Open shop must master the 442 principles you learned

recently had a pig network from the buyers bought my services, let me write her a Taobao essence, after some bargaining, we finalize the last book, and posts must add to pay remuneration. Although after a painstaking wrote an article about how to operate the drill exhibition articles, I will go to the top of the trumpet a few times, buyers also follow my advice for the love channel, but after two days of hard work, traffic only more than and 100 people, the number of responses is only more than and 10 people, plus the distance is still No. Two of us are unable to add the default results.

later buyers I write in look after, I know quite good for train, the drilling operation, hope I can do for her business consultant. In addition to being responsible for the promotion of the car, marketing programs, but also to improve the flow of posts in the forum. After comprehensive analysis, I did not agree to her request. The reason is very simple, because her shop and open shop must have to grasp the 442 principles of difference, even if I have to help is difficult to achieve a relatively big change.

first from the positioning analysis, should be accounted for 40%. This shop is currently in the sale of a total of 360 products, from dress, trousers to the autumn and winter coat, everything can be said. The details of each baby pages are stereotyped description, does not reflect the characteristics of the style and selling points, and each section of the sales are zero. The price is a way to take a price, no discount, Europe and the United States women’s good buy shop price basically is 30 yuan, while the average price of the shops are more than 120 yuan, there is no advantage from the price, even if the quality is very good, but also hope that buyers can enjoy discount discount. The owner is a person in the basic care, that is not a full range of care to all, like eyebrows beard, finally is not what to catch. I give the proposal is to focus on 20% of the profit margin of the above, only to do fine and meticulous in order to have a good transformation of the 80%. Small and beautiful route is the ultimate road. Because the most simple truth is not clear, want to have a good sales is unlikely. First of all, we must know the style of the crowd positioning, in the end is what kind of buyers to buy, what are the characteristics of these buyers. The product is no problem, the problem lies in what should be sold, how to sell. Positioning is not done, the latter is equal to doing nothing.

second is the product, also accounted for 40%. Although the owner has repeatedly said that the supply of products is very stable, the quality is no problem, baby details page is very OK, but these are one-sided wishful thinking, not after the market tried and tested are not remember the test. Only through the attempt to come out of the money, is subject to buyers like to buy after the praise, in order to really say that the product of OK.

third is marketing, accounting for 20%. This is what the shopkeeper asked me to do. The goal is to be able to sell 10 pens per month

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