“Diego Costa showed an enormous desire to sign for Palmeiras, but the numbers were absurd”

first_imgCosta, for the second consecutive season, has again been haunted by physical problems and has not been in a position to offer the best of him. Circumstance is very similar to that experienced last season and that settled in Atlético a debate about its future. Finally, he stayed. There were some approaches, from his country in particular the greats of his league asked about him. Flamengo did it and, also, Palmeiras. This was recognized in an interview with Yahoo Brazil by Alexandre Mattos, who was the sports director of the green team, led the conversations, he says, in person with the player and managed to convince him, but there were other obstacles that prevented another outcome. “Diego Costa showed an enormous desire to play for Palmeiras, but the numbers were absurd,” he admits. The player’s salary was the first and the amounts of a transfer the next. The highest chips in Brazilian football are below the half that the striker wins at Atlético. Mattos affirms that he spoke on several occasions with the striker and that he welcomed the return to Brazil, although he did not find the same collaboration in the player’s agent in the middle of last year. “There was a lot of talk, but we did not go from there, his businessman did not show any desire to carry out the transfer,” he explains, considering the movement unfeasible. Diego Costa faces his last year and a half of contract with Atlético. The striker faces a new break months after entering his last year of contract at Atlético. Diego Costa was once again trying to keep up with his rhythm when the global coronavirus pandemic stopped everyone’s life short. The Atlético striker had played 56 minutes in the battle of Anfield. Few seemed to him to judge by the face with which he left the field, but the Spanish-Brazilian was still completing a process of readjustment to competition after the cervical disc herniation that made him undergo surgery. Again. He played just a quarter of an hour on his return, precisely against Liverpool at the Metropolitan. Then he had just under half an hour against Espanyol and Sevilla before traveling to Mersey. At the end of the season and after the sanction that Costa suffered for the episode of Camp Nou, the debate was opened at the club regarding his future.An internal current pointed at his exit, while another still trusted him. The truth is that the most determining factor for him to stay in the team was the real absence of important offers. No one paid the amount of the transfer or took over the gigantic token of the battering ram. Now, at 31 years old (he will be 32 in October) he faces another break, just before entering his last year of contract. Costa’s second episode as rojiblanco has been marked by continuous physical problems. In very few moments it has left the sensations with which it was handled in the previous installment. This season he had lost 18 games before injury and had played 19 games for a total of 1,192 minutes and two goals. In total, he has lost 50 games due to physical problems in this second cycle as a rojiblanco with a total of 272 days off.last_img

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