Water cold Empire piano poem teach you how to do micro business

first explain what is derivative, derivative refers to small businesses in the past, and now generally sell products in WeChat. I think we all need to know that there’s not much explanation.


With the rapid development of

, more and more people, into the micro business in this industry. Because before this has been a lot of people through micro business success, then how to do micro business is very simple. Now the derivative operation mode is the basic agent model, that is to say, you want to do micro business is very simple, find a home purchase, and then sell. So you’re a micro dealer.

want to become a micro business is very simple, but do not want to do micro business so simple.

with time derivative has not the same brush screen can put the goods sold. Now the scraper will only make your micro road more and more short, except for some special cases. What are these special cases


some people can lead to accurate traffic through a paid or free way. Then the flow of fans, came in to see the product, it’s different.

so the following specific talk about how to do a micro business.

First of all, we must understand that

is also marketing, marketing is the core of what?. No one you are marketing yourself, so the first step is the micro – drainage. What is the meaning of the so-called drainage is not to take the initiative to add your friends, but the passive let others add you. So here comes the question…。 How can we let others take the initiative to add you? We need to think about this time, in which case you will take the initiative to add others, is not the person who is useful to you. Can provide you with value, or that he can help you in some way, or that he has something, and you do not, but this is what you need, then you will certainly add him. Can I say so? The main focus is on providing value and value.

in the art of war, the grandson said "attack will save, it will be induced in the drainage when we need to do the latter, you must show the bait is to make people can not refuse. So now let me give you a very simple example. At the end of 2014. One thing happened on micro-blog. I think we all know it, we should all be involved, is the enterprise red. Give you money, you will not refuse it, how do you think this reason? A lot of people through the red envelopes a few days accumulated hundreds of thousands of fans. This is a good example.

for example, at the beginning of the year, playing a little game, that is, to send a number of posts, adding that this WeChat, free of charge to send red oh. 3 days time, almost 1000+ of the people add me. Then I do not directly send a red envelope, but in the circle of friends to do a little like to send red envelopes activities, so that my people remember me. This interaction is more than praise every point 300+. This is the need for some cost

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