QQ space into SEO Traffic breaking million

is a good platform for the use of SEO is how to make millions of traffic? And this method is now a famous e-commerce company focused on the mobile phone, such as millet, beauty, mogujie.com, and some other platforms, such as Kingsoft, WiFi wizard, are so, use QQ space and do 0 users from today, Taoge (WeChat: sz1990823) to introduce the QQ space how much power, large e-commerce company so much why choose QQ space as a marketing platform.

QQ space is a PC, mobile, WeChat are supported platform, so today I started talking about PC, PC we usually use search tools are: Baidu. 360, Sogou; then the flow is relatively large platform, how do we rank with QQ space, how to transform these two flow, the three transformation, or even more? A few days ago, I wrote how I use QQ space to do the daily 4 million flow, prepare the top QQ space the.

1, what is your goal, that is, your keywords.

2, what is your core content?

3, your potential target customers are those, that is, visitors to your space.

4, you are targeting those who.

5, your promotion plan

if you make it clear, it is easy to do rankings.

QQ space how to do rankings?

if you do QQ space rankings, first set their own space title, description and open access to all permissions. Then put the QQ space URL address search engine.


basically completed, then the QQ space in 24 hours will be included in Baidu, we feel very strange, so that you can, there is traffic, it has a lot of space QQ flow, such as your own website import traffic, micro-blog import traffic, WeChat guide flow, competitive ranking search engine position to get traffic, these are good methods.

if you have access to hundreds of thousands every day, this is only a hypothesis, then you can put part of the flow into the QQ space and QQ space, you must let the user know this certification, in Tencent certification, more assured that this credit at least you did.

if you set the space is more reasonable, then the visitors may be the first piece of attention in advance of your space, what is the future I can also receive the first time. Please don’t underestimate the attention, but because he focused on you, then at a later time, I published what information, he can see my blog or photo album in his latest QQ space, or about.

you may find it fascinating, not wrong, if he’s paying attention to you and sharing it with you later

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