The originality of website planning

the Internet is a creative industry. The Internet is gradually becoming an integral part of human life, people on the Internet in the entertainment, making friends, shopping, business, etc.. Seemingly omnipotent on the Internet, there is a steady stream of creativity on the internet. If you want to start, or to break through on the basis of the original product, we need creative, rather than simply imitate others successful model, after all imitate always face depreciation problem, and imitate people so much, why not go to create a new model? The Internet is an infinite platform. Never worry about the depletion of creative.

then ideas come from, how? The source of creativity in a variety of ways, the key is to not sticking to formalities, which continues to accumulate in practice and thinking. Creativity comes from the needs of practice, not from the imagination.

for innovation and innovation can be used as entertainment, but if it is a business, creativity needs to consider the needs of the user, the starting point of creativity is the user’s needs, but also its core. The birth of all ideas comes from the accumulation of practice and thinking. From personal experience (including work experience and personal online experience), friends of the exchange, online information and other channels to promote personal ideas.

in these experiences, the demand for creativity. The following is a simple record of a "personal content publishing and management platform" creative process.

many bloggers have this experience, the blog published in many websites, when writing a blog, need to copy and paste it to multiple sites, but also multiple logins, to write the title, fill in the label and so on, takes a lot of repeated work time, when beginning, may not feel what, but a lot of times, feel very troublesome. This demand came out: if the blog published on multiple sites in each site, login, copy, paste and other action is a tiring but little value of things, if we can have a blog in writing, and publish to multiple Blog Tools, it avoids the need to repeat in publishing a website fatigued by a long journey of suffering.

once, on the Internet inadvertently see the site, IT people do about IT enterprise reviews. Yes, it’s very new. But, why not extend to all industries, so the enterprise comment this station came into being. Facts have proved that this kind of station to give users a real help, of course, users like.

another time, through a friend happened to know Meebo this website, is a web version of the instant messaging products, does not need to download the client software, you can chat with other instant messaging users such as MSN, Gtalk, so, the use of computer even without installing the instant communication software, can also chat online, for this do not allow the installation of instant messaging software computer users, such as the company’s electric.

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