Execution is the key to the success of Chinese nternet companies

Excellence: do the same thing, just need to pay more than 5%, you can get a return of 200%. To face the problem: to complete a career, to the achievement and the problems to be faced is the same, to avoid problems far from success, rather than directly to face the problem, to solve the problem.

– business requirements: everyone is confident, but confidence is not the same angle, generally confident to be more successful, but good entrepreneurs confidence comes from confidence to overcome all difficulties, rather than Everything is going smoothly.

– to change: the Internet Co need is constantly changing, on demand, but no one will naturally love change, when we create a team willing to accept change, the direction of the victory there.

in Chinese, Internet companies do not have what the real meaning of the technological innovation, there is no application of innovation and revolutionary, is more of a localized application conforms to the conditions of successful foreign models based on. The Internet has changed the information age, but also shorten the distance between China and the United States, and the chip industry is different, the gap between China’s Internet industry and the United States from the time to see more than 365 days.

But why in the

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