Southeast Asia’s largest electricity supplier Lazada into China to do cross border electricity suppl

Lazada in the development of domestic business, but also began to consider Chinese sellers. In order to allow Chinese sellers to sell Chinese goods more smoothly in Southeast Asia, Lazada began in policy, language, payment, logistics and other issues on the development of specialized services for Chinese sellers.


Lazada is the largest online shopping platform in Southeast Asia, but also the German business incubator Rocket Internet incubator project. The Lazada market is mainly distributed in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and other regions, local, and international sales of a wide range of proprietary products, covering consumer electronics, toys, household goods, fashion and sports equipment and other 13 kinds of electronic business platform, is a comprehensive type.

Southeast Asian version of the Jingdong, to fight the idea of Chinese sellers

according to venture capital reporter to understand, Lazada is starting from self mode and sales of 3C products, similar to the domestic Jingdong mall model. And after the establishment of the gradual expansion of the category, involved in the third party open platform business, but also self built logistics and payment system, known as the Southeast Asian version of Jingdong".

day before Lazada was formally established China division of the region, began the layout of China market. In order to adapt to the Chinese market, Lazada also announced its own trademark "to Chinese zanda". To Zanda (Lazada) Hongkong cross-border electricity supplier CEO and co-founder of AimoneRipa di Meana to the entrepreneurial state reporters, Zanda (Lazada) to hope in the future can be connected with the whole world 550 million Southeast Asian consumers and sellers, Chinese is the first step to start selling a global connection.

In fact,

is not only the domestic consumer demand for imported goods, the domestic small and medium-sized sellers are also eager to go abroad to find more suitable for their buyers resources. China is currently in the international market is a good quality representative, however, China’s brand in the international market is facing an awkward situation is not trusted. In addition, domestic exports are also facing a variety of foreign languages, payments and other differences. Especially in Southeast Asia, because of the large number of countries, especially the problem of language and payment.

for this reason, Lazada in the development of their domestic business, but also began to consider Chinese sellers. In order to allow the seller to Chinese China manufactured goods more successfully sold to Southeast Asia, Lazada has already begun in the policy, language, payment, logistics and other issues developed specifically for a set of service system China sellers.


team provides diverse background, "Pan Asian" electricity supplier solutions

countries in Southeast Asia, population, language, currency, this complex market environment determines each business platform must provide multilingual and differentiated services, so now almost every Asian electricity supplier in the market of each electrical.

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