Marketers so sought after new media marketing you may need to know these 7 questions

this is an era of Internet frenzy, it seems that as long as the Internet stand on the air, pigs can fly. However, the hot issues need to cool thinking, group crazy scene, but also need an objective, dialectical, rational perspective to examine the Internet and new media marketing. New media marketing to ask 7 questions!


asked: why is the new media advertising market so prosperous?

new media advertising hot. According to iResearch released data, the overall network advertising market in China in 2014 reached 154 billion yuan, an increase of 40%, more than the TV, the first chair and sat down on the media advertising.

from the feature point of view, the new media advertising has a good interactive, targeted, the effect of advertising can be accurately measured and the advertising form of novel and diverse advantages. Especially in recent years the rise of big data, Internet advertising to enhance accuracy in the analysis of consumer, reduce advertising waste of resources, improve the rate of return on advertising strides forward. The advertising industry has long been the curse of the "I know I have half of the advertising is wasted, but I do not know what is wasted half", it seems that with the development of precision advertising has gradually been broken.

from the advertiser’s point of view, the main traditional media advertising industry and the Internet although some overlap, but the Internet advertising more from some traditional media and put in different industries, such as network services, communication services, entertainment and leisure, consumer electronics, personal care etc.. Most of these can be classified as the Internet related industries, the Internet industry is the flow of advertising, the Internet boom directly contributed to the growth of the Internet advertising market (see table below).

2014 traditional media, Internet advertising industry ranked


traditional media including television, newspapers, radio, magazines, data from CTR; Internet data from iResearch

two Q: can new media advertising replace traditional advertising?

new media advertising ferocious rally, traditional advertising and a way of living? There is a premise of competitive alternative. The new media as a representative of interactive communication, the implementation of one to one, point to point communication, network communication mode is conducive to the communication and interaction between enterprises and users, is the basis for accurate delivery. However, the characteristics of the new media also determines the fact that the overall cost of advertising is high.

you know, advertising logic is to establish information communication in the low cost large scale user basis, and advertising logic is directional spread in a characteristic crowd, and even provide customized advertising services for the individual, and this will inevitably bring about the cost of the exponential rise, this is the pursuit of commercial advertisers most want to see.

at the same time, the number of large, multi form >

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