Video Footage Shows Disastrous Conditions in Moroccos Major Hospital

By Sapha BouamaraRabat – Video footage recently published by Moroccan Magazine Telquel shows the critical and disastrous condition of the Ibn Sina Hospital Center (CHIS) children’s section.The video depicts women and infants sleeping on the hospital floor due to the facilities’ lack of professionalism as well as the lack of sufficient space to accommodate the masses needing care. On a regular basis, poor families from all over Morocco travel to Rabat, seeking medical help in the Ibn Sina Hospital Center. While Ibn Sina is one of the largest public hospitals in Morocco, it fails to accommodate the high volume of visitors each and every day.Faced with these harsh conditions, poor families have no choice but to cope with the painful circumstances and wait for medical help that can take hours, or in some cases, days.Abdelali Rami, president of Forum Des Associations de l’Enfance (Mountada Attoufoula) received the footage from hospital personnel who recorded the scene on a cell phone.“The video was sent to us by a member of the medical staff. It shows the disastrous conditions at the [hospital] reception, including a huge shortage of beds,” Mr. Rami was quoted by Telquel as saying.The association contacted Mr. El Housseine El Ouaradi, Minister of Health, to respond as quickly as possible to find a solution in order to avoid placing mothers and their infants at risk in this unprofessional and harmful manner.Mr. Abdelali Rami continued: “The Minister has established good momentum in the sector, but more work remains to be done. This is the message we want to convey.”

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