Muir makes history in winning Canadian Derby

first_imgEDMONTON, Ontario (CMC):Jamaican jockey Shamaree Muir became the youngest every rider to win the CDN$150,000 Grade III Canadian Derby when he produced a tremendous ride aboard favourite Ready Intaglio.The 21-year-old, in his first season outside of Jamaica, partnered with the Amber Meyaard-trained colt to beat the three-year-olds by three-quarter lengths going a mile and three-eighths.Thirteen-to-one chance, Solve, with another Jamaican, Dane Nelson, aboard, finished second while The Accuser, with Barbadian Damario Bynoe in the irons, placed third.”He was relaxed and I just waited for the right time to make my move,” said Muir.”He’s the smartest horse I’ve ever ridden. This is a very classy horse. I think he’s going to go places.”Hold the Giant and Northernlocomotive whipped the field through a brisk pace, laying down 23.28 seconds for the quarter mile and 47.82 for the half-mile, as Muir raced Ready Intaglio in a bunch near the rear of the field.Through the stretch for the first time, Barbadian Rico Walcott brought Inside Straight up to join the leaders and then took over the running on the backstretch, with Muir already threading Ready Intaglio through the field down on the inside.As the race swung forhome, Inside Straight held sway with Solve and The Accuser running on strongly, but Muir expertly slipped Ready Intaglio through a seam along the rails in mid-stretch to hit the front.Solve tried to stay with the pair, but Muir had the momentum and carried the colt the wire strongly to win in style.”I just took the shortest way around; the shortest way is the fastest way,” Muir said of his decision to keep the colt on the rails.”I was on the rail just about every step. I think that was what made the difference.”Muir and the connections of Ready Intaglio survived anxious moments afterwards, however, as an objection was launched by Walcott for interference in the stretch run.The stewards eventually dismissed the claim.last_img read more


first_imgIT’S one of the best races in the summer road race calendar and today saw runners from Derry take the first seven places in the annual Danny McDaid 15k in Letterkenny.City of Derry’s Declan Reid pipped clubmate and previous winner Greg Roberts to the honours.Danny Mc Daid 15k 2012 Results below:  Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club1 124 48.04 Declan Reid SM City Of Derry2 39 48.07 Greg Roberts SM City Of Derry3 127 50.04 Emmet Mc Ginty SM City Of Derry 4 129 50.11 Noel Logan SM City Of Derry5 52 51.29 Pius Mc Intyre SM Foyle Valley6 117 51.34 Paddy Doherty SM City Of Derry7 93 52.14 James Brown M40 City Of Derry8 172 52.19 Chris Johnston SM Letterkenny A C 9 61 52.20 Pauric Mc Kinney M45 Letterkenny A C10 47 53.00 Chris Mc Guinness SM Finn Valley A C11 115 53.08 Kieran Hurley SM City Of Derry12 82 53.13 Sean Mc Devitt M40 Individual 13 116 53.35 Paul Mc Cafferty M40 City Of Derry14 40 53.42 Paul Ward M40 Tír Chonaill A C15 33 53.45 Brian Crossan SM Individual16 128 53.52 Damien Mc Ginty M50 City Of Derry17 73 54.18 Paul Mc Glinchey SM Letterkenny A C18 68 55.37 Aidan Callaghan SM 24/7 Triathlon19 48 55.49 Garry Slevin SM City Of Derry20 103 56.35 Kieran Crawford SM Letterkenny A C21 125 57.04 James Crampsey M40 City Of Derry22 76 57.40 Joe English M50 Letterkenny A C23 97 57.40 Martin Mooney SM Inishowen A C24 170 58.11 Dwain Robb SM Inishowen A C25 166 58.18 Christopher Mc Ginley SM Inishowen A C26 72 58.22 Padraig Friel SM Letterkenny A C27 118 58.22 Bill Duncan M45 City Of Derry28 31 58.43 Keith Downey M40 Skerries29 16 58.48 Kevin Curran SM Sportsworld30 119 58.53 Kevin Connolly SM Lifford A C12 August Page 1 of 8 Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club31 171 59.01 Brendan Murphy SM City Of Derry32 141 59.17 Jason King M40 Letterkenny A C33 112 59.25 Brian Rodgers SM Dunshaughlin34 14 59.50 John Duffy M45 Shettleston Harriers35 185 60.01 Gareth Mc Laughlin SM Inishowen A C36 186 60.18 Seamie Ferry M40 Individual37 231 60.26 Michael Kelly SM United Health Care38 146 60.30 Seamus White SM Individual39 235 60.30 Hugh Duffy SM Cranford A C40 19 60.40 Malcolm Mc Gee SM Inishowen A C41 132 60.41 Tom Thompson M40 Finn Valley A C42 15 60.43 Barry Meehan SM Letterkenny A C43 109 60.55 Michael Black SM Letterkenny A C44 134 60.55 John Daly M40 Letterkenny A C45 44 61.01 Natasha Adams SW Lifford A C46 190 61.26 Sheila Regan SW Letterkenny A C47 142 62.04 Garvan Doherty SM Foyle Valley48 12 62.11 Kevin Toner M60 Letterkenny A C49 45 62.16 Ann Marie Mc Glynn SW Lifford A C50 20 62.26 Ben George SM Letterkenny A C51 5 62.28 Kieran O Donnell M40 Letterkenny A C52 43 62.47 Marrtin Devenney SM Lifford A C53 155 63.00 Collie Doherty SM Foyle Valley54 78 63.05 James Gibbons M50 Finn Valley A C55 144 63.30 Helen White W45 Sportsworld56 8 63.37 Maurice Sharkey SM Lifford A C57 265 63.45 Sean Dudgeon SM Lifford A C58 18 63.57 Chriisty Mc Monagle M60 City Of Derry59 51 63.58 Darragh Crossan SM Lifford A C60 84 64.18 Hugh Daly SM Letterkenny A C61 271 64.20 Paul Murray SM Individual62 111 64.21 John Paul Wilson SM Rosses A.C.12 August Page 2 of 8 Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club63 255 64.23 Adrian Toye SM Individual64 69 64.23 Kieran Coyle SM United Health Care65 264 64.24 Roisin Ni Dhuibhir SW Individual66 148 64.26 Dennis Bonnar M40 Individual67 64 64.28 Kieran Mc Monagle SM United Health Care68 151 64.42 Gary Gallagher SM Lifford A C69 203 64.45 Aidan Fries SM Individual70 184 64.46 Paul Mc Monagle SM Letterkenny A C71 163 64.48 Raymond Birch SM Individual72 176 64.52 Alan O Mahoney SM 24/7 Triathlon73 177 64.53 Sean Mor Doherty SM Inishowen A C74 162 64.56 Catherine Lilburn SW City Of Derry75 49 65.08 Dennis Shiels M40 24/7 Triathlon76 270 65.14 Stewart Mc Gee SM Individual77 85 65.24 Mick Harkin M40 Inishowen A C78 192 65.30 Paul Matthews SM New Bridge A.C.79 236 65.43 Marie Boyle SW Letterkenny A C80 259 66.06 Trevor Doherty SM Individual81 35 66.08 Thomas Doherty M50 Individual82 179 66.08 Paul Dillon SM Individual83 99 66.19 Michael Mc Hugh SM Individual84 75 66.25 Paul O Gara M40 24/7 Triathlon85 267 66.39 Aidan Mc Kenna M40 Letterkenny A C86 149 66.55 Paul Mc Gettigan SM Individual87 130 67.03 John Conlon SM Individual88 60 67.30 Sara Marie Doherty SW Inishowen A C89 165 67.38 Seamus Rodgers M40 Letterkenny A C90 237 67.51 Darren Beecroft M45 Individual91 70 68.08 Vinny Hegarty SM Inishowen A C92 9 68.10 Philomena Gallagher W40 Tír Chonaill A C93 59 68.18 Gerard Mullen SM Letterkenny A C94 6 68.22 Richard Raymond M50 Letterkenny A C12 August Page 3 of 8 Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club95 63 68.26 Eugene Gallen M40 Lifford A C96 10 68.28 Claire Keenan-Devenney SW Finn Valley A C97 65 68.34 Gabriel Mc Crossan M45 Letterkenny A C98 260 68.40 Paul Cosgrove M45 Letterkenny A C99 67 68.42 Alan Orr SM Individual100 113 68.44 Shaun Mc Laughlin SM Inishowen A C101 153 68.44 Michael Donaghey M45 Inishowen A C102 263 68.57 Martin Anderson M45 Finn Valley A C103 56 68.58 Paul Kelly M40 Individual104 262 69.05 Tony Grant M50 Foyle Valley105 126 69.10 Leslie Hare SM Individual106 232 69.15 Darren Price SM Individual107 121 69.24 Linda Ward W45 Tír Chonaill A C108 258 69.44 P J Friel M45 Individual109 238 69.46 John Carton M45 Foyle Valley110 254 70.00 Seamus Nallen SM Individual111 94 70.19 Kieran Bovaird M40 Individual112 200 70.24 Geoff Turtle M45 Individual113 17 70.25 John O Doherty SM Individual114 274 70.27 Terence Gallagher M40 Individual115 174 70.37 Phil Boyle M40 Letterkenny A C116 158 70.41 Martin O Donnell M40 Individual117 233 71.14 Shane Keaveney SM Individual118 229 71.36 Odhran Mc Gowan SM Individual119 4 71.40 John Mc Gettigan SM Individual120 160 71.41 Sean O Leary M50 Finn Valley A C121 37 71.48 Mark Mc Gowan M40 Tír Chonaill A C122 168 71.51 Sheila Doherty SW Inishowen A C123 206 72.06 Cathal Gorman M40 Individual124 24 72.07 Kevin Mc Menamin SM Lifford A C125 131 72.07 Michael Roulston M50 Lifford A C126 157 72.14 James Doherty M60 Individual12 August Page 4 of 8 Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club127 98 72.21 Kieran Mc Hugh SM Individual128 202 72.22 Enda Kelly SM Individual129 53 72.23 Paul Friel M45 Individual130 86 72.25 Sylvester Hiemstra M40 Milford A C131 133 72.35 Bill Vaughan M45 Individual132 195 72.37 Michael Madden SM Individual133 139 72.41 Hugh O Donnell M50 Individual134 88 72.48 Caroline Spratt SW Tír Chonaill A C135 204 72.51 Brian Mc Monagle SM Letterkenny A C136 92 73.05 Michael Mc Menamin SM Finn Valley A C137 11 73.06 Gloria Donaghey W50 Finn Valley A C138 34 73.31 John Sweeney M45 Individual139 268 73.46 Noel Lynch M40 Letterkenny A C140 74 74.05 Mark O Kane SM Letterkenny A C141 3 74.19 Mary Hippsley W40 Finn Valley A C142 91 74.22 Mark Mc Kelvey SM Individual143 175 74.31 Vince Boyle M40 Craughwell A.C.144 180 74.48 Francis Diver M45 Individual145 156 74.49 Paul Mc Menamin M45 Individual146 275 74.53 Seamus Diver M40 Individual147 196 74.57 Helen Mc Cready SW Rosses A.C.148 108 74.58 Thomas Cullen SM Individual149 266 75.01 David Doherty M40 Individual150 106 75.02 Aideen Mc Laughlin W45 Inishowen A C151 269 75.14 Margaret Sheils W40 Letterkenny A C152 152 75.17 Danny Burns M60 Lifford A C153 182 75.24 Chris Carr SM Individual154 193 75.29 Conan Mc Dermot SM Individual155 55 75.45 Hugh Doherty SM Lifford A C156 89 75.51 Maura O Brady W45 Individual157 145 76.26 Kevin Gallagher SM Individual158 198 76.30 Amanda Mc Nulty SW Letterkenny A C12 August Page 5 of 8 Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club159 50 76.49 Tracy Harley W40 Inishowen A C160 66 77.13 Ann Donaghue W50 Tír Chonaill A C161 77 77.19 Eric Pierce M50 Individual162 71 77.20 Josephine Cunningham SW Inishowen A C163 101 77.26 Grainne Gallagher SW Inishowen A C164 100 77.30 Ruth Doherty SW Inishowen A C165 120 77.42 Loreto Cullen W45 Tír Chonaill A C166 81 77.53 Eileen Ward W40 Tír Chonaill A C167 36 78.04 Sinead Mc Gowan SW Tír Chonaill A C168 46 78.08 Vera Perry SW Individual169 80 78.12 Bernadette Mc Neely W50 Tír Chonaill A C170 187 78.26 Laura Moore SW Individual171 201 79.17 Phillip Nicholson SM Individual172 164 79.33 Gareth Mc Kane SM Individual173 114 79.37 Leon Faulkner SW Foyle Valley174 230 79.43 Conor Doherty SM Individual175 83 79.48 Emily Bonner SW Individual176 197 80.06 Jim Hiines M60 Finn Valley A C177 207 80.15 Noel Boyd SM Individual178 13 80.17 Vivian Frazer W45 KirkiNcillian City179 54 80.34 Grace Friel W45 Individual180 96 80.34 Martin Mc Ginley M40 Individual181 261 80.41 Gavin Harris SM 24/7 Triathlon182 123 80.54 Michelle Hunter SW Individual183 57 81.34 Garvan Boyce M40 Individual184 181 81.41 Orla Mallan SW Individual185 169 81.56 John Doherty M45 Individual186 95 82.05 Patricia Orsi W45 Individual187 42 82.14 Hugo Blake M50 Individual188 107 82.27 Linda Mc Daid SW Inishowen A C189 208 82.42 Rosanne Boyd SW Individual190 154 83.04 Naoise Enright SM Individual12 August Page 6 of 8 Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club191 228 83.08 Kevin Blake M40 Individual192 161 83.15 Cathy Harvey W45 Individual193 189 83.24 Kate Foy SW Individual194 159 83.31 Ruth Mc Crudden W45 Individual195 191 84.15 Gary Duffy M40 Individual196 188 84.38 Joanne Mc Colgan SW Inishowen A C197 2 85.05 Pearce Enright M45 Individual198 122 85.46 James Campbell SM Monaghan Town199 87 86.46 Henry Sproule SM Finn Valley A C200 136 86.51 Declan Friel SM Milford A C201 173 87.12 James Connors SM Individual202 273 87.37 Rosaleen Doherty SW Letterkenny A C203 79 87.55 Louise Duddy SW Individual204 234 87.56 Liz Gallagher W40 Individual205 167 87.59 Catherine Logue SW Lifford A C206 194 88.04 Wesley Mc Kane SM Finn Valley A C207 41 88.12 Imelda Gallagher W40 Individual208 257 88.13 Mary Van Ruivan SW Individual209 140 88.14 Declan Mc Callion M45 Lifford A C210 22 88.39 Deborah Conroy SW Lifford A C211 105 88.40 Mia Coyle SW Lifford A C212 27 88.40 Carmel Colhoun W40 Lifford A C213 253 88.45 Elaine Mc Bride SW Individual214 38 88.49 Condy Doherty M60 Individual215 256 88.57 Dorothy Mc Hugh SW Individual216 199 89.35 Catriona Doherty SW Inishowen A C217 135 90.31 James Smyth M50 Individual218 272 92.28 Sophie Kelly SW Individual219 137 92.44 Eileen Doogan W40 Individual220 143 93.17 Liam Mc Laughlin M50 Individual221 138 93.17 Joanne Mc Bride SW Individual222 150 94.07 Aine Doherty SW Individual12 August Page 7 of 8 Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club223 62 94.34 James Mc Erlane M45 Individual224 178 94.36 Mary T Galagher SW Individual225 147 94.36 Annette Sweeney SW Individual226 110 97.16 Rhonda Mc Colgan SW Inishowen A C227 26 97.16 Oonagh Harkin SW Inishowen A C228 104 100.59 Lorna O Donnell W40 Individual229 58 100.59 Michelle Green W40 Individual230 90 105.29 Bernie Molloy SW Individual231 102 105.54 Martina Callaghan SW Inishowen A C232 25 107.43 Lyndsey Harding SW Inishowen A CTotal Runners: 23212 August Page 8 of 8RESULTS: CITY OF DERRY’S REID WINS DANNY MCDAID 15K 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Erik Karlsson settles into San Jose, and as a Sharks leader

first_imgSAN JOSE — Nearly a year ago to the day, Erik Karlsson made his debut in a Sharks jersey on the ice surface at SAP Center.Karlsson wasn’t playing, but between the first and second intermissions of the Sharks’ Sept. 22, 2018 preseason game against the Vegas Golden Knights, he skated out wearing the team’s new ‘stealth’ jersey — a nearly all black uniform with teal trim and white numbers and lettering.What had been a normal exhibition game turned into a more memorable experience, as Karlsson …last_img read more

South African men: Lean in for women’s rights

first_imgSonke activists at a mobilisation in Delft organised to remember Queen, a 9-year-old girl who died on March 18th 2014, two months after being raped and set on fire. Although Queen identified her attacker, who was apprehended by police with fresh burn wounds and visible scratch marks, the case is not being prosecuted due to the failure of police to collect and present sufficient evidence. Sonke is working with community members and the police to ensure that Queen’s murder is properly prosecuted, and organises mobilisations to engage our community action team (CAT) and the Delft community to raise awareness around gender-based violence. (Image: Sonke Gender Justice)There’s no doubt masculinity is an important part of the identity of South African men. This is often not their choice. Ours is a country in which there is frequently enormous pressure on men, from all sides, to be men – to be manly.This is both a positive and a negative. The negative is that some men may wish to assert their masculinity by abusing those physically weaker than them – women and children. The positive is others embrace their masculinity in the spirit of Ubuntu. For them being a man is to be strong, protective, nurturing and supportive of others.Today Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg launches a new global campaign as part of her established LeanIn initiative, which fights for the rights of women across the world. This time, Sandberg is asking men to join the fight. In this country, her call has been taken up by Brand South Africa. To mark International Women’s Day on Sunday 8 March, we urge our men to demonstrate how they celebrate and support South African women. This can be at home – creating stronger marriages and healthier, happier, more successful kids – and at work, for better team outcomes.Sandberg’s global campaign will be supported leaders ranging from top NBA athletes to influential CEOs and public figures such as Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, Melinda Gates, Arianna Huffington, Condoleezza Rice and Mark Zuckerberg.SOUTH AFRICAN MEN FIGHTING FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTSIn South Africa men need to reclaim their manhood as supporters of women, not abusers. There have been too many incidents where men have used their culture, physical strength and ability to earn more than their women counterparts to keep women in subservient positions.South African men must become role models to future generations of men by committing to being uplifting, caring, present and emotionally stable, for women to fully take their place, as equals, in our homes, communities and society.An example South African men leaning in for the rights of women is Sonke Gender Justice, a gender-rights civil society organisation set up and run by men.The organisation’s work includes initiatives such as the One Man Can, which encourages men to become actively involved in advocating for gender equality, preventing gender-based violence, and responding to HIV and Aids.Dumisani Rebombo runs the One Man Can project at Sonke’s new satellite office in the rural settlement of Bushbuckridge in Limpopo. The project forms part of a four-year randomised control trial being undertaken by Wits University, University of California, San Francisco and University of North Carolina, both in the US.It seeks to show how Sonke’s the project’s community mobilisation model can reduce levels of violence in this and other communities and ultimately reduce the levels of HIV infection in young women.According to Sonke, research conducted in 2009 by Chris Colvin indicated significant changes in short-term behaviour in the weeks following One Man Can activities. Twenty-five percent of respondents had accessed voluntary counselling and testing, 50% reported an act of gender-based violence, 61% increased their use of condoms, and over 80% talked to friends or family members about HIV, gender and human rights issues.New research by Shari Dworkin and colleagues shows further clear evidence that men taking part in these programmes change their attitude and behaviour in line with the objectives of One Man Can.This new qualitative research assessed OMC participants’ changes in masculine ideologies and health beliefs and behaviours. The study was conducted in two provinces, Limpopo and Eastern Cape, where the researchers conducted in-depth interviews with 60 OMC participants. Questions covered issues of gender relations and women’s rights, violence, relationships and sex, masculinity, fatherhood, gender and HIV risks, HIV prevention and testing, and community action teams.The research clearly shows that men who have participated in OMC activities afterwards embrace trends towards equality for women, understand their male identity differently and are more involved in household labour and child care.“A lot has changed in my life,” said one man who took part in the programme. “My childhood observations of a man as boss was wrong and before I attended OMC sessions; I continued to believe that it is the same wrong things that need to be done. But after some sessions and engagement in discussions with various people with various points of view, I then realised that it is wrong to treat women like they do not exist.”WOMEN HAVE BEEN WRONGEDThis year International Women’s Day on 8 March will highlight the UN Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, a historic roadmap signed by 189 governments 20 years ago that sets the agenda for realising women’s rights.The Beijing initiative focuses on 12 critical areas of concern, and envisions a world where each woman and girl can exercise her choices, such as taking part in politics, getting an education, having an income, and living in societies free from violence and discrimination.UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, in his message for International Women’s Day 2015, said: “When we unleash the power of women, we can secure the future for all.”last_img read more

Waymo tests self-driving minivans in Death Valley

first_imgSelf-driving cars are going to be fitted with a whole lot of sensors, chips, and other electronics, so it makes sense to check that all of this works in extreme environments.That’s why Waymo sent its self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans to California’s Death Valley this summer, which has the highest recorded temperature in the world, at 134F.See Also: Google narrows case against Uber as court date nearsWaymo had already conducted “extensive tests” in an aerothermal wind tunnel prior to the trip, which is able to mimic extreme heat and cold. After almost a year of controlled environment tests, it gave the green light to the heat-seeking journey.The minivan took a road trip from Davis Dam to Las Vegas to Death Valley, testing the car at each step of the way. Davis Dam has steep desert roads, Las Vegas has long waits in traffic, and Death Valley is the ultimate extreme heat test.From Tahoe to the desertAutomakers have conducted extreme weather tests for decades, but the self-driving car provides more worries, as most of the electronics produce their own heat. Waymo did not say if it has added any other features to the car to reduce the heat or better ventilate the car.Waymo carried out similar tests at low temperatures in Lake Tahoe earlier this year.Even though the self-driving cars are not for sale, Waymo is letting people test the cars in Phoenix, Arizona. Before too long, that may turn into a ride-sharing or shuttle platform, available in many U.S. cities. It may be looking to have everything covered before riders start paying for their rides. Tags:#Alphabet#Autonomous#California#Death Valley#driverless#Google#Internet of Things#IoT#Self-Driving#Waymo David Curry Related Posts IT Trends of the Future That Are Worth Paying A…center_img For Self-Driving Systems, Infrastructure and In… Break the Mold with Real-World Logistics AI and… 5 Ways IoT can Help to Reduce Automatic Vehicle…last_img read more