Wangzhuan is actually not difficult to maintain the mentality is very important

a lot of people start looking for business opportunities from the network, they want to get a big, and some even use the means of marketing nested on the network. Every industry is only part of one mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, development. You consciously enter the network industry, the faith and perseverance to adhere to the end, always holding the attitude of learning, you can become a senior network, rely on the Internet to do, make a pot of gold is not a dream. We can often see people around can make money but not very familiar with the network marketing. And they just make money while learning network marketing. I also jumped from other industries, initially without any network infrastructure, and to continue learning experience with me now I’ll make Wangzhuan, learn something in this industry and share:

avoid impetuous

when you enter this industry, you will feel a bright future. But you are not the first person to eat crab, you enter the market has been saturated, the competition is very difficult. A lot of people are holding the impetuous mentality, bet on a, if you can not earn money to withdraw. In this state of mind, naturally focus on the interests of the results and ignore the process itself, you do not want to do your site better, for more access. But you want to do is stir scheming to Dora some advertising, more profits, this website is very difficult to let users love it.

with marketing ideas and network technology

you don’t engage in Wangzhuan technology can also succeed. But you have to pay more attention to the skilled people. Whether in the network marketing in this virtual environment or in the real environment, is the same, but joined the elements of network marketing, no network knowledge you have to devote themselves to learning, in-depth excavation of the medium. Considering the characteristics of the network itself, its capability to do network marketing. We want to pursue in this field there is some kind of, not a flash in the pan.

keep learning attitude

webmaster website especially need to communicate, especially those with good webmaster exchanges, learn from others website users and site characteristics of adhesion, others from entering the user into a customer strategy. An undesirable idea is that there is only a competitive relationship between the webmaster, some strategies and methods are being learned by others will squeeze you down. There is no doubt that in the development of network, people also need to continue the progress of network to keep up with the pace of the times, but no way to rest on our laurels.

I do not deny that there is also a network marketing skills, website promotion is concerned, with the so-called method of law can achieve the desired results. I do website promotion when there are a lot of mistakes do summary:

(1) we do the site is to serve the user, the website construction of human nature, is the focus of attention to the performance of the user experience. Use this standard to plan the site and make the site more accessible. This process is done to consider the problem of user conversion rate. Think of the ultimate goal must be to do wangzhuan.

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