Microsoft confirms it will keep selling the Xbox 360 until 2016

first_imgMicrosoft confirmed its ongoing commitment to the Xbox 360 earlier this year when the company announced a redesign of the console to better match the styling of the Xbox One. But with its next-gen console arriving in November, just how long will the Xbox 360 continue to be available?According to Microsoft’s chief of Xbox marketing and strategy, Yusuf Mehdi, don’t expect the 360 to disappear off stores shelves until 2016. At some point in three year’s time the 360 will be phased out completely, propped up by the continued sales of used consoles and games after that.Three years is a long time, especially when the focus will be on promoting another console, but don’t let that stop you investing. As well as the very healthy library of games the Xbox 360 already has, Mehdi confirmed that a further 100 titles will be released for the current-gen console.While the machine and games may cease to command shelf space from 2016, the availability of Xbox Live for Xbox 360 is a little unclear. It will definitely be available until the machine is officially dead, but Microsoft could easily continue to offer the service after that. After all, it will have the servers humming for Live on Xbox One, so supporting the millions of 360 owners that are still using the other console shouldn’t be an issue, especially if digital content is still being purchased in large enough amounts to cover the costs.If you’re not too fussed about getting the Xbox One at launch, then sticking with the Xbox 360 will work in your wallet’s favor. A year from now hardware prices will probably have come down and a bunch of popular Xbox One games will be released at a budget price point. You could save a few hundred dollars in the process.last_img

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