The best designer hot rabbit original dream charm in order to

as the saying goes, a woman’s wardrobe, there is always a piece of clothing. Women are naturally sensitive to shopping, which is particularly prominent in clothing. Although people can’t judge, but this appearance is largely determines the first impression of a person, often dressed Bibuxiu edge is more lovable picture. Clothing products see character, sometimes is not unreasonable, after all, not all people are willing to through your sloppy appearance to dig your heart good quality. Therefore, it is very important to have a good quality and fully display the charm of the clothes in the social.

With the evolution of consumer life from low level to high level, the consumption of

is gradually moving towards the high level consumers. Exclusive original, not easy Zhuangshan, clothing and design sense more and more favored by consumers, has become the mainstream of the clothing market.

hot the rabbit firmly grasp the mainstream, not only has the professional fashion designer team, outstanding works can look for fashion designers in the world. Not only to meet the consumers in the Internet era, love lazy psychology, but also to meet the consumer’s pursuit of the original costumes. More importantly, the selection of hot clothing for the rabbit has a strict check, all favorite works, must be stylish, imaginative, unique.



heard as seen in December, hot rabbit will be launched to send you the charm of "theme activities, to allow consumers to witness the charm of hot rabbit. In addition to self inspection, a welfare is also a hot rabbit big run. Activities will be in line with different themes, different groups, private custom theme costumes.

such as the upcoming "charm constellation week", will launch a series of hot rabbit clothes are different constellation attributes, consumers can according to their attributes set, can also try other constellation clothes style. One prominent personality, and increase the interest of dressing.

of course, if you are really a Indoorswoman, or is the real animation control, then file sign week "hot rabbit two dimension" is even more not to be missed. Lolita, strong woman, Queen, all the two dimension attributes big run, consumers can freely switch freely according to the preferences change, in a variety of style.



during the event, the public can also be free to choose their own love clothes a reward, and ready to share WeChat micro-blog and other social media, and 35 bestie exchange experience, share the happiness with friends. Intimate hot rabbit has also set up a special draw links, participants will have the opportunity to get hot rabbit free gift original costumes.

this event in the show hot Rabbit clothing charm, but also will break the concept of our common: both original, the price is not cheap. And thousands of independent designers

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