Delays and blunders A timeline of the Jairo Mora murder trial in

first_img#JairoMora graffiti outside of the Limón court where seven men were absolved for the environmentalist’s murder— Lindsay Fendt (@LEFendt) January 26, 2015 A timeline of failure:Oct. 27, 2014, DELAY: The criminal court in the coastal city of Limón – not far from where Jairo Mora was murdered in May 2013 – convenes for trial, but defendant Ernesto Centeno does not appear, citing an illness. However, no one in the court seems to know what illness he has, or how severe it is. After two days, the court establishes that Centeno has chicken pox and delays the trial’s opening by one week.Nov. 3, 2014: The trial begins with prosecutors’ opening arguments.Nov. 7, 2014, EXCLUDED EVIDENCE: The court hears testimony from a protected witness as well as recorded testimony from the four foreign volunteers – three from the U.S., one from Spain – who were kidnapped along with Mora on the night of his murder. Judges block one of the victims, a Spanish veterinarian, from testifying in court because they already had a recorded statement from the witness taken shortly after the murder. However, there is confusion over exactly why this action was taken, and defense attorneys would later use it to claim the witnesses were unable to identify the suspects in court.Nov. 24, 2014: Defendants allegedly attack a courthouse guard in what is portrayed as a possible escape attempt.Nov. 25, 2014, DELAY: A scheduling conflict with defense attorneys causes a week-long delay of testimony by Mora’s mother, Fernanda Sandoval. Sandoval and Mora’s father, Rafael Mora, eventually became so disheartened by continuous delays that they petitioned the court to speed up the process. The couple, who are of limited financial means, had been required to be present in court almost every day since the trial’s start, entailing a three-hour trip each way from their small plot of land in Gandoca to the courthouse in Limón. By the end of the trial, the two were visibly exhausted, both emotionally and physically. Now, they will face a lengthy appeals process. A court worker unloads evidence before judges during a trial for seven men accused of murdering 26-year-old sea turtle conservationist Jairo Mora in 2013. Lindsay Fendt/The Tico TimesDec. 3, 2014, MISPLACED EVIDENCE: A master disc containing recordings of telephone conversations between the defendants allegedly discussing Mora’s murder – which we reported on in our September 2013 investigation – are “misplaced” and can’t be presented at trial. The disc was never found, but backups of the recordings were burned to a new disk. Locating the files delayed the trial by two days.Dec. 5, 2014, MISSED DEADLINE: The trial was originally scheduled to end by Dec. 5, but judges are forced to extend proceedings because of the delays. They set a new deadline for Jan. 16.Dec. 8, 2014, DELAY: Landslides along the Route 32 restrict travel to Limón from San José, further delaying the trial.Dec. 16-17, 2014, DELAY: Rodrigo Araya, the attorney representing Jairo Mora’s family who argued the family’s civil case, misses court due to an illness and a pre-scheduled vacation.Jan. 8, 2015, DELAY: Trial resumes following holiday recess. Mora’s family petitions the court to speed up the trial, but their complaint is denied, and Araya is dismissed from the proceedings due to several absences. The court postpones arguments for one day.Jan. 9, 2015,  LOST EVIDENCE: Prosecutors present physical evidence to the court, but a bag supposedly containing three bottles of cologne comes out of the evidence room with only one bottle. The cologne was used during the investigation to identify one of the suspects, Donald Salmón. Without the rest of the cologne confiscated and logged during the investigation, judges rule the evidence as inadmissible.Jan. 13, 2015, EXCLUDED EVIDENCE: The court tosses a disc containing audio of telephone conversations because prosecutors failed to officially enter it as evidence at the beginning of the trial. Judges also rule inadmissible another disc and transcripts of the conversations because a preliminary court judge failed to filter out impertinent conversations, which violates the right to privacy of the defendants and others with whom they had conversations.Jan. 16, 2015, MISSED DEADLINE: Judges extend the trial indefinitely until a verdict is reached. A crime scene photo obtained by The Tico Times in September 2013 shows marks in the sand where conservationist Jairo Mora was dragged behind a car, suffocating him. The Tico TimesJan. 19, 2015, EXCLUDED EVIDENCE: Judges throw out the Judicial Investigation Police’s (OIJ) telecommunications investigation. The telephone evidence used cellphone towers to geolocate the suspects at the crime scene at the time of Mora’s murder and was seen as the crux of the investigation. Judges said that aspect of the investigation was never submitted for judicial review, and the OIJ failed to prove the suspects were physically in possession of the phones at the time of the crime. “How many of us have cellphones that we loan out to one, two, three people?” one of the judges asked.Jan. 22, 2015: The defense team delivers closing arguments and points out that prosecutors failed to identify the defendants as the perpetrators of the crime. The defense also calls the testimony of several of the prosecutors’ witnesses “unreliable,” and again argues that they were unable to recognize the suspects before the court. As an example, one OIJ agent testified that Mora had been dragged up to a kilometer behind the perpetrators’ car on the beach, but crime scene photos showed he was dragged only 20 meters.Jan. 26, 2015: Judges deliver a not-guilty verdict for all seven defendants (although four were convicted in a separate crime on the same beach), stating that too much reasonable doubt existed to convict. In her closing explanation, a visibly angry Judge Yolanda Alvarado admonished prosecutors and the OIJ, citing fundamental and troubling problems with the investigation and the prosecution’s presentation as the key reasons they could not reach a guilty verdict. Related posts:NOT GUILTY: 7 men acquitted of murder of Costa Rica sea turtle conservationist Jairo Mora Faced with delays and the mishandling of evidence, prosecutors deliver closing arguments in Jairo Mora murder trial Prosecutors ask for maximum sentences for defendants in Jairo Mora murder trial United Nations, environmental groups condemn verdict in Jairo Mora murder case Monday morning, a court in the Caribbean coastal city of Limónacquitted seven men accused of the murder of 26-year-old Costa Rican sea turtle conservationist Jairo Mora. The trial’s three-judge panel said there was too much reasonable doubt in the case to convict, and in their post-trial explanation, judges blasted the Prosecutor’s Office and Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) for shamefully botching the investigation and trial proceedings.From its outset, the Jairo Mora murder trial – perhaps one of the most globally monitored Costa Rican trials in recent history – was fraught with egregious delays and mistakes. Here is a timeline of the errors and mishaps that – in the judges’ own words – left no other choice but a not-guilty verdict for all seven defendants.Keep in mind the case is far from over, and a lengthy appeals process is expected. The defendants could be retried, although given warnings by the judges in this case, that could be a long shot. Costa Rican lawmakers and environmentalists say they plan to take action to hold both directors of the Prosecutor’s Office and the OIJ accountable for the mess-up, which already has stained Costa Rica’s carefully crafted eco-friendly reputation. The case also has done nothing but harm to the public perception of the country’s judicial system, which already had been criticized as weak and incompetent.For an in-depth look at the investigation, see our story, “Why Jairo died,” published in September 2013. There you can read for yourself whether or not the cops caught the right men. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Radio Hit announces new plans for 2016

first_imgThe radio station will also present a variety of podcasts, from literary to culinary to shows featuring musician Santos and the Costa Rica Space Program.“We will be having the first Radio Hit music Festival in March with an international artist, as well as giras outside of San José and in high schools to bring music to other parts of the country where we’ve never been before,” Fúster stated.The station’s Fiesta de la Alegría and fifth anniversary bash, which took place Dec. 3 at the Hoxton Pub in Los Yoses, San José, showcased Costa Rican bands Bird & Fish, Síndrome de Estocolmo, Magpie Jay, and Funka. Organizers gathered donations of clothing during the event for people in need in San José this Christmas, and local clothing store Chub&Riv sold T-shirts.For more, tune in to Radio Hit, 104.7 FM, or follow the station’s Facebook page. Síndrome de Estocolmo was another performer at the celebration. Alberto Font/The Tico Times Facebook Comments Radio Hit (104.7 FM) celebrated its successful 2015 with a year-end bash – and announced plans for what could be an even bigger 2016.The radio station is relaunching its image and taking its programming in a number of new directions.“In January we will be releasing our new web platform,” Radio Hit broadcaster Michelle Fúster told The Tico Times in a phone interview. “The new platform will include various things such as weekly Spotify playlists created by us, guests and other thematic playlists. In February we’ll feature new programs including Costa Rican music and Spanish music.” Radio Hit celebrated its fifth anniversary on Dec. 3. Alberto Font/The Tico Times Related posts:Costa Rican band 424 caps off year with new single, video and concert PHOTOS: Sights and sounds of Costa Rica’s first Nrmal Festival PHOTOS: Zópilot! blows everyone away with farewell show at San José’s Cine Magaly US panel forces online radio services like Pandora to pay more to stream songslast_img read more

Citi Fannie Mae Announce 968M Repurchase Agreement

first_imgCiti, Fannie Mae Announce $968M Repurchase Agreement Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Citigroup Fannie Mae Investors Lenders & Servicers Loan Repurchases Service Providers 2013-07-01 Tory Barringer July 1, 2013 455 Views Sharecenter_img in Origination, Secondary Market “”Citigroup””: and “”Fannie Mae””: announced Monday an agreement to resolve future repurchase claims for breaches of representations of warranties on millions of loans originated between 2000 and 2012.[IMAGE]According to release from Citi, the agreement covers 3.7 million residential first mortgage loans sold to Fannie Mae. Citi is not released from liability regarding servicing or other ongoing contractual obligations on those loans; the bank is also still responsible for a population of less than 12,000 loans originated in the same time frame with certain characteristics such as those sold with a performance guaranty or under special credit enhancement programs.As part of the agreement, Citi will pay Fannie Mae $968 million, “”substantially all of which was covered”” by the bank’s existing mortgage repurchase reserves as of the end of the first quarter. Citi estimates it will record a residential mortgage repurchase reserve build of $245 million in its next quarterly earnings report and believes “”it is adequately reserved for the loans not covered by the agreement.””””We have a strong and productive relationship with Fannie Mae. … As we work to deepen and enhance financial relationships with our clients, we will continue to focus on the production of high-quality mortgage loans,”” said CitiMortgage CEO Jane Fraser.Citi also said in its release it will continue to work with Fannie Mae on the timely repurchase of any mortgages sold to the GSE that do not meet its requirements.””This resolution is an example of our desire to work together with our business partners to find common ground. Today’s agreement resolves legacy repurchase issues, compensates taxpayers for losses, and allows Fannie Mae and Citi to move forward and strengthen our business relationship,”” said Bradley Lerman, EVP and general counsel at Fannie Mae. “”We continue to focus on making strong progress in resolving repurchase requests with other lenders, and remain committed to helping people to buy, refinance or rent a home.””last_img read more

Inspired See what else Holland has to offer here

first_imgInspired? See what else Holland has to offer here: Find cheap flights to Amsterdam and take the train to The Hague’s city centre to check out these ten top things to see and do.1. Get a glimpse of royaltyThe heart of The Hague is the Paleis Noordeinde, the official seat of the King of the Netherlands. The palace itself is not open to the public (though you’ll get a good picture of it from Noordeinde road), but you can visit the beautiful palace gardens and the royal stables which house the King’s carriages including the Gouden Koets and his horses, who paw at the cobblestones here. Admission to the gardens is free and they are open daily from sunrise to sunset. 3. Shop ‘til you dropDoes your perfect holiday mean shopping? Then you’re going to love The Hague! The city centre’s narrow alleys and historic squares are home to everything from large stores to small boutiques, hip designer shops to luxury shoe stores. Check out De Bijenkorf department store at the Grote Markstraat for top international fashion brands or head to Prinsestraat in the historic Hofkwartier to shop in high quality boutiques such as The Art of Camouflage (for exquisite mens shirts) and Berlage Kantoor & Kado (for luxury stationery, picture frames and maps). 6. See the works of Escher in the palaceThe world of M. C. Escher is a weird one, with water flowing upwards, hands drawing themselves on sheets of paper and frogs that melt into the background before turning into birds. The impressive works of the artist, born in 1898 in Leeuwarden and world-famous for his optical illusions and impossible figures, are exhibited in a former royal palace in the centre of the city. Admission to the museum is €9 for adults and €6.50 for children aged 7–15. Closed Mondays. 9. Find the perfect souvenirWant to find a unique souvenir? Head to the city’s Lange Voorhout antique and book market, every Thursday and Sunday from mid-September to mid-May, for a vast array of antiques, works of art, old books, prints and paintings. You can easily spend a full afternoon browsing the stalls at a relaxed pace here. There are usually around 75 of them, open 10am to 6pm. 8. See selfies of the golden agePrince William V of Orange was a keen art collector, and today his hoard is on display to the public at the Mauritshuis, an elegant seventeenth century mansion which houses hundreds of paintings by masters from Holland’s golden age, including its best-known work, Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring. Over autumn and winter 2015 the museum will be presenting an exhibition entitled The Dutch Self-portrait – a very intimate and personal genre. There is no surcharge for special exhibitions, standard admission is €14 for adults and free to everyone under 19. On Mondays the museum doesn’t open until 1pm, making Monday afternoons a quiet time to visit. Tuesday to Sunday it is open from 10am until 6pm (8pm on Thursdays). 10. Enjoy the city’s nightlifeThe Hague is home to a vibrant nightlife and you’ll find something going on every night of the week here. The Plein in the centre of town near the Mauritshuis is the liveliest place to head for, with numerous bars. One of the best is Cloos, where resident DJs get the party going every Friday and Saturday. 5. Spend the night at the Grand Hotel Amrâth KurhausRather stay at the beach? The inviting and stylish Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus offers luxury accommodation in the seaside resort of Scheveningen, just 10 miles from the city. The intricate red brick and creamy stone façade towers impressively over the beach and is the undisputed centrepiece of the resort. Enjoy its unique historic atmosphere and the unbeatable view from any of its rooms or suites, or dine in the hotel restaurant which boasts the largest terrace in Scheveningen and has a three-course menu for a very reasonable €34.50pp including plenty of locally landed seafood. Skyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on flights, hotels and car hire.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map 4. Stay at the Hotel Des IndesThe five-star Hotel Des Indes is located in the heart of the city and canot be missed – not least for its bright lemon yellow exterior. Originally designed by architect A. Rodenberg and built in 1858 as a luxury private residence, it has been a hotel for over 130 years and is today considered one of the finest buildings in the city. Over the years, the amazing views from its elegant rooms have astounded legendary stars such as Mata Hari and Josephine Baker. The Hotel Des Indes now offers modern amenities such as a health club with a heated pool, sauna, steam room and solarium, while the elegant historic feel continues through its restaurants, bars and lounges. Upgrade to an executive room to get a view of the city. RelatedHolidays in Holland: 10 things to see and do in UtrechtThe beautiful city of Utrecht lies in the heart of Holland. Thanks the students to for Utrecht’s buzzing café and bar scene – and low prices. But this is no university service town, with its canals and cobbled lanes Utrecht has an appealing beauty that is best explored on two…Top 15 attractions and things to do in ViennaThis grand city of Europe is a centre of museums, coffee houses and palaces – check out what you could be getting up to in Vienna on your next city break.Top 15 attractions and things to do in TokyoA fascinating mix of the hyper-new and the ancient, you can see the second-tallest structure in the world – the Tokyo Skytree – on the same day as visiting a 1,400-year-old temple in Asakusa. Here’s our list of Tokyo’s top attractions, as eclectic as the city itself. 7. Get on your bikeTake a relaxing bike ride from The Hague along the North Sea coast to the charming resort of Scheveningen. The coastal town is famous for its pier, the luxurious Kurhaus hotel and its wealth of bars and beachfront cafés. Stroll along the boulevard or out onto the pier before mooring yourself at the harbour for a local seafood lunch with views of the bobbing boats. Try Catch by Simonis for fried sole served with Stellendam shrimp (€19.95) or a full seafood platter (€29.95) on the roof terrace overlooking the marina. 2. See the seaThe Hague sits on Holland’s North Sea coast and the city’s beaches are just 15 minutes from its historic centre. Take tram #12 from the city centre to Duindorp then take a five minute walk through the dunes to reach the Zuiderstrand, a long sandy beach that is often deserted – as well as being a great vantage point for watching the ships slide by. last_img read more

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On 23 May, diversity, I am in favour of such an arrangement". PENGASSAN noted that the strike will hold because the oil giant refused to honour the agreement both parties had during the minister’s mediation. read more

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