Report B2B commerce website retransmission products function experience


has recently been learning SEO knowledge, only to find the search engine on the user experience, so I have time to report the experience from the network marketing of the most basic business edition, hoping to enlighten some B2B business site.

because the company to sell special cars, local customers are limited, so the network marketing has become the company’s main means of publicity. Due to read Zhang Youwei’s blog "follow me" network marketing ", I decided to complete 100 B2B business website registration, and every release of a product of action.

is currently planned to be good, the effect is also very good, the number of customer calls also gradually rising.

but "retransmission" and "re supply of the mark, I endure for a long time, finally I have today.

, a part of the business website products, this website is not repeat, intention, money service. This can be understood;

two, part of the business websites need to page one by one for each retransmission, at present our website released nearly 35 products, although the retransmission is time-consuming, but after all, than not "let" strong


three, once again, is mandatory, every 5 seconds a retransmission, this can also accept; what is more, 30 seconds can repeat a, it is 35, repeat down, take me more than and 20 minutes;

four, another way is to repeat a automatically return to the first page, you have second or third pages to retransmission, and then return to the first page, have to click the page, you can continue to repeat; (secretly strange: is not the site in order to reduce the customer’s online time, specially designed

?)Repeating method

five, more torture is a repeat, then prompts "return to repeat", 1 clicks, enter the product catalog, "page second," 2 clicks, click "repeat", click to complete the 3 retransmission of a product; what is more, need to use the right you need to pull down the retransmission position, virtually added one click; (PS: to estimate the relationship, this time with the advertising pop-up "return to retransmission", there will be a website promotion advertising)

The kind of

retransmission way I met: a retransmission, although most sites require you to pay only for the user or a one-time retransmission page.

The results of

retransmission weird I met: a retransmission, retransmission date of your date is always better than the night, I estimate that in order to protect the interests of the users pay, so that they have become today, the user is always free yesterday.

in fact, if the speed is fast, which is just a small problem, can make free business is worth the retransmission, we steal things!

this article is just for B2B business

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