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according to the data show that the first quarter of 2013, from the industry point of view, the Pearl River Delta region of the ten most popular recruitment industry demand performance can be described as "mixed", including clothing / Textile / leather, Internet / e-commerce, trade / import and export, computer software, fast consumer goods (food, beverage, cosmetics) five the industry of online publishing position number year-on-year decline. Electronics / semiconductor / integrated circuit, real estate development, financial / investment / securities, professional services (consulting, HR), education / training industry compared with the same period last year have different degrees of increase, which, to the number of education / training industry released online the number of jobs rose the most, up to 13.5%.

Shenzhen is a pay attention to education, respect for knowledge, willing to learn young city, the development of its training market leader in the country, many high-quality training brands are here to grow. According to statistics, Shenzhen education / training industry in February the number of Posts posted online rose 11%, which rose more than Guangzhou. According to the National Education Department statistics, there are currently more than 100 million people in the study of Chinese, the number of people in many countries to learn Chinese to grow even higher in the range of 50%. Experts predict that by the end of 2013 the number of overseas Chinese learning will reach 150 million. The international teachers of Chinese as a foreign language teacher, who hold the certificate of international Chinese language teachers’ qualification, and have the experience of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, will be favored by Chinese learners.

recently, some cities announced the financial sector added value data. Statistics show that in 2012 Beijing financial added value of 259 billion 250 million yuan, for the first time over the Shanghai financial industry added value of 245 billion yuan last year, Shenzhen won the championship, increase the value of the financial sector to 181 billion 920 million yuan, ranking third in the country.

It is worth mentioning that, in recent years, the gap between Shenzhen and the top two is narrowing, and ranking in the back of Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hangzhou and other cities still have a larger lead advantage. According to statistics, the Pearl River Delta finance / investment / securities industry, the number of Posts posted online for more than 1, of which the largest demand for financial talent in Shenzhen, Guangzhou ranked second.

Shenzhen financial industry itself has good soil to grow here, the birth of many financial giant Ping An and China Merchants Bank Chinese. At present, the financial innovation effect of Shenzhen, Qianhai has not yet been reflected, the future of Shenzhen’s financial industry is expected to have great potential for development.

recently, Suning Appliance announced, announced renamed Su ningyun group Limited by Share Ltd, business ideas based on suning.com to upgrade this. At the same time, Wanda Group business platform for the upcoming listing of the news reported, raise a Babel of criticism of Wanda electricity supplier team, "recruiting" has been basically completed. Insiders said, after several years of rapid development, China online shopping market began to gradually entered the mature period, the traditional business transition to e-commerce and integration has become a consensus, the traditional e-commerce enterprises began to test the water.


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