Hai Quan Wu Xiaobo dialogue Sheng Bi traditional retail electricity providers how to nurture

Tencent technology venture China team reported on June 22nd

in people’s impression, the electricity supplier is convenient, eliminating the need to go to the store in person steps, directly on the Internet will be able to deliver orders. The traditional retail industry is dependent on physical stores, although not as fast as the electricity supplier, but it can bring consumers online shopping experience. These two seemingly contradictory business model exactly in mutual subversion or shake hands and seek common development? The "business" Chinese, financial writer Wu Xiaobo and the electricity supplier necessary CEO Bi Sheng (micro-blog) (micro-blog) then change electricity supplier.

C2M is a keyword, the dialogue of C customers, M manufacturers. In the traditional retail industry, from C to M is a long journey, numerous intermediate links step by step to improve the final price of goods. In the electricity supplier C2M mode, the platform will be directly linked to the user and the manufacturer, the user gets the product price is far more than ten times.

C2M Bi Sheng is summed up as "short economy", Wu Xiaobo ridicule Hai Quan future singer will directly face the fans before the cross in the middle of the record company, acting organizers, ticketing companies have no way out.

and the development of the electricity supplier, the three agreed that the recent period is quite fiery vertical electricity supplier may be worrying prospects. The original Internet, built on the flow, before ten thousand people, there will always be a few percent will buy." Wu Xiaobo said: but now to the mobile Internet era, do not buy, do not click on the point, do not turn forward, is a matter of the user, with the flow side does not matter." He believes that if you do not have a vertical electricity supplier to create new value for consumers, consumers do not need to go to a field on the vertical point.

however, the rapid development of the electricity supplier at the same time, the traditional industry still has a strong vitality. Hai Quan said that the real estate industry is now showing signs of growth + Internet rather than the Internet plus them. Indeed, the traditional industry has experienced 20 China temper, 30 years of global order has the ability of processing, coupled with the accumulation of capital that these traditional enterprises have the strength to go out". The Internet is their tool.

finally, Wu Xiaobo and Bi Sheng of the entrepreneurs who share some of the truth. Wu Xiaobo believes that entrepreneurial success must be a particular preference for a particular or special technology. Eyes light is the first point. The second point is to clarify the difference within 3 minutes of their products with the other. Bi Sheng bluntly to entrepreneurship two questions: the things you own, whether to create a unique value for users? The leading period of this unique value, is not able to do more than two years? "If the two answer YES to do it quickly."

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