Rice mall collapse B2C website to decide on what path to follow

comprehensive news, some time ago, the cosmetics vertical B2C website of rice mall collapse affects many people’s hearts. It is reported that rice since April 2008 on-line positioning in the field of brand cosmetics, September 2009 was also Chinese electronic commerce rice research center named China e-commerce B2C class leader in 12 years. Cosmetics B2C rice mall, in the premise of not spent a penny of advertising and promotion expenses, has accumulated about one hundred thousand registered users, the industry won a good reputation, has recently collapsed, the industry caused a great disturbance. Why? Everyone is asking. "Involuntarily", executive director Lu Kyushu was deeply involuntarily. The rice phenomenon will continue? Cosmetics vertical B2C road should be how many questions also go?.

, the company has been a shortage of funds, not before the introduction of venture capital or additional capital, can only play free promotion, but to a certain stage of the bottleneck encountered. Impassable bottleneck." Rice former executives said, as early as the end of September, Kyushu Lu held a meeting in the company said, "rice faces great difficulties, if you can spend, may be able to fly, otherwise, only death."

, in fact, is not the wind favored rice, but are scared of its ownership structure. The rice total registered capital of only 1 million 500 thousand yuan, there are six shares, the largest shareholder, holding only 31.2% stake in Kyushu, and the average structure is too dispersed. "Shareholders will not change, called Qi, involving the transfer of ownership and other high resolution, but also to send the documents signed by the shareholders, wasting a lot of time cost." Responsible for the overall operation of Rice’s Kyushu, has been invisible reins tied to unable to move forward, "began in May of this year, mall operators are already stretched, but has not reached a consensus on the issue of capital." Six shareholders, half from the traditional industries, and another two from the investment industry, only in the field of e-commerce in the field of hard work for over six years. "I have a lot of sources of supply, at first we thought it could be done." Lu Jiuzhou said. But B2C is generally early investment, there will be no immediate gain. Slowly, some people do not believe it can make money, do not want to inject. Has been put into the covers for them, not what money, when naught." The entire mall seemingly Lu Kyushu single hand operation, but involves a major decision for the development of the company, such as capital, the introduction of venture capital, transform ownership structure, dissolution, must be 2/3 or more of the voting rights of the shareholders shall be made by. "I have been trying to persuade the capital, but the account not delayed, until a penny, no success." Lu Tan booth hands, appear powerless. "So the ownership structure, venture capital is at a distance. All the shots, no one is equal to the shots, it is difficult to get involved." Industry analysis. "Entrepreneurial team, equity should not be too democratic, or at least all shareholders are consistent with the direction of the company’s development."

industry analysis, B2C as a new business model, based on the logic of traditional business world. Its products, human resources, capital and other resources are derived from the traditional business environment, control the original >

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