Wangzhuan Pioneer Taobao business promotion cheats the crown of the road


business promotion crown

cheatsThe word is nothing more than the market operation of Taobao

business, the market on the market by crying, condensed, companies rely on sales, brand advertising, but also the promotion of Taobao rely on, any good words do a few drill like these things are just beyond the clouds, the crown is king.

The first type: SEO

promotion of Taobao keyword optimization, (refer to the description) search mechanism of Taobao basic with Baidu Google almost, but Taobao search range is only for the goods, so help us reduce the difficulty of keyword selection, here, have exclusive views to say, Taobao on SEO keywords like Baidu, the more popular ranking competition is more intense, so do not blindly described in the baby with "special offer" value, this kind of very popular keywords, stores do keyword optimization words should be selected according to some relatively unpopular some special baby, in a way out in the thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers than to their own community the customer fully grasp, Taobao also has a special mechanism is near the shelf products to support, this is also a ranking points, This is left to the following point

Taobao promotion type second: grasp the shelves of prime time, this I believe many people know, Taobao has a strong support mechanism for the approach of off the shelf products, the more near the shelf more high ranking, this is relatively easy to operate, remember the product release time for seven days, seventh days in the prime time frame in addition Taobao windows is recommended, when you believe that Taobao search baby baby ranking is shiny, the main point is to grasp the time difference, so that every day you should have a baby is near the shelf, how to operate the shopkeeper believe should be very familiar with

The third type: Taobao

Taobao promotion community, crying: here at Amoy arena is not Wangpo saying that, unless you are the baby vomiting 1 dollars seckill sale you can say what you want. No, pay attention to the ways you can harvest amazing volume, but we are not big, no need to put yourself put out to grab the wallet, I said crying is soft, soft text can be divided into many levels: low, most false discount or resort to deceit, release information and link seckill cheat flow, this I despise, to borrow Zhao Benshan’s words, "no technical work, we do not do", is not the way for you will only make the turnover rate, brought resentment and blocked. Secondary plan: experience articles, using Taobao to share the function of drying out their own baby shop baby, the more pictures, do not boast good things, say some appropriate evade the crucial point, of no importance shortcomings, fine Yi benefits oneself and others, people most willing to point your shop, you are good at release the sharing of experience, for example, you sell eyeliner, Eyeliner on the release of some skills, video tutorials, to do this is higher, the content must be attractive, when you resonate, and content of the text is accepted, the customer is to consult your makeup skills will click on your shop, there is not >

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