Network network ecological field force crushed wine distribution relationship

in the Internet ecosystem "field force", the traditional wine industry distribution relationship is falling apart.

last week, music as its ecological network network held a known history of the first global ecological partner conference. Put aside the concept of abstract numbers and ethereal, the construction of new ecological relationships to flaunt Internet Ecosystem Partner Conference, do what


of the global ecological partner meeting focused on the disclosure of the network network global brand (Groot Gloryt and rose Naynay) partner, American wine brand partners, LETV living museum and LeBar partner recruitment plan. At the same time, network network POP platform equipped with a full set of import trade supply chain solutions also surfaced. It is reported that the platform can provide the global upstream and downstream partners, including brand promotion, three-dimensional marketing, product support, tax, warehousing, customs clearance, such as the entire industry chain service.

can see the ecological partner meeting to abandon the simple trade model to sell products to distributors, to advanced high-level open sharing platform. Rely on the Internet technology through the information flow, logistics, capital flow, the upstream and downstream industries to achieve seamless connectivity, brand equity, cross-border trade supply chain support, marketing resources, financial services industry chain resources integration and docking. Its essential function has gone beyond the traditional sense of the dealer conference.

in addition to sharing resources open on the downstream industry, network network to ecological partners released wine marketing scarce resources of IP. The conference site, the "star shareholders" Ma Su to tens of millions of investment officially joined the network network, IP network network play Super ecological strategy to shareholders as the core of the star together with. Message is displayed, depending on the ecological system, the exclusive authorized IP resource matrix network network has obtained LETV sports "content partners of ecology".

it is reported that in May, network network also received "Mi months biography" director Zheng Xiaolong, flowers television President Dunyong nearly 100 million yuan of personal investment, directly control the super TV drama IP primary interests. The number of stars also close relationship with network network: Sa Dingding, Quan Yong, Zhang Zequn and other stars to help out the conference dinner link; the former CCTV Oprah Liu Jianhong, Lan Qin and other stars are also frequent and interactive network network.

Internet era, the rise of super IP, and release a signal: IP, star IP will become the first driving force, the radiation field and lead to cross-border market entry content oriented era of consumer upgrades. As traditional wine dealers are experiencing the throes of transformation, IP or will become the next outlet. Insiders said that the sale of pure products has been difficult to sustain profits, more traditional dealers expect to find new relationships in the tide of the internet.

new relationship between the distribution of the gradual rise of ecological thinking in the internet. Network network first proposed the American wine brand ecosystem partners plan at the meeting. Dealers can directly get the product price, master brand licensing, in the regional scope of independent shipped >

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