The Keystone: Counting the Minutes in Vintage Style

first_img Editors’ Recommendations The Absolute Worst Movies to Watch with a Date How to Thrift Like a Pro: Tips for Making the Most of Secondhand Style There are many ways to  stay on track and keep your day timed out from using the clock on your smart phone to glancing at a wall clock to simply asking someone to check their watch for you. But if you want to really be in today’s hipster-fresh style you’ll take a step back in time and use a time piece similar to what your dad or granddad used. Vintage watches that are gaining new attention thanks to The Keystone company, co-founded by Justin Gruenberg and Max Abbot.The two friends met in college. Justin grew up in the watch business and he and Max often talked about giving watch collectors a better experience. They went in different directions after graduation, but a few years down the road, Max moved to L.A. and they launched The Keystone in September 2014.The watches they sell are sourced through watch shows and from individuals contacting them through their site. “We travel all around the world—Japan, Hong Kong, New York, Miami,” said Abbot. “We also purchase old stock from jewelry stores who have vintage items sitting in their inventory.”Many websites selling watches will put up a stock photo, but that’s not the case with The Keystone. They take pictures of each individual item. If someone is looking at a watch on their site, they are viewing the actual item for sale.“We want the customer to see something they like and buy it right there,” said Abbot. “We have some rare items and a very passionate collector base. We’re excited to help new collectors as well.”He says the most popular items the mid-range Rolex selling from $2,000 to $9,000. “A lot of people don’t realize you can get a great vintage Rolex for $1,900,” he said, “that stuff has been pretty popular.The Keystone currently has about 200 watches on the site and adds 10 to 15 new ones each month. With free shipping and free returns, the company offers a great way for collectors to find just the right watch. On the Road with Mikah Meyer, the First Person to Visit Every National Park Site in One Trip Zach Klein Is the Reason We’re All Obsessed with Cabin Porn The Best Documentaries on Netflix Right Now last_img

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