Micro business did not imagine the United States Royal Anber amber not necessarily


space, circle of friends has been selling information harassment? Whether a friend to chat with you when she sell products? Ever derivative fake? Often see media reports derivative of rampant fakes, you also think that micro business is not so "beautiful", the Royal Anber think: Amber not necessarily.

Royal amber Anber believes that both the provider and the offline store shopping, all more or less have deceived buyers, at the same time, we have other options? Do not buy, because there is a demand, it seems unlikely. Buy, for businesses, for a place to understand clearly, so as to avoid the possibility of being cheated. Micro business, in fact, is the same as the electricity supplier, but, the rise of the micro business has not yet been standardized.


micro business whether "beauty", is actually treat the people how to look at things, everything has two sides, there are happy and disgusting, the key is how to treat us, how to avoid being cheated, how to identify the bad business etc..


brief description of Royal Anber amber experience and experience:

Royal Anber CEO Min Min had experienced assembly line workers, do planning, but also done real estate agents and clothing business. Enter the amber market since 2011 has been the annual turnover of up to millions of dollars, the experienced Rao Min said, although I experienced industry span (from the assembly line workers to the planning, real estate intermediary and clothing business, now and then to the amber business) is a little big, but I think the industry is not important, important is product. Like a few years ago, I run the clothing business, it is because there is no choice of products. Because at that time did not meet the traditional industry will be affected by the impact of e-commerce model is so large, especially the most obvious clothing industry. This also gave me a wake up, we must keep up with the pace of the times, keep pace with the times.

Rao Min believes that as a successful micro business, we must first choose the right products; secondly to change the idea; third, should have a positive attitude; fourth, to fifth, to adhere to the action. Mentality is very important, really hard to do. Many people do micro business, just stay in the above picture, forwarding, chat on the basis of that is not enough to use a variety of platform tools, to think more about how to do better.

the last Royal amber amber Anber is about to do micro business friends, be sure to choose the product, break the traditional concept, intentions to operate. In the trend of the development of mobile Internet, in line with its direction, it is possible to go further.

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