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days ago, the State Council issued the "guiding opinions" about deepening the integration and development of manufacturing industry and the Internet, "put forward by the end of 2018, the manufacturing industry key industry backbone enterprises" management platform "Internet penetration rate reached 80% of the target.

how to achieve this goal, the State Council made clear the main task:

1, build "double" manufacturing enterprise Internet platform

implementation of manufacturing construction engineering enterprise Internet "double support" platform, manufacturing enterprise Internet construction "double" platform based on integrated application of deepening the industrial cloud, big data technology, trimaran, speeding up the construction of a new research and development, production, management and service mode, promote product innovation and management optimization, improve enterprise the overall innovation ability and level.

encourages all kinds of resources in large manufacturing enterprises to open the "double" aggregation platform, and strengthen all kinds of entrepreneurship and innovation base, the public record of space cooperation, to provide professional services for the whole society, the establishment of resource rich and active innovation, efficient coordination of the management of the new eco.

to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises and the system of science and technology, promote research "hit the depth of resources integration and open sharing, support manufacturing enterprises joint research institutes, universities and all kinds of innovation platform, accelerate the construction of collaborative research and technology diffusion in the" double "system.

2, promoting the Internet companies to build manufacturing management service system

organize the implementation of the "double promotion project" service platform support capabilities to support large Internet companies, basic telecommunications enterprise construction for manufacturing enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises "management" service platform, encourage enterprises to increase the basic telecommunications "double base" broadband network infrastructure to support efforts to further improve the manufacturing speed drop charges, "double" service system, create a big small and medium-sized enterprise cooperation and win-win "management" new environment, create a new situation of medium and small enterprises with innovation and entrepreneurship.

encourages local industry relying on the national new industrialization demonstration base, national economic and Technological Development Zone, national hi tech Industrial Development Zone area, accelerate the improvement of talent, capital and policy environment, making full use of the Internet, hackerspaces, innovative workshops, open source community and other new public record space positive development, combined with the "construction management" demonstration base, foster a number of support for the development of the manufacturing industry "hit" demonstration base.

implementation of enterprise management ability promotion project, accelerate the integration of information technology and industrialization management system development and application promotion, to promote the reform of business process reengineering and organization, establish a new mode of organization and management.

3, support manufacturing enterprises and Internet companies cross-border integration

encourage manufacturing enterprises and Internet enterprise cooperation and cultivate new business entities, to establish the technical system, the integration of the development of the standards, business models and competition rules, integrated development pattern of complementary advantages, win-win cooperation.

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