Google challenge Amazon eBay Mobile search page or set up shopping button

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on May 16th news, according to "the Wall Street Journal online edition reported that the next few weeks will be in the Google mobile search results pages set shopping button, it will be a controversial move. The goal is to become the challenge Amazon and eBay online shopping mall.

informed sources, when the user on the mobile device to search the product, the search results page will show the shopping button. The shopping button is only displayed in the paid search, and the non paid search does not display the shopping button.

informed sources explained that, if you click on the shopping button, the user will be taken to Google’s other product page to complete the shopping process. One person familiar with the matter said that on the web page, users can choose the size of the product, color and delivery options, and complete the shopping process.

Google search results through the sale of goods by retailers rather than Google sales. Informed sources said, including Messi department stores, including retailers in talks with Google to join matters. Messi Department spokesman declined to comment.

users will not be able to display the shopping button when they search for a product on a desktop computer, and Google will test the project on only a small portion of the search traffic at the beginning of Google. But the move marks a significant strategic shift of potential risks, Google will be transformed into a network of stores rather than just Internet search service providers.

part of the retailer said they worry that the move will allow Google to become an online shopping mall from an important source of traffic. Retailers are worried that Google’s move will make them a "post office clerk", weakening their links with customers.

currently provides Google with information on the sale of goods, users click on the link to visit their web site to pay advertising fees to Google.

, one of the people familiar with the matter, said Google would allow consumers to participate in the same marketing activities that they could enjoy while shopping on the retailer’s website in an effort to allay concerns about retailers. This means that as long as consumers are willing to, retailers can get the consumer can be used in future marketing activities, and even e-mail.

, one of the people familiar with the matter said that Google’s product page to complete the shopping process will show the retailer’s brand information, recommended to the user to buy other goods will also come from the same retailer.

but Google will allow users to enter a one-time payment information – such as credit card numbers, and then save the information, the user will not need to re-enter the next payment of the purchase information.

, one of the sources pointed out that Google will not provide the user’s payment information to retailers. After receiving the payment of consumer shopping, Google will be transferred to the retailer’s shopping. According to the consumer’s choice of payment, Google or retailer may be displayed in the bill. Google will offer a variety of payment options, including other companies to provide digital means of payment.

Google will remain in the current advertising business model

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