Taobao logistics plan exposure the next two years the country’s 52 city storage

logistics Tuozhu Taobao back, Taobao decided to self in order to stand. Yesterday, a reporter from reliable sources close to informed, internal and even the entire Alibaba group has set out a plan to self logistics, the specific operation is Taobao the next two years will be in the 52 national city established positions, in order to solve the logistics problem impeding the development of

at the same time, the source said Alibaba shares will also be part of the logistics companies and cooperation with them to carry out warehousing. However, the source stressed that Taobao will not reach out to the front of the logistics industry to do distribution, will not grab the logistics company’s jobs."

it is reported that Taobao in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu has established a distribution center, but also the country’s more than and 20 provinces and cities and logistics companies to form a sub warehouse. According to the idea of Ma, "I hope in 5-8 years, the enterprise inside the factory is best not to have the goods, goods distribution directly to Ali in the more than and 20 China City warehouse, by matching the information platform, enterprises can quickly deliver the goods in the hands of users."

but these distribution centers and sub warehouse is still far from being able to meet the development of the entire Taobao, most of the expansion rate of the courier company has been difficult to match it, resulting in decreased quality of service. On the other hand, high logistics costs are also largely restricted the further development of Taobao, so Taobao had to personally involved in logistics.

so it was pointed out that Alibaba violated the original promise never do logistics commitment. In this regard, this year the Alibaba network to the general assembly, Ma Yun responded that "sometimes, you do not do not solve the problem. Logistics is now a big problem."

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