Taobao tutorial 2015 new blue ocean Amoy train training dry cargo

train guide, Amoy blue ocean 2015 train operation skills!

filed a train, many small sellers horrible topic. In the eyes of many people, the train is a burn stuff, losing money promotion, rich people play, is to train master play, love and hate. Love he can bring precise flow, hate him to burn too fast, ROI is not proportional. How hard he is not difficult?. Seize the key is sufficient, train only technology and strategy, technology change from the Pope, then that’s that. Get experience share their train.


a, technical articles

to do before the first train to understand several key points:


first point CTR, a lot of people have lost this point. A lot of friends asked me some questions about the train, how always can not burn up, PPC is too high, too high, the quality score can not go on, and so on a number of similar problems, a look at the background, CTR low death. CTR inside the train optimization is a key thing, CTR did not mention a lot of things can not be carried out after the operation.


upgrade CTR a few points: product, car map, through train title, price. If the CTR is not, then seize these points to optimize, until it can reach the standard. Multi and multi title test, at least 1% CTR to be qualified. If you have to ask me how to optimize the car map, title, you can ask the degree of the mother, or go with your art, promotion talk. If you a person, would you please point Sike several did everything to get CTR to do. No CTR, not to mention what quality score, not to mention what PPC, not to mention ROI.


quality score in the car to promote the optimization of which is also a key point can not be ignored. Because the quality score is an important factor in determining the level of PPC. How to improve the quality score, in addition to key words, baby relevance, data feedback and other small factors, the most important, the most direct and the most important one is CTR. Your CTR can maintain more than 1%, for a few days, you will not be able to promote the quality of the baby keywords score is not low. 10 points, 9 points of the quality score keywords too simple. There are CTR, do not worry about the quality of the keyword is not high, if your CTR is very low, then you will not be higher quality scores of the key words, resulting in your PPC high.


for example: my PPC=0.2 yuan, your PPC=1 yuan. The same spent 100 yuan, I can bring 100/0.2=500 clicks; and you 10>

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