In the past day the crew prepared a 6 inch snapti

first_imgIn the past day the crew prepared a 6 inch snap-tie form that is now ready to be poured.The crew mixes the concrete on site and pours it into form.Erik is showing a workshop participant, Christian, how to use the concrete vibrator. The concrete vibration is a building code requirement. The reason is that the air-bubbles normally present in the concrete when it is poured, can weaken it. The vibrations will eliminate these air bubbles.The form is filled up.They are now ready for the finishing step.They finish by screeding the concrete and edge it. July 26, 2017The construction of a new fence to upgrade the visitor parking continues. Another day of pouring for the workshop and the construction crew. It is important to start early because hot weather is not ideal for working with concrete and can contribute to weakening it, as well as difficulty with the finish work.(text and photos lvb)last_img

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