Try WeChat scan code to pay SF express not change

[Reuters] after the express billion state power without change. Billion state power network that currently SF EXPRESS first to test the water in Shenzhen WeChat payment scan code.

this message is called a "fengmi goings camp activities using SF EXPRESS technology director Wei Ke held on July 26th SF for billion state power network revealed. The specific form is, in the SF courier pick-up, the user can choose the WeChat settlement payment, sweep the two-dimensional code on the courier handheld terminal to complete the payment.

At present, WeChat

payment support WeChat, telephone, APP, SF existing despatch all the way. Wei Ke said, SF will according to the pilot, gradually paid to promote WeChat national.

SF EXPRESS science and technology director Wei

Wei Ke said that SF hope to provide a better electronic channels, from the details, to provide users with more convenient sent experience, including the most simple payment link. WeChat as a mobile Internet entrance, through the payment of this link, can enhance the connection force the courier industry, so the original service chain connecting SF stronger, more efficient, to achieve a "closed loop single – payment – tracking logistics order management".

According to

billion state power network to understand, and WeChat with SF from 2013 began, in 2013, SF EXPRESS launched the first WeChat single service public service number, users pay attention to "SF EXPRESS" WeChat public account can be sent whenever and wherever possible and check parts, send the previous / recipient address will be automatically saved in the address book. After the sender, the user can WeChat SF EXPRESS public account at any time to check the express trend.

in addition, SF EXPRESS also launched the WeChat platform with more features, such as sender orders, WeChat will promptly push door-to-door courier the name, job number and other information, P will be able to view the sender by reply letter to collect photos.

SF EXPRESS WeChat single service

Wei Ke said that SF is currently an important task is to use self-service tools to create efficient, convenient and safe operation, in order to improve the traditional mailing process and customer interaction link. Will the traditional SF self-service channels, PC mobile Internet and self printing terminals together.

on the PC side, SF launched a membership platform self-help tools, including personal edition already have submitted orders, bulk orders, print electronic waybill, order management, shipment routing query, express subscribe, send the recipient AWB inquiry functions such as online, in addition to personal edition enterprise edition function, but also has monthly bill inquiry and sign pictures inquiries download, details and sign the report summary, picture account, joint account and other specific business functions.

in the mobile terminal, SF APP has achieved independence in SF, WeChat and Baidu APP end quickly orders, self-service check parts and query functions. >

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