Liebo 7 years of Entrepreneurship fission from Nepal shop for the annual sales of 200 million of the


Home design style

Liebo shop full of rich folk style


Liebo clothing in recent years more and more attention to simple and modern, but the classic big flower pattern is still one of the iconic elements.

electricity supplier sample time is a long river. From March 1998 China completed the first Internet transaction, business enterprise of health birth and death, raging like a storm, which has established from 1999, has held heavily into a high-profile but only 3 months on the line of products together. From July onwards, sina science and technology will select one or two representatives of the electricity supplier companies to do a weekly observation. We have no intention of respect is willing to attribute their success or failure, or to review its mode, or reported its growth, to record the current electricity supplier sample.

from a small clothing reselling Nepal India Taobao stores such as this year’s sales of close to two hundred million of the Amoy brand Liebo (Rip) for a period of 7 years. For a long time, the main national wind clothing brand from the design style, the rhythm of the operation to the team culture with the founder of the soup windy sister personal imprint. Today, Liebo consciously dilute the founder of color, as a listed company in 5 years. The design for the Amoy brand, eventually want to become, is the international fashion design company designer brand identity.

Tang Dafeng Liebo

"when I was young, I had to become a person like her. Write things, go everywhere, there is a love, take the money is not the case, stuffed in the pillowcase, scattered in the Sahara desert wind. Go to the governor’s house to steal roses, with the Horde, and give them a little pill. A polytheist, the Sophie doctrine, that mysterious force can be unpredictable, then when you are young, early."

this is Tom gale wrote Confessions of a text. Tom gale, Liebo founder and director, formerly known as Tang Xianfeng, formerly known as ominous. 1998 graduated from Nanjing Arts Institute majoring in fashion design, which has been established in 2006 in Beijing, Liebo brand. Liebo said "Tom gale Liebo" may make her unhappy, because the founder of hate is the label, especially disgusted by modern commercial properties of a variety of titles and role label. Her colleagues told me that if you call Tom gale boss, would make her uncomfortable to.

The reason is not

Liebo Tom gale two, because small sister founded together with the brand. The wind resigned from the Nanjing newspaper the graphic editing room, follow the elder sister in Beijing founded a design studio. Studio for a book called "the Chinese nation" magazine to do graphic design, and the magazine in the clothing of the original will have a special liking for the minority clothing lovers desire to ignite the heart. By the end of 2005, wind and wind in the Taobao shop on reselling India and Nepal clothing, the sale of goods.

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