Credit unions’ loan portfolios grow but profitability fails to keep up

first_img 48SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Dennis Child Dennis Child is a 40 year veteran credit union CEO recently retired. He has been associated with TCT for 25 years. Today, Dennis enjoys providing solutions and training for credit … Web: Details Achieving loan income objectives can be a daunting and frustrating undertaking. There are ways to overcome obstacles to achieving earnings objectives. I have found through research and observation that credit unions (including small credit unions) can improve their chances of achieving their profitability goals by making some basic changes in existing loan programs or implementing relatively uncomplicated new programs.  This article will focus on one change that could make significant improvement in loan profitability.Managers need to seriously consider shifting their resources and efforts into making more direct loans and away from making indirect loans. There are ways to increase loan portfolios and improve net earnings by “reaching deeper” into the loan pool and extending credit to “less than prime (LTP)” borrowers.  Lending to LTP borrowers is a science in itself and must be approached using carefully researched, stochastically-derived models to assure risk is managed and profitability objectives are reached. I have seen as much as a 55 basis point improvement in ROA when credit unions shift into making more loans to lower FICO score borrowers.   To assure profitability when loaning to the LTP market, credit unions need to be sure they are using statistically-validated modeling processes from carefully researched resources.  To assure profitability and avoid disastrous results by reaching deeper into the LTP market place, credit unions should implement:Clear Loan Concentration Risk policies: Credit unions need to set limits to risk in all their operations and be sure to note these limits in their policies.  Ideally, these risk limits are arrived at using empirical processes as opposed to relying on anecdotal methods or guessing.  Marketing and lending procedures should then be drafted around the limits noted in the Loan Concentration Risk policy.  Limits need to be adhered to when increasing lending to LTP borrowers.  Loan Concentration Risk policies should be reviewed at least annually and changes made according to loan program outcomes.Stochastically-derived Risk Based Loan Pricing tools:To assure accurate pricing of loans according to risk, stochastic models need to be utilized that assure:All costs associated with loan programs are quantified and applied to rates;Costs (including collection and charge-off expenses) are accurately measured and assigned to each credit grade independently to assure risk is quantified;The replacement cost of money is measured and assigned to appropriate loan terms;Profit margins (in excess of costs) are measured accordingly as rates are set and evaluated;Potential losses and cross grade subsidies are identified and corrected;The use of simulations to test the impact of changes in loan rates under consideration.Empirically-derived Credit Migration models:Empirically-derived Credit Migration models can be used in a number of ways to significantly improve portfolio risk management and profitability.  Management and profitability enhancement methods using Credit Migration include:Managing loan portfolios through on-going decisioning processes including: (1) stress testing; (2) concentration-risk testing and policy development; (3) multi-dimensional analysis to identify specific losses; and (4) calculating imbedded losses by rescoring loans and then determining current loan-to-value ratios on collateralManaging borrowers who experience deteriorating credit scores including timely dialogue with borrowers; reducing lines-of-credit; and determining loss mitigation actionsManaging borrowers who experience improving credit scores, i.e. marketing and sales opportunitiesIn summary:Limiting lending to higher credit score borrowers will probably limit the potential for profitable loan programs.  The competition is too keen and many lenders are trying to stay in the business by undercutting competitors’ rates which in many cases results in lending at a loss. More creative methods for increasing loan income will need to be considered including reaching out more to LTP borrowers. Larger credit unions are showing healthy growth in their loan portfolios but their profitability has not necessarily followed suit.  Smaller credit unions are struggling to increase loan portfolios and their profitability is faring even worse than their larger peers.   A recent, well-researched article in the Credit Union Journal authored by Palash R. Ghosh (Credit Union Journal, November 30, 2015) gives some insight into what factors might be contributing to this dilemma.  Factors contributing to low profitability sighted in Mr. Ghosh’s article include:Low loan rates have compressed net interest marginsCredit unions are relying more on indirect loans – dealer reserves cut into net earningsCredit unions are not accounting for the full cost of making loans in their loan pricingSmall credit unions are hesitant to retain mortgage loans in their portfoliosSeasoned, higher rate loans are rolling over into lower yielding loansCredit unions have struggled to cut expenses relating to loan activitiesThese factors noted in Mr. Ghosh’s article will probably continue to drag on credit union profitability into the foreseeable future.  I agree with Mr. Ghosh’s points.  In my studies and research, I have come across a few additional factors that are now, or will soon be, barriers to credit unions’ profitability objectives.  In addition to Mr. Ghosh’s list, I would include the following lending issues that present obstacles to profitability:Managers are shifting toward higher exposure to Interest Rate Risk – credit unions have been booking more long term loans matched to low-rate short-term depositsManagers are diverting more and more time and resources to regulatory compliance as opposed to spending time and resources on projects that enhance earningsManagers continue to be hesitant to make loans to less-than-prime borrowers due to fear of increasing write-offs and collection costslast_img read more

Extending ECM beyond your core

first_imgIntegrating crucial technologies within your credit union is critical to stop software sprawl and squash information silos. Instead of buying more software, credit unions should be exploring more efficient ways to integrate their existing systems and reduce the mounting pressure on IT staff. The best solutions will help you do more with less by connecting your important systems and giving you a single place to store and manage information.Oftentimes, the first step in this battle is integrating an enterprise content management (ECM) solution to your core banking platform – connecting the data inside the core to outside, related content. Since you already know that ECM centralizes all types of critical content and connects it to the data in your core, providing users with instant access to all relevant information directly from their familiar system interface, why stop there? After all, it’s possible to connect your entire financial institution.3 areas to extend ECM beyond the coreAccountingIn accounts payable departments, invoices and other documents constantly roll in from different locations and in different formats, making the capture and organization of vital information a challenge. Integrating your AP software with ECM achieves faster, more precise invoice processing. No matter how you receive invoices, ECM captures, organizes and delivers those documents, along with supporting content, to the appropriate individuals for review, coding and approval.By speeding invoice approvals with the automation you gain by integrating ECM with your accounting software, you have the ability to negotiate deals with your vendors. Offering to pay invoices early in exchange for a discount is an offer many suppliers will take you up on. Even one or two percent adds up if it’s a third of your spend.Human resources HR systems designed to handle data often provide only a basic content repository with limited capabilities. You need an ECM solution that delivers a full range of enterprise-class, secure document management capabilities on a single platform. Seamless system integrations allow HR staff to view personnel documents and content — like direct deposit forms, W-4s, leave requests, employment contracts and correspondence — right alongside supporting employee data in the core HR application.While your central HR systems manage specific employee data, there are related tasks, activities, conversations and other information being managed outside these systems — via email inboxes, spreadsheets, file shares or legacy applications. ECM consolidates scattered data, tasks and activities living outside your main HR systems into a single location where they are connected and tracked.LendingIf your employees are spending too much time comparing data during quality control or searching for critical documentation, then it’s time to integrate your loan origination system (LOS) with your ECM solution. ECM provides your employees with integrated document retrieval directly from within your servicing platform. Users stay in the LOS and quickly find whatever they need. Because we’re no longer in the Information Age, we’re in the Information Management Age.Dynamic tracking is another huge benefit of integrating ECM with your LOS. This tracks refinancing, purchase and construction documents, automatically notifying key stakeholders when documentation is incomplete or missing – speeding those processes dramatically.Connect for the winYour credit union simply can’t afford to have your data held captive in silos. Especially if you’re trying to offer your members the most competitive products and services. ECM goes beyond linking content to your core by also managing the related processes and data – all on a single enterprise information platform.In the Information Management Age, the best way to attract and retain members is to show them you can do just that – manage their information intelligently. Otherwise, they have many, many other choices. 29SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Michelle Harbinak Shapiro Michelle Shapiro has more than a 15 years of experience in the banking industry to her role as Financial Services Industry Expert at Hyland Software. Her mission is to share … Web: Detailslast_img read more

The branch as differentiator in a changing banking landscape

first_imgFor decades, community banks and credit unions were the go-to providers of home and auto loans, checking and savings accounts, and other financial services for many consumers. In recent years, though, technological advances have paved the way for new entrants and delivery channels, transforming the industry landscape and account holders’ service expectations.Some of those emerging competitors have made the most of huge marketing budgets to tout the ease and convenience of their business models. Quicken Loans has heavily promoted its Rocket Mortgage brand to become the nation’s largest home mortgage lender, largely on the strength of an advertising presence that accounts for 70 percent of total TV spend in that category. In just over 11 weeks in 2019, according to an analysis by Kantar Media, Quicken Loans spent $57.3 million on televised commercials, including Super Bowl ads and primetime fare featuring superheroes, comedians, and even Yogi Bear.Alternative lenders dominate paid search advertising as well, with LendingTree and Quicken Loans accounting for more than 47 percent of ad clicks for searches on terms like “mortgage rates,” “mortgage calculator,” and “first time home buyer.” That combination of traditional and online advertising has allowed Quicken Loans to continue to build on its success, posting an all-time high $32 billion in mortgage volume for the second quarter of 2019 alone.The online lender’s chief claim to fame is the promise of simplifying what has long been viewed as a complex process. The potential to submit a home loan application on the Rocket Mortgage mobile app and get approved in under eight minutes appeals to time-starved, financially savvy consumers.Delivering truly personal service On the other hand, a lot of prospective borrowers, especially those buying their first home, don’t want to make a snap decision about the biggest financial commitment of their lives. For people who appreciate personalized guidance from experienced professionals about big decisions like what type of mortgage will be their best option, a visit to their neighborhood branch remains a much-appreciated service.The emphasis here is on personal service from friendly employees who understand what account holders need and can deliver on their expectations in a timely and competent manner. No one wants to wait in line or sit in the lobby surrounded by other people with no idea when their turn will come. No one wants to be passed from one employee to another until they land with someone who can provide the assistance they have requested.The reality is that traditional financial institutions may have contributed to the perception that branch visits are a chore to be avoided rather than an opportunity to consult a trusted financial advisor on important decisions. People can walk out of a branch fretting about wasted time or being treated like just another account number—or they can leave feeling like a valued customer and more confident about their finances.Transforming the branch experience Just as technology elevated remote delivery of financial services, community banks and credit unions can launch a digital transformation of their branch experience—and in the process reclaim their territory as advocates for their customers’ and members’ financial well-being.An appointment-scheduling app invites account holders to plan visits at times that suit their busy calendars so they can bypass the waiting area and connect promptly with financial professionals specifically trained and qualified to provide the services they’re seeking. With advance notice on the assistance people have requested, those professionals can be prepared with the information and documents to make those interactions efficient and productive.For account holders who prefer not to schedule appointments in advance, a lobby tracker system can improve their branch experience through advances in queue management. For example, new functionality in Kronos Customer Connection solution invites members to activate text messaging when they check in for customized confirmation and for alerts when they are next in line.The better-informed people are about their place in the queue, the more they feel in control about their options on how they spend their time. They could schedule an appointment to return later or sit back and relax, informed about their approximate wait.These technology tools also empower branch managers to improve service by amassing data to chart peak traffic times and improve staff scheduling efficiencies. Lobby tracker systems monitor when wait times exceed standards set by each financial institution so managers can redirect staff to step in and serve account holders when demand for frontline service is high.Sales and service systems, such as the module in the Kronos Customer Connection suite, provide real-time data on customer service requests and employee productivity. And managers across the organization can more accurately to track products sold by branch location and cross-sale metrics to gauge marketing and product development effectiveness and identify locations and employees where coaching support may be useful.The business intelligence generated by these innovations can significantly enhance the personal delivery of financial services and position the branch as a potent differentiator in this evolving financial services landscape. The growing recognition that frontline staff offer an advantage fintech competitors can’t match may be one reason adoption of Kronos banking solutions have posted 225 percent annual growth over the past year.For everyday financial transactions, mobile apps are great—and branch employees can assist account holders in taking advantage of their institutions’ digital offerings. But even the biggest TV ad budget can’t supplant the immediacy of trusted financial guidance available at the branch down the street. 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Chad Davis Chad Davis is Industry Sr Solutions Marketing Manger, F5 Networks, which is the leader in app security and multi-cloud management. He can be reached at Web: Detailslast_img read more

Baldwin Man Admits to DWI, Fatal Hit-and-run

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A Baldwin man has admitted to driving while drunk and high on drugs when he struck and killed a 49-year-old Lynbrook man in Port Washington before fleeing the scene last year.Cosmin Florea pleaded guilty Tuesday Nassau County court to vehicular manslaughter, leaving the scene of an accident without reporting, driving while intoxicated and driving while ability impaired by the combined use of alcohol and drugs.“Florea was drunk and high when he struck and killed Donald Mooney, who was just crossing the street to go back to work with cups of coffee for himself and a co-worker,” Acting Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas said.Prosecutors said a 34-year-old was driving a Ford Fusion when he struck Mooney on Main Street near the corner of South Bayles Avenue and fled the scene at 11:57 p.m. on Aug. 15. Mooney was taken to North Shore University Hospital, where he died.A New York City police officer who saw damage to the vehicle’s windshield pulled over Florea, who had a blood alcohol content of 0.13 percent, authorities said.Judge Helene Gugerty is expected to sentence Florea on May 12 to 2-1/3 to 7 years in prison.last_img read more

Alan Shearer blasts Mesut Ozil after Brighton loss and says Arsenal’s ‘huge mistake’ is affecting Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang talks

first_imgAdvertisement Comment Alan Shearer blasts Mesut Ozil after Brighton loss and says Arsenal’s ‘huge mistake’ is affecting Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang talks Aubameyang once again fed off scraps in Arsenal’s defeat to Brighton (Picture: Getty)He added: ‘The midfield you’d have to say it’s not firing in respect of productivity, creativity. Obviously Mesut Ozil didn’t even get on the pitch today and it’s a real worrying sign when you consider that Arsenal do need to create stuff.‘We’ve got one of the most potent strikers in the league up front and he’s really feeding off scraps. It’s a worrying time, and I think Mikel does really know that he’s got a massive job on his hands.’MORE: Why the Arsenal board want Mesut Ozil to leave Arsenal this summerMORE: ‘We need to be showing that fight!’ – Arsenal legend Ian Wright defends Matteo Guendouzi over Neal Maupay clashFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.For more stories like this, check our sport page. The Premier League legend believes Mikel Arteta needs to get rid of Ozil (Pictures: BBC / Getty)Alan Shearer has hit out at Mesut Ozil after the Arsenal playmaker was left on the bench against Brighton and says the German’s mammoth salary was a ‘huge mistake’ that could lead to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang leaving.The Gunners succumbed to their second defeat in a matter of days on Saturday, with goals from Lewis Dunk and Neal Maupay cancelling out Nicolas Pepe’s opener as Brighton came from behind at the Amex.Ozil did not even make the nine-man bench against Manchester City last week and was an unused sub against Brighton, with Shearer suggesting he will be one of the players Mikel Arteta tries to shift and criticising the club for handing him a problematic contract two years agocenter_img Ozil watched from the stands as Arsenal lost a second straight game (Picture: getty)‘I’m sure he knew it already, but he knows he has got a big, big, difficult job on his hands,’ said Shearer on Match of the Day when asked about the challenge Arteta faces.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENT‘One to get results, and two to get players out of that football club who he needs to. When you look at the Aubameyang situation with his contract… I don’t see him signing a contract there, I don’t.‘Because he’ll look at the salary Mesut Ozil is on and say, “Okay, give me that”. And there’s no way they can give him that.‘It was a huge mistake to give Mesut Ozil that salary. He can’t even get into the team when they’re going to Brighton.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal‘It’s one thing at Manchester City, but when you’re going to Brighton and you know you’ve got to be creative, he can’t even get in the team. And it’s not only this manager that hasn’t picked him.’Fellow pundit Ian Wright looked devastated as Shearer tore into Arsenal, chiming in: ‘I thought I was going to cry there for a second! Hammering us like that.‘You have to give credit to Brighton, but at the same time Arsenal and the capabilities that they have, and the players they have, they’ve got to be playing a lot better than that. It’s not good to see.’ Metro Sport ReporterSunday 21 Jun 2020 12:10 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link3.3kShares Advertisementlast_img read more

Doctor and former television commentator Ingrid Tall has listed her waterfront investment property

first_img8 Wynnum Rd, Norman Park.“I’ve owned it for 20 years and it’s time to sell. Riverfront is hot property now.’’The house is bounded by only one neighbour and Norman Creek is on the other side.Dr Tall has been renting the property out on Air BnB. More from newsNew apartments released at idyllic retirement community Samford Grove Presented by Parks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus20 hours ago8 Wynnum Rd, Norman Park.The house retains original features including wooden floors, VJ walls and high ceilings.It is listed through Sarah Hackett of Place.“It’s the best investment I ever made buying riverfront,’’ Dr Tall said.“There are less than 850 absolute riverfront properties in Brisbane and they are getting rarer with more unit developments. Dr Ingrid Tall has listed her waterfront investment property for sale.ONE time Australian Medical Association Queensland boss, media identity and former political aspirant Dr Ingrid Tall has listed her Norman Park investment property for sale.Dr Tall, who now runs Cosmetic Images Clinics in the Brisbane CBD has owned the property at 8 Wynnum Rd, Norman Park for two decades.The four-bedroom riverfront home has a gabled white and navy facade. It has panoramic views of the river and city.last_img read more

Danish equities drive first-quarter return of 6% at pension fund LD

first_imgThe latter pool returned 10.1% in the quarter, while the global equities pool produced 11.1%, according to the results released.Meanwhile, the mixed bonds pool returned 1.9% in the period.The 6% return on LD Vælger in the first quarter of this year compares with the 8.7% return reported for the full year 2014.The balanced unit-link investment option LD Vælger (LD Discretionary Investments) holds around 91% of LD’s pension assets.Members of the LD scheme have the option of investing their savings in 10 different investment pools, rather than going with LD Vælger.Both LD Vælger and the externally run pools with blended portfolios containing both equities and bonds have produced returns of between 6% and 9.6% between January and March, LD said.At the end of 2014, LD managed DKK54.6bn (€7.3bn) of assets. Denmark’s Lønmodtagernes Dyrtidsfond (LD) has reported a 6% return on investments in its key LD Vælger portfolio in the first three months of this year, with Danish equities in particular driving returns.LD, which manages a non-contributory pension scheme for Danish people that is based on cost-of-living allowances for workers granted in 1980, said its Danish shares investment pool produced a return of 25.8% in the first quarter.The pension fund said: “Danish equities gave big positive contribution, but, in general, there have been positive results coming from all major investment segments.”The return on Danish shares in the period was more than double those produced by the LD Global Equities and LD Environment and Climate pools.last_img read more

Hottest properties on the mortgagee sales list

first_img 8201 Mount Lindesay Hwy (via Beaudesert), Josephville; 4 2 2 4.27ha; Auction Sat 11 Jul at 11:00am **Click here for more QLD mortgagee sales listed on MORE: Where to buy a renovator’s delight Hundreds of buyers line up for sinking house Lot 207, Premier Drive, Kingaroy: 8.264 Ha partially completed subdivision in Summit View Estate. Most expensive: Cheapest land: FOLLOW SOPHIE FOSTER ON FACEBOOK 17 Rufus Street, Blackwater, is listed at $119,900.The cheapest house put up by a mortgagee was $119,900 at 17 Rufus Street, Blackwater, in the central Queensland resource zone. The three bed, one bath, single car park home is on a massive 1,012sq m block, with agent Jason Campbell of Blackwater Real Estate describing it as lowset with a “great kitchen, good sized dining area (and) all bedrooms a good size”. Lot 207, Premier Drive, Kingaroy, is set to go under the hammer on Tuesday June 30 at 12pm.The largest property up for mortgagee sale is a large block subdivision at Lot 207, Premier Drive, Kingaroy where there is an 8.264Ha partially completed subdivision in Summit View Estate.Agent James Carmichael of LJ Hooker Cleveland listed it as a “17 rural residential lot subdivision site with existing presales and DA approval” with each block potentially as big as 4,000-4,679sq m. “These opportunities are rare,” he said. 1 & 2/19 Ann Street, Noosaville, will be put under the hammer.By far one of the hottest and potentially most expensive of the mortgagee listings is in Noosaville, where two townhouses at 1 & 2/19 Ann Street are set to be put to a forthcoming auction.Agents David and Theodora Garwood of Garwoods Estate Agents Noosaville confirmed in the listings would be available for purchase in a few weeks’ time.“These properties are in the hands of the mortgagees, who have instructed that they be sold. Each home is different, and depending on your needs and desires, one will appeal more than the other.” More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus9 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market9 hours ago1 & 2/19 Ann Street, Noosaville, was taken over by the mortgagee. Live like a Wallaby: Rugby star selling family home Two three-bedroom townhouses at 1 & 2/19 Ann Street, Noosaville, are up for mortgagee sale.Investors hunting for their next big thing are among those flipping through 55 mortgagee sales in Queensland – where prices start at $25,000 for a block of land, $119,900 for a three bedder with even two Noosa townhouses up for grabs. 507/35 Peel Street, South Brisbane; 1 bed, 1 bath, 1 scooter park, 49 sq m unit $269,000 Largest property: Lot 25 Kunapipi Springs Road Laguna Quays: 833sq m Residential Land: $25,000 Cheapest house: 17 Rufus Street, Blackwater: 3 bed, 1 bath, 1 car park, 1,012sq m block, $119,900 Cheapest inner-city unit: 1 & 2/19 Ann Street, Noosaville: 3 2 2 Townhouse; Forthcoming auction. Lifestyle/Acreage: LISTED FOR MORTGAGEE SALE: 507/35 Peel Street, South Brisbane, is listed at $269,000.The cheapest inner-city unit was a one bedder in South Brisbane at 507/35 Peel Street. The 49sq m unit has scooter parking and is priced at $269,000, according to agents Vern Gilbert and Josh Dawson of Plum Property Toowong. From your own subdivision to a luxury home on acreage, a one bedroom inner city apartment or townhouses in a holiday hotspot, there’s a lot to like for investors searching for mortgagee sales in the Sunshine State.Listings details show there are 55 properties currently listed for sale or auction across Queensland after being seized by mortgagees. Lot 25 Kunapipi Springs Road, Laguna Quays, is listed at $25,000 negotiable.The range is almost as varied as the property market itself, with the cheapest being an 833sq m block of residential land at Lot 25 Kunapipi Springs Road, Laguna Quays, priced at $25,000. And, even that, according to the listing by agent Troy Liesch of Whitsunday Realty Proserpine was negotiable, with “all reasonable offers” considered. 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This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:00Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1xFullscreenHow much do I need to retire?00:58 8201 Mount Lindesay Hwy (via Beaudesert), Josephville, is set to go to auction on Saturday July 11 at 11am.One of the best lifestyle offerings up for mortgagee sale was a horse property at 8201 Mount Lindesay Hwy (via Beaudesert), Josephville. The four bedroom, two bath, two car garage home sits on a 4.27 hectare block and is set to go under the hammer on Saturday July 11 according to agent Ed Dalton of Ray White Rural Beaudesert.last_img read more

Psychologists struggling to cope with youth anxiety in New Zealand – expert

first_imgNewsHub 26 June 2018Family First Comment: Joining the dots, including…“Many children start early childhood education from six weeks of age, they might attend for 10 hours a day, five days a week. Children are struggling to form good bonds with parents, parents are struggling to develop parenting skills to know how to parent their young children because there’s not the time there in the day any longer for parents and families and children to be together.”Child psychologists are struggling to keep up with demand as the number of children with anxiety continues to increase.With a direct link between anxiety and depression, psychologists say New Zealand needs to take an urgent and preventative approach.Children as young as three are being treated across the country.“They just won’t stop crying until mum comes home,” child psychologist Elaine West told Newshub.“They can refuse to eat in public, refuse to go to playgrounds, hide from grandparents.”READ MORE: read more

Osimhen goes on boat cruise with girlfriend ahead of Napoli talks

first_img The Nigerian international according to reports coming out of Naples is expected to pen a five-year contract worth €3m per season after emerging Napoli’s first choice to replace Milik. Read Also: Napoli near €100m swoop for Osimhen, teammate Meanwhile, latest reports suggest Osimhen will still be in the city tomorrow, Wednesday, July 2 as he continues to enjoy every bit of what could be his next destination. The Nigerian striker has made just 64 professional appearances, 25 of which came on loan at Charleroi in the Belgian top flight. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Super Eagles and Lille forward Victor Osimhen is closing in on a €50m switch to Napoli after arriving Naples, the host city of the Serie A side in company of his girlfriend on Tuesday, June 30. Victor Osimhenin Naples The pair alongside their entourage who arrived Italy on Tuesday via a private flight passed the night at the Hotel Britannique in Corso Vittorio Emanuele after spending the evening with club boss Gennaro Gattuso. Osimhen’s girlfriend On Wednesday morning, July 1, Osimhen and his girlfriend went shopping at fashion shops of Calabritto and via Morelli later take a before embarking on tour of the gulf to catch a glimpse of the new city. The Napoli-bound forward and entourage are expected later at Carpi to meet with club president Aurelio De Laurentiis.Advertisement Promoted ContentPlaying Games For Hours Can Do This To Your Body10 Phones That Can Work For Weeks Without Recharging7 Mind-Boggling Facts About Black HolesWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?Why Go Veg? 7 Reasons To Do This20 Celebs With Bizarre Hidden Talents And SkillsThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreThis Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Celeb Pics And It’s HystericalThe Highest Paid Football Players In The World8 Addictive And Fun Coffee Facts13 kids at weddings who just don’t give a hootA Soviet Shot Put Thrower’s Record Hasn’t Been Beaten To This Daycenter_img Loading… last_img read more