09 years of global wave of offer China fake sellers sadly

the beginning of the second half of 2009, by the international famous luxury brand Louis Weedon (Louis Vuitton) launched the crackdown trend once again swept the world. The world’s major brands have followed up, Ebay, Amazon, Taobao these well-known e-commerce platform to become the center of the land.

in the past two years has just been bigger, relying on Chinese sellers to sell fake goods began to become the focus of e-commerce platform ioffer. On the platform of Ioffer 80% and the best sellers from Chinese, on the platform of goods from China imitation goods! Due to the limitation of other mature trade platform for the fake China sellers are very strict, very hard in the Ebay, Amazon such a large e-commerce shop selling fake goods, So Ioffer has become not imitation goods limited China seller’s paradise, gradually expand prosperity in recent years. Therefore, Ioffer has become the focus of all major brands of fake.

began in 2009, Nike, LV, Adidas, UGG, Gucci and a series of brands sent to Ioffer to monitor the work of the administrator began to sell these brands in Ioffer stores have been banned in. In the past, Ioffer search Nike, LV this kind of words, can be found to hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of goods, in just a few weeks, have become scattered.

at the same time, Ioffer has also been included in the blacklist PayPal fake. China bound PayPal account sellers sell fake goods on Ioffer have been frozen! In the past two years, this phenomenon is very rare, almost no seller because of the PayPal bound to the Ioffer to sell fake goods by PayPal freezing. In the past, buyers receive fake paypal dispute, the seller is not resolved in a timely manner, will investigate the specific account. Now Ioffer bound on the Chinese PayPal account will be investigated, if found to have a copy of the card transaction immediately frozen.

these fake action is very effective! In 2010 January, China sellers have been difficult to register a new account on Ioffer – China belongs to the account can be directly after landing, the title. Therefore, a variety of imitation goods shop repeatedly deleted repeatedly open phenomenon stopped. Now on the Ioffer can see Chinese imitation goods is not much. Individual imitation goods appear in the search results, are generally put in the short term will be deleted by the administrator.

a large number of Ioffer Chinese sellers account was closed, resulting in tens of thousands of foreign trade SOHO who lost the platform for survival. So this year, the rise of the personal trading platform c2coffer has become the new darling. Because c2coffer is just the rise of the platform, the management of imitation goods is not very strict, nor is it the major brands

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