How to save the official website of the soul lost

local venture capital investment in early last year, said the next three years basically do not vote for the Internet industry, but after the financial crisis, but a reversal". The day before, to the official website of the enterprise as the core of the B2B e-commerce platform 66 network announced that it has completed the first round of ten million financing, this is the first time after the financial crisis, the financing of B2B e-commerce enterprise access. Insiders said that in the future, e-commerce will become an effective way to a new round of economic growth.

but in the post crisis era China economy, how to guide enterprises to use modern information technology, the reform of traditional industry production, management and marketing mode, promote the development of e-commerce and enterprise informatization, is the urgent and arduous task. It is reported that in China, there are companies to open the official website of the enterprise on up to three million, but can make full use of its own assets of the enterprise is less than 10%. What is the reason why they do not pay attention to the official website of the enterprise so that the official website of the soul of the soul lost in imperceptible……

e-commerce business model allows the official website of the company lost soul

to trace this reason, we should first make a brief history of China’s internet. The establishment of the first domestic e-commerce website can be traced back to 1997, the introduction of new Internet concept was inspired by the first batch of the new economy entrepreneurs, they believe that the traditional trade information exchange and communication through the internet. Then, Taiwan from 1997 to 1999, net, China chemical network, Alibaba, and other well-known e-commerce companies have emerged. The enterprise must carry on the electronic commerce, the first is to establish their own shops in these well-known e-commerce sites.

after more than and 10 years of development, the first of many e-commerce enterprises has become the industry leader, the respected shops model has been rooted into the history of development of electronic commerce in the bone marrow, let imitators hard to surpass. It is also a strong shop model, so that the official website of the soul of the Internet at the same time the rapid development of the Internet has been forgotten, lost soul".

official website of the soul to save the road

Why is

in the past ten years, the official website of the enterprise is not so popular, the reason is limited to the establishment of technology; on the Internet just at the beginning of the introduction of the concept, to help enterprises to establish the company’s website also appeared in succession, but due to a relatively modest price competition leading to the site, the relative network shops, to establish their own the official website is the cost of a lot of enterprises can not accept, the enterprise website is not given much attention; two is the beginning of the Internet, at the beginning China, stage is still in development, the business has no way to promote more, choose the network shops, is the value of the electronic commerce pioneers of the brand appeal save a large number of business promotion expenses.

but after 10 years of precipitation, the development of Internet technology is China a thousand li a day, the development mode of e-commerce is also increasingly diversified. The first batch of e-commerce enterprises have pursued the enterprise shop mode, in changing today, but more.

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