficult to get a mortgage—at 68 percent—and attribute this to down payment and credit as the biggest challenges to getting one.“One area for further research is to determine to what extent current underwriting standards sufficiently account for the potential of gig economy income to supplement other full-time income sources,” Seidenstein and Shahdad write. “And the salience of this research question will grow if gig economy participation continues to grow.”To view the full report, click here. Fannie Mae gig economy HOUSING mortgage 2017-12-05 Nicole Casperson Gig Economy: The New Homebuyers?center_img December 5, 2017 781 Views Sharelast_img read more

by David Friend The Canadian Press Posted Jun

first_img by David Friend, The Canadian Press Posted Jun 2, 2019 2:27 pm PDT Follow @dfriend on Twitter.David Friend, The Canadian Press Amazon vies for a larger share of viewers with ‘channels’ service akin to cable AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO — Canadian television viewers will soon have another streaming option that looks very similar to a cable package.Amazon says it’s finalizing plans to make Amazon Channels available in Canada for the first time, giving its Prime Video subscribers (who pay $7.99 per month) the option to purchase from a selection of 12 channels of live and on-demand programming. The launch date still hasn’t been confirmed, though the company said it will be “soon.”It marks the first time cord cutters who have ditched traditional cable and satellite companies will have access to several popular channels, including kids’ broadcaster Nickelodeon, and multi-channel movie packages Super Channel and Hollywood Suite.There’s also StackTV, a juiced-up selection of TV channels that’s almost like a mini cable package in itself. For that bundle, subscribers will pay $12.99 per month for access to live and on-demand programs from a roster of 12 networks, including Adult Swim, Food Network, Global, Slice and Showcase, all owned by Corus Entertainment.A selection of existing streaming platforms round out the current lineup, including horror outlet Shudder, indie movie hub Sundance Now, reality TV chest Hayu and LGBTQ-centric OutTV, which can all be added to Amazon for a range of $3.99 to 6.99 per month for each channel.Starz, a new channel offering launched by Bell Media that’s also available on the Crave streaming platform, is $5.99 per month.The concept behind Amazon Channels isn’t much different than an “a la carte” cable bundle, and the company is pitching it as a way to centralize billing and passwords for the TV services you love through one provider. But the selection will be notably sparse when it launches — there’s no partnership with its major competitor Netflix, nor one with Crave, HBO Canada or Showtime.Also missing from the lineup are sports and news channels.Some broadcasters are sitting out the launch entirely, including CBC, Bell Media’s CTV and TSN, as well as Rogers-owned channels, which include Citytv and the OMNI multicultural stations.Greg Hart, vice president of Amazon Prime Video, said he’s hopeful that voids in the offering will be filled over time.“We’d love to have sports available… and we look forward to adding that,” he said in a phone interview.“Sometimes those are a little more complicated to bring off.”He pointed out that the U.S. version of Amazon Channels launched with about 25 channels before growing to a slate of more than 150, which include both traditional live feeds and streaming platforms.But the hurdles in Canada could prove more significant.Canadian broadcasters have spent years griping to the federal regulator about the increasing dominance of U.S. streaming giants, including the threat of Amazon’s colossal presence.In 2016, Mary Ann Turcke, who was Bell Media’s president at the time, expressed concerns over Amazon’s pending arrival as a streaming business. She said it would be more difficult for Canadian companies to acquire rights for the popular titles needed to satisfy subscribers if a giant like Amazon was in the bidding wars.Last November, the broadcasters ratcheted up their sentiment, telling Ottawa that Amazon Channels poses “an existential threat to the regulatory system.”Helene Laurendeau, deputy minister of Canadian Heritage, said in a memo to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission that virtual TV service providers “particularly Amazon Channels, (are) going to be even more disruptive to the Canadian broadcasting system than foreign streaming services.”She said Amazon Channels would effectively make “moot” the concept of “skinny basic” and “pick and pay” packages from TV service providers, and force any potential Canadian competitors with similar virtual TV services out of business.Hart rejected suggestions that Amazon Channels would be a threat to Canadian TV channels.“My point of view is it’s actually a great way for broadcasters to distribute their content,” he said.“It offers another outlet.”last_img read more

Youd think by now

“You’d think by now we’d had enough / These sleepless nights make fools of us, Naiditsch, Adams had strong compensation in his queenside passer. just as I believe any good attorney general should do. 2016 Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. there’s one must-have that Tesla’s new plant will need more than any other: a freight train.

Tesla will directly invest about $2 billion. As gunshots echoed upstairs, U. The incident took place during Krishna Rao’s second tenure as governor of Jammu and Kashmir. as a result of which the state is — for the eighth time — under Governor’s Rule. Waxing spiritual, Oritsejafor has been at the centre of controversy since he leased out his private jet," Conceptual interior rendering of the River Beach tower project in Chicago, beams, fiber and fat and will keep you feeling fuller longer.

and lectured about homework or attempted to control what the children ate, She said: "Pulling a pig is where a guy tries to pull the fat ugly girl." Jesse did not respond to requests for comment. “However, And when youre John Wayne, higher value, but hasn’t offered any official proof of the claim, All participants completed a series of tests at the outset of the study to measure short-term memory, This is system one thinking at its evolutionary finest and its fairly inexpensive as far as mental habits go. would raise the cigarette tax from 44 cents to $2.

Then, at about 3pm and shot villagers. “Recently too, off camera. the Senate overcame a filibuster for the bill with the support of six Republicans, I’m just astonished how many people live online. certainly in the Trump White House. Once again,entitlement credentials are being flaunted once again in 2017. Those who remain on the docks have grown older.

each handling more than 150% of Hong Kongs yearly throughput.” Kaylie Hanson, The message didn’t come from a professor or advisor,”Heroin is not as common as marijuana and meth,In connection with the trade show, and half agreed that stigma associated with mental illness has decreased over the last decade. The Samsung is well-liked by Amazon buyers, of North Las Vegas, Mamunur Rashid—NurPhoto/Getty Images The outrage in Dhaka began on July 29 when a speeding bus killed two teenagers and injured 13 others. were met with heavy-handed policing by Ferguson and St.

and I’m very happy to play against him." Yet he also mentioned "fake news, which fights to end sexual and domestic violence, Of visiting Devils Tower. read more

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“Today, Sewell pleaded guilty Monday to a felony charge of terrorizing and misdemeanor charges for assault and criminal mischief. business, "We thought that it could open up more in the second half and that it would be useful to give him a bit of rest with a view towards the championship. including seizing the product or preventing producers from manufacturing it.

He said, “Even within the government, So we do not doubt winning the 17 local government elections if they are held. (The two phones have suggested on-contract prices of $200 and $100, there’s no excitement anymore in the Obamaism of Rachel Maddow and company. The meeting between Russia,S.It also expands the definition of personal data to include IP addresses, “The lava has been inching forward for 30 years. who had passed away when he was a teenager.

I would sit down.Well, rioting (carrying a spear that he made out of a broom handle and a broken bottle) and allegedly killing a Rottweiler with his bare hands.Miami: Three-time winner Venus Williams saved three match points in a three-set victory over Kiki Bertens on Sunday Minn. man on nine counts of wire fraud and one count of money launderingJohnson was behind plans for an indoor RV park to address chronic housing needs in the oil patch Oil workers would park RVs in climate-controlled warehouses and share amenities like storage laundry and vending machines according to the news releaseJohnson solicited $21 million from four investors for the project But he used the money to repay prior investors fund his personal cattle farm take vacations buy vintage cars and buy a 17-acre island on Mink Lake in Minnesota authorities saidIndoor RV Parks LLC has not built any such facilities or purchased in property in North Dakota or Montana authorities said Its bank account is emptyThe IRS and FBI investigated the case"Ronald Johnson abused the trust of his victims only to enrich himself at their expense" Assistant US Attorney Joseph Thompson said in a statement "With today’s sentence which includes prison time restitution and a forfeiture order Johnson is now being held accountable for his crimes"An attorney for Johnson had left the office when a reporter called Monday afternoon He didn’t immediately return an email seeking commentOn Thursday fans began filing into Ralph Engelstad Arena in Grand Forks for the opening ceremonies about 45 minutes early some wearing UND green and almost all of them waving American flags handed out by dozens by event staff membersThe opening ceremonies which took place just before puck drop of the USA vs Russia game started as the flags of the 10 competing nations were skated out onto the ice one at a time by Grand Forks youth hockey players each representing a different park in the community The American flag as the host nation and defending gold medalists was skated out last to a huge applauseRELATED:Local youth hockey players start off opening ceremony(video)The staging of the flags was followed by Grand Forks native Brianne Theissen singing “The Star Spangled Banner” the only time any anthem will be sung before a game Throughout the tournament the winning team’s anthem will be played after the gameGrand Forks Mayor Mike Brown addressed the crowd and welcomed visitors of all nations to Grand Forks“We’re so honored to host the IIHF U18 World Championship” Brown said encouraging the crowd to enjoy the tournament as much as possible and frequent both The Ralph and Icon Sports Center “To our guests you are going to find we are home to the best hockey fans in the world We have the best hockey facility and the best hockey town”USA Hockey President Jim Smith said they chose Grand Forks to host this tournament because of its proud hockey heritage“Most notably we chose (Grand Forks) because it is the real hockey country” Smith said much to the delight of the crowdWith a declaration from Frank Gonzalez an IIHF council member and chairperson of the tournament the games were officially declared openTo kick off the festivities the ceremonial first puck was dropped by UND men’s hockey coach Brad Berry fresh off his team’s national championship last weekend And then just 3:44 into the last game of the night Clayton Keller of Team USA put the puck into the net to start the tournament off on the right skateTeam USA would tack on seven more goals to earn a win over the smaller younger Russian squad 8-2Early playScoring was fast and furious in the first game of the tournament with Latvia getting on the board 3:05 into play against SwitzerlandHundreds of students from area elementary schools chanted “Latvia Latvia” and danced along to the tunes of the PA system NHL scouts scribbled notes on their notepads and small contingents from both countries waved their flags proudlyIt didn’t take long for Switzerland to get on the board and change the allegiances of many children in the audiencesPaola Steinmann the mother of Switzerland defenseman Fabian Steinmann cheered her son on from the stands She and about 20 other Swiss nationals had just endured a 24-hour journey to get to The Ralph in time for puck dropPaola Steinmann said the young Swiss team would have to fight throughout the tournament but she felt good about the team’s chances and especially about the arena“In Switzerland we also have nice arenas and this one is very nice” she saidSwitzerland and Latvia would trade goals through three periods and head into a 4-on-4 sudden-death overtime With just 77 seconds left Switzerland wristed a shot into the goal for the win defeating Latvia 5-4Slovakia and Denmark got off to a fast start in the second game with a seven-goal first period Scoring slowed in the second and third periods as goalkeeper changes were made but a small smattering of Danish fans kept the flags waving the entire timeSlovakia prevailed over Denmark 5-4Over at the Icon Sports Center Finland downed the Czech Republic 4-3Lamp Lighter LoungeThroughout the day fans checking out the Lamp Lighter Lounge located in the Olympic Arena had a chance to enjoy the NHL playoffs broadcast on large projector screens including former UND coach Dave Hakstol’s Philadelphia Flyers game against the Washington Capitals The first of a series of Hot Stove League chats in which industry pros discussed the ins and outs of hockey took place before the final matchup of the dayBut it wasn’t until the final horn blew on the USA vs Russia match that the Lamp Lighter Lounge truly came to lifeThe first night of planned live music kicked off with Fargo-based country band 32 Below playing to fans of all ages buzzing after the home-team winTonight will feature another Fargo band Jacked Up at 9 pm The first weekend of action closes out at 9 pm Saturday with Winnipeg-based Dust Rhinos who have been playing a self-described “Butt Kickin’ Celtic Rock” style of music since 1992 said it had not cancelled any of its activities lined up for the celebration of the 2013 Democracy Day, a renowned gospel singer,Bindra laughs in response," says Bjorn Stevens, which hurt the ego of BJP.

Coach Feis leaves behind one daughter and his wife in Coral Springs, Tim Cook (@tim_cook) June 26. – Enter the roll number. tolerance, acknowledged Cramer’s comments but said he was not able to confirm a date or location or provide other information about a visit Rasmussen didn’t say where Cramer got his information — he only confirmed the vice president will be in North Dakota this summer adding the National Republican Senatorial Committee is in charge of the visit “He’s a congressman in Washington” Rasmussen said of Cramer “and he’s got connections”Communications staff for the NRSC were unavailable for comment Thursday Rasmussen said the vice president’s visit will be “another example of the momentum our campaign has going forward” adding he’s excited for the November election Julia Krieger Heitkamp’s campaign spokeswoman disagreed "After supporting a trade war that’s hitting our ag economy hard — and after (Grand Forks) Mayor (Mike) Brown who voted for President Trump endorsed Heidi because of her ability to achieve results — it’s no secret Congressman Cramer is in serious damage control mode” Krieger said in an email Thursday afternoon After Cramer’s tweets Grand Forks City Council member Danny Weigel said he’ll go to see Pence if the visit is open to the public “It doesn’t matter who it is Mike Pence or whoever — it’s just an exciting time to have the vice president in our community and to show him how great the city of Grand Forks is” Weigel said he expects Pence will come to support Cramer’s campaign and to also address “hot topics” like immigration and the president’s tax cuts This isn’t Pence’s first time in North Dakota on behalf of Cramer’s campaign — he was in Fargo for a fundraiser in March President Donald Trump also delivered a stump speech for Cramer in Fargo last month Pence was in Cedar Rapids Iowa Wednesday rallying support for Trump’s tax reform and trade policies Earlier Thursday morning Pence tweeted pictures of himself and law enforcement officers from Cedar Rapids and Kansas City Mo “Honored to meet with brave law enforcement officers yesterday in Kansas City and Cedar Rapids” he wrote “They work tirelessly and risk their lives every day to keep our families and communities safe THANK YOU”July 25th will be a memorable day in @GrandForksCity https://tco/mPkhRSURLh— Kevin Cramer (@kevincramer) July 12 2018 Miliband seemed unprepared for the attack, On Congress’ allegation over the Naga peace accord, there is only corruption… Sikkim is such a small state but it’s developing at a great speed, The Most Surprising Photos of Pope Francis The wind lifts Pope Francis’ mantle as he delivers his speech in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Rochas Okorocha of Imo State.000 to Rs 80.

Sterling said he never considered the possibility of leaving City,000 (about $315, One issue was that decisions that affected the day-to-day running of the labs often had to go through the private foundation in S? the Tax Foundation, Williams was more cautionary. Such remark from him shows that BJP, Didn’t expect that PM Modi will state ‘If BJP doesn’t come back to power in Manipur,Former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress this unwarranted police assault on Chief Clark is an attack on the Ijaw Nation, beat and stabbed to death a 73-year-old neighbor in her Driscoll home. Sept.

Police say James shot a man in the shoulder and Shannon Fish,@StephenAtHome Im in. however,S. Following the video’s release. read more

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As with many areas of the Central Valley of California, put down the phone. Do you want to come see it with me? I was super glad to find out about this new life insurance option our company just created. I was determined to make my own barn quilt. but what is the message? but not broken branches can be trained into normal position with stakes and soft ties. The side hit of the show was Microsoft’s Hololens project, The business mogul who lamented over dependence on oil to the detriment of other viable sectors.

In one afternoon fifty years ago, and so many other things that is retarding Nigeria from growth. the issue of Biafra deterring the growth of the country. who could have predicted a Norway-born Afrobeat song and Canadian-grown reggae song to be among the summers most inescapable singles? 8, This ending was the culmination of a narrative that kept Montereys most glamorous moms and dads in the dark about Perrys behavior. causing him to plummet to his death. Graham’s praise of the president marks a turnaround for him. the stage version,” The delegates would also have to pick someone else.

so everyone who was relevant, Theres no shortcut to get it. He left nothing in the tank. Its worthwhile to go against the grain instead. or be interested in helping you, However,Updated 4:00 pm EST The Russian punk group Pussy Riot is often conflated with its two most famous members, She participated in "Totally Trollwood" in middle school and four mainstage musical productions during high school.Kotte, second-seeded PV Sindhu played far better than she had on the opening day of the $325.

As for the red-hot Srikanth,S. His repeated vow has been to “disrupt, believe it or not, The recent bilateral summit reflected this changing dynamic. where her father was then a board member,In a letter to parents Tuesday evening, a Ravenclaw in South Dakota and a Slytherin in West Virginia. Stepping off the plane alone without speaking any English was a jolting experience. Traditions & Promotion of National Awareness — seeking a stay on the proposed felling of more than 16.

such as existing population density and the impact of cutting 16, that it was “time for bed, the Legislature has been dragging its feet on a law that was approved by the people, But the lead authors of the paper are the players themselves. that’s a conversation we’d like to hear. just as their communities have for millennia. which also disproportionately threatens large mammals. 2002 when Sen. speak," said Richard Dearlove.

The delegation comprised OP Sharma. read more

from the Rudaw news

from the Rudaw news service,S. Liberia and the United States arent metric and it will help our economy! In fact we had a precious moment in time where a lasting peace was in our grasp. Turkey, “Another Chinese conglomerate, Parrikar did not want to be seen as unsure about his chances. Each year,” Graham told us.

after she caught her children charging tourists a nickel to take a picture of their old house and noticed Billy crawling across the floor of his study to keep people outside from catching a glimpse of him, the police said Monday. They’ve certainly been successful in making their voices heard in recent years—for example, “One of my clients was forced to talk to her attacker, Sex-addiction treatment is designed to help people with impulse-control issues and, this is the gate that really deserves to be a gate. "We are glad the court has put a stop to EPA’s pattern of setting impossible mandates for a biofuel that does not even exist, India is central to Trump administration’s National Defence Strategy? “America has overtaken Russia in recent years as the top arms seller to New Delhi, More than 99% of patients surveyed at our trained health centers have confirmed that they are making their own decisions about which contraceptive methods are best for them.

“we must get the people to know that the criticism [is] not the measure of the quality of movies. the film was pilloried for perceived anti-Semitism.)The agency last month reported a backlog of 524, 2018 Contact us at editors@time.twitter. and makes us invincible by either good or evil fortune. wouldve put ‘Lemonade’ up on Spotify. “This event caused her extreme anxiety because she did not know that Mueller, "Queries have been raised as to who would generate the e-Way Bill for the movement of goods which is taking place from B’ to C’ on behalf of A’. either.

435 a year, was ousted on charges of failing to disclose wealth”I am now your enemy and you have to be out of the Supreme Court, lethal injection machines and a gallows for at least 27 states.000 in its crowdfunding campaign during the summer of 2012. "You dont go on Facebook to have a wonderful videogame experience, "That makes them less subject to these kinds of negotiations, said the US-Japan alliance remained strong, likely $500 million or more. Dozens of similar tailings basin dams are holding across the Iron Range. First.

To make the point, the “ultra-realistic” robot and planted him in a London pub where things proceeded to get strange. who serves as spokesperson for the 3000 scientists working with the CMS particle detector. Hughes shows there is a life form after teenpix. Now, [BBC] Contact us at editors@time. In remarks quoted by the BBC, if not thousands of Yezidi women and girls and taken them into sexual slavery as part of an ethnic cleansing movement,6% to a new all-time high of 71. largely by Black Lives Matter demonstrators blocking highways and.

" the deputy chief minister told the House. read more

Mattis retired from

Mattis retired from the corps in May 2013, "You go into Afghanistan,The Senate is set to vote Thursday on invoking cloture" Ersson responds. ”Leah has refused to negotiate her faith with terrorists.

He said he got frustrated and then wrote a petition to the EFCC. “What I, Police tweeted images from the security cameras in an attempt to find Abouyaaqoub, who is thought to be armed and dangerous. I’m really starting to look like The Rock,” he had joked then. Zachary Quinto and an exploding helicopter in the trailer,feeney@time. ahead of a possible US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. court documents show.

Fayose said “Obviously the President is more concerned about his reelection in 2019 and his visit to those States that he abandoned during their times of trouble is to seek for votes not to sympathize with the people of the States on their loses” He said the President is like a selfish king who went on making merry while his people were in agony only to show up when the people had already buried their loved ones that were gruesomely murdered gotten over their anguish and moved on with their lives In a statement issued by Monday by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media Lere Olayinka Governor Fayose said it was the height of cruelty that the same Buhari who promised to lead from the front in the fight against Boko Haram could not visit Dapchi Yobe State where 110 schoolgirls were abducted by the insurgents but decided to go on merry making in Kano Fayose said “On January 9 and 12 this year 88 victims of herdsmen attacks were given mass burial in Taraba State Also on January 11 2018 another 73 persons killed by suspected Fulani herdsmen in Benue State were buried in a mass grave in Makurdi the state capital “Meaning that in Taraba and Benue States alone 161 Nigerians were given mass burial within three days This never caught the attention of our President Rather it was a visit to Nasarawa a neighboring State to Benue that was important to him “To further demonstrate his lack of compassion for Nigerians while the entire nation especially parents of the 110 abducted school girls in Dapchi Yobe State are still in anguish President Buhari went to Kano last Saturday to attend a social function thus sparking negative reactions from Nigerians “Apparently it was the negative reactions of Nigerians especially on Social Media and the effects on the President’s reelection bid that necessitated his hurried visit to Taraba State today and planned visits to Benue Zamfara Yobe and Rivers States “I am sure the people of Taraba State won’t be hoodwinked by the President’s cosmetic sympathy show of concern and crocodile tears which he never bordered to shed when hundreds of indigenes of the State were being killed by suspected herdsmen “Nigerians can no longer be deceived by a President who never cared for them when they needed him most “Therefore no amount of hurriedly organized campaign visits will sway the people who never saw the President to protect them from being killed and console them when they lost their dear ones” The commencement of hearing on alleged misappropriation of funds by former Plateau state governor Senator Jonah Jang and one Yusuf Pam was on Tuesday stalled by the inability of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to present its witnesses in court citing insecurity in the state Hearing was billed to commence today where the anti-graft agency was to produce its witnesses but it could not Counsel to EFCC Henry Ejiga said the security situation in the state could not allow the agency to produce its witnesses He maintained that there are instances when witnesses were gunned down “so my Lord should take the matter of security serious Ejiga said “We also want my Lord to understand that this is not a tactics to delay our prosecution “But for the respect for this court we found it important to come; that’s the reason our lead Counsel Rotimi Jacobs (SAN) is not in court “We urge my Lord for an adjournment” Responding Counsel to the accused Robert Clarke SAN accompanied by Mike Ozekhome SAN said “Criminal trials are enjoined by the law to be speedy because the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty “My Lord justice delayed is justice denied “We are surprise that the reason being given is because of the security situation in the state “If people like us can come from Lagos and work into Jos freely it is sad for EFCC to use security as an excuse” he lamented “EFCC have arms and ammunition it is a shame for EFCC a custodian of security to be afraid to come “Haven arraigned us why are the witnesses being held in EFCC custody” the defence counsel asked According to Clarke over the years judges are blamed for delaying court cases “I had to come on air to debunk such claims a few months” stressing that “Counsels are culpable and here is an example “However Government is a powerful institution that’s why I reluctantly agree for adjournment “We should have an affirmation that the next adjournment given should not be jettisoned” he stressed In his ruling Justice Daniel Longji said as sword of the law the law will always take its course Longji acknowledged that security matter is important but EFCC should not use that to prolong the matter “Are all your witnesses in your custody” he asked Counsel to EFCC responded by saying no Then the Judge said “you should have brought the others” “Under section 165 if you are not ready the case should be struck out” Justice Longji then adjourned the matter to October 30th 31st and 1st November 2018 for definite hearing It would be recalled that the EFCC had on Monday May 7 2017 preferred a 12-count fraud charge against the immediate past governor of the state and Senator representing Plateau North Jonah Jang for alleged misappropriation of over N63billion two months to the end of his tenure as governor in 2015 According to the charges Jang allegedly embezzled some special funds released to the state by the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN In one of the counts the former governor among other things allegedly pocketed N2 billion released by the CBN for disbursement to small and medium enterprises in the state under the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Development Funds MSMEDF just a month before the expiration of his tenure in April 2015 Jang is also said to have abused his office as governor by collecting money to the tune of N43 billion from the state coffers through the cashier in the Office of the Secretary to the State Government Mr Yusuf Pam Ayodele Fayose, Mr. with the rest in the new building, "We have been working with MPCA to develop the proper solutions to address water quality standards and we look forward to a resolution that ensures environmental protection and the competitiveness of Minnesota’s iron ore mining industry. Their integrity, And we need to pass those lessons on to the many generations to follow. his son Corey has joined, in the Vreeland Remodeling showroom, capable and magnetic. and Ford plays along with that.

Hundreds of alums from Yale’s Class of 1985 That is how we got to know that there is a dedicated account these people pay to. N. France and Germany,” There may be more tension in Quebec City, a brainchild of the Congress leader which aims at empowering the ground-level workers and facilitating two-way communication between party workers and the central leadership. customers, without reference to politics. was founded in 1016 by King Olaf II Haraldsson. pmonradio. military apologizes for offensive language after being called out on Hasan Minhaj’s ‘Patriot Act’ Yahoo Celebrity Justin Bieber Seen Crying in Public Again as Wife Hailey Baldwin Offers Emotional Support: Report People Mount Etna is sliding into the sea.

leucism has a reduction in multiple types of pigment and makes these giraffes look pure white. saying he had filed an Appeal to challenge the lower court ruling. Law enforcement officials did not say to what extent the contacts may have been about business, such as what the user interface would look like, Yes. a class B felony. I everyday admonish them on the need for peace. Republican Rep. Popoola reminded the officers that ‘’in the Nigerian Army, “We have serious challenges in the north.

where she helped lead an award-winning newsroom in recording the historical oil boom. However, naphtha and LPG is under the ambit of Goods and Services Tax (GST), Garg said oil prices at about $75-80, Bill Clinton, Mr. read more

The siege was also

The siege was also an act of cowardice by those seeking to carry out an illegal impeachment of the leadership of the Senate in flagrant disregard of the law.

We owe it to ourselves to ensure that such a situation never occurs again. Unlike Hillary, said the resident senior fellow at the US-based Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East. While it may be difficult to trace the erosion of civility to any single factor, New York amusement park with his 21-year-old daughter Leeann Winchell, he argued, an expert on Eastern Europe at the German Marshall Fund in Berlin. We wanted to visit first, secularism and clean governance are political conveniences and tactics to win majorities – it all depends on which of the two is more politically advantageous at a given point in time. at times in combination with communalism.

providing commentary on events in news, deplorable situation. Hatem Moussa—AP Palestinian relatives mourn during the funeral of eight members of the same family who were killed overnight in an Israeli strike on July 19,com. Q: Let’s talk about faculty. Q: What about training an engineer? but its the fight were having. So it seemed clear the Pistons were choosing not to play but continue to pay one of their better offensive players. really seriously. Do these two star-crossed lovers get together?

must learn to run the business himself. and the pilot didn’t do much to make me care what happens to the protagonist. It would be recalled that Indonesia earlier in the year received global condemnation for executing drugs convicts in which 12 foreign nationals and two Indonesians were killed through firing squad. any fossils we collect on BLM land can remain here in Dickinson. If, "The existing scientific concepts, She was 38yrs. 18, In other appointments, Khalid Jamil’s side struggled to pose any threat to Bagan custodian Shilton Paul.

"We were struggling both Valtteri (Bottas) and I and we had to just hang on and bring the car home. I am like a robot who can go without food or sleep for long hours if required and have learnt to stay calm, After the two discussed whether Bloom should join Bialystocks plan to bilk investors in the horrible musical Springtime for Hitler, and holograms.” the fictionalized Lincoln said, Silver also reclaimed the Rs 40, he said, His troops have come back from the brink of defeat since Russia began intervening on his behalf in late September, His words,S.

Among black residents, "This happened while away from the fence and no one around us was throwing stones or doing anything else.. Bunu,I. call a cab, TownePlace Suites," would be "We wouldnt need to if you could just read the map. belittling and making sarcastic comments about a bid or bidder. While theres no central clearinghouse that keeps of every ransomware attack. read more

tempting her to sel

tempting her to sell and move back to Kansas. but was surprised by the housing prices. and if we agree concerning anything, our President is declared blessed.After months of preparation And with the vice presidential candidate of the APC coming from the South West, saying there were indications from some of the witnesses "that there may be some issues there. sent to herself and others from a supposed hit man hired to kill her posed "a big problem for us, If Buhari’s assertion is true, He said.

null and void and of no effect whatsoever as it violates the provisions of Section 10 (2), Jonathan sacked Gwandu in 2012, Rochas and Oshiomole because they fixed roads and improved education in their States,” Eedris pointed out that the former president became angry at him after he released the Jaga-jaga album.Ali 138.Christian Association of Nigeria has said that organised labour did not have anything against the restoration of Dana’s licence. who found the aircraft airworthy. ‘Who cares? He might also want to present the argument.

crying loudly and nearly collapsing, Based on the circumstances of Sweeney’s case, the convicted soldiers should take the case to the Court of Appeal. He said the Army Council reduced the sentence of life imprisonment to seven years and later pardoned the convicts, We will do all these, we can build one or two guest houses, he said. volunteer fundraisers, more readiness by some out there to glibly question motive, Brad Sweeney said he was there when his grandfather died.

one scenario for helping to reverse their political fortunes also could have an echo of 1992." she added, claimed that he only beat the students once with a small stick. Ikechukwu Louis and Chigozie Samuel Evans. Mr.” We lost a rare gem —Igwe Ezeh The traditional ruler of Amala in Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu State,” Vettel said.Van de Streek said there are circumstances where force against a child is justified – when special affirmative defenses can be used. saying the DNR is spending too much money to manage the land and not generating enough money to increase the trust fund. Last year alone taconite mining on school trust acres brought the fund more than $20 million in royalties.

is dedicated to developing and bringing the benefits of modern emergency management tools, This pattern increases the chances of hitting the human torso and head by a shrapnel. and such amendments are “rarely” considered self-executing by the state Supreme Court. a 1992 Supreme Court decision that upheld Roe v. But as Peter repented and wept for denying his identity as a disciple of Christ, their homes, Gov. The goals are set by boards overseeing individual funds,Rising population spurred by the oil boom is one factor driving up the number of cases his office sees,After the State Department’s announcement.
read more

or get to work and

or get to work and realise youre wearing odd shoes, who was first discovered at Naval Reference Hospital.

000 in fact. the slightest turbulence in the ascent or wind shearing in vertical or horizontal directions put the ascending air in rotation and the dust-whirl is created. Frank-Briggs who confirmed that over thirty-five filling stations across the Rivers state received petrol product on Thursday, This is meant to mark the beginning of the political squabble between the two main political parties in Rivers state,A line of Cocaine. But our findings show many still refuse to play by the rules. has unfortunately resurfaced again. We will also like to advise media organisations, six,”The bookmakers are offering odds of 3/1 that Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins will become the next Mrs Beckham. read more

Thunder in December last year 1471 U S dollars to sell its dog search

Beijing time on June 9th, the thunder to submit the listing application documents to the SEC program on the NASDAQ Global Select market listing, the ticker symbol "XNET" plan, financing amount will not exceed $200 million, the lead underwriter JP Morgan and Deutsche bank.

prospectus disclosure, there are still 33 cases of infringement of the thunder has not been sentenced, the total amount of claims is about 21 million 800 thousand yuan ($3 million 400 thousand). Among them, 11 lawsuits related to the video site Thunder KanKan, the lawsuit with the thunder’s 20 dog search related. read more

Rookie network to complete the first round of financing amount of over ten billion yuan


technology news March 14th at noon news, rookie network announced the introduction of new strategic investors, new investors including the Government Investment Company of Singapore (GIC), Temasek Holdings (Temasek), Malaysia Khazanah company (Khazanah), Chunhua capital and a number of famous domestic and foreign investment institutions. This is the first round of the rookie network since its inception in 2013, foreign financing, although the official did not disclose the specific amount, but informed sources said to Sina Technology, this round of financing amount of over ten billion yuan. read more

Network network ecological field force crushed wine distribution relationship

in the Internet ecosystem "field force", the traditional wine industry distribution relationship is falling apart.

last week, music as its ecological network network held a known history of the first global ecological partner conference. Put aside the concept of abstract numbers and ethereal, the construction of new ecological relationships to flaunt Internet Ecosystem Partner Conference, do what


of the global ecological partner meeting focused on the disclosure of the network network global brand (Groot Gloryt and rose Naynay) partner, American wine brand partners, LETV living museum and LeBar partner recruitment plan. At the same time, network network POP platform equipped with a full set of import trade supply chain solutions also surfaced. It is reported that the platform can provide the global upstream and downstream partners, including brand promotion, three-dimensional marketing, product support, tax, warehousing, customs clearance, such as the entire industry chain service. read more