CPPCC National Committee member Xu Xiaolan huge potential for mobile e commerce

pointed out that the CPPCC National Committee, the Party Central Committee, vice president China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute Xu Xiaolan day before, with the support of the country, the future application of electronic commerce All flowers bloom together. innovations, which will be the trend of mobile e-commerce. Because the new technology will inevitably bring new applications, especially mobile payment has become a convenient way for people to enjoy life".

in recent years, China’s mobile Internet environment increasingly mature, with the rapid development of intelligent mobile phone and mobile terminal application, electronic commerce also extends out from the Internet to the wireless internet field potential. According to statistics, in 2010 the real China Mobile e-commerce transactions reached 2 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 370%, including e-commerce enterprises Taobao, Alipay as the representative, have launched a wireless electronic commerce application related, and achieved initial success.

in the case of Taobao, the company began to explore the development of electronic commerce, wireless area as early as 09 years in just two years, the mobile phone users to access the Taobao platform, the highest single day has reached 17 million, the peak single day trading amounted to 37 million yuan, grow amazing; other companies engaged in e-commerce payment enterprises Alipay, has also been successful the mature application of Internet payment to the mobile Internet, it is reported that the current Alipay mobile phone client based on daily payment has more than 200 thousand pen.

Xu Xiaolan believes that the current rate of development of China’s wireless network information, mobile e-commerce and other new ways of life in the next few years will be vigorously promoting various e-business model innovation will be ported to the mobile Internet from the Internet, and become the motive force of the development of electronic commerce. It is worth noting that, although the mobile e-commerce application development potential is huge, but Xu Xiaolan also pointed out that we should guide the development of these new applications, let the electronic commerce to better serve the national economy, we need to support a more mature business credit system.

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