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data for underwriting customized, just unfolding in the home appliance industry, the trend has from the line to line scraping. Recently, Tmall teamed up with the United States, Joyoung Electric City, SUPOR, Emmett, ten small household electrical appliance enterprises, the implementation of large-scale customized underwriting, try "C2B (consumer to business) customized production mode. The first batch of goods will be landing in May 7th Tmall and Juhuasuan platform.

remodeling the value chain with big data


and Tmall cooperation including the United States, Joyoung, SUPOR, iron triangle, Emmett, Baer Ryder, Ecovacs, Changdi, moons, Dog 10 brands, involving electric cooker, electric pressure cooker, microwave oven, Soybean Milk machine, electric oven, electric kettle, vacuum cleaners, sweeping machines, electric fans, hanging ironing machine, headset and TV products such as.

Zhang Jun, general manager of

Tmall Electric City, said that in this cooperation, Tmall package under the 12 production lines to Tmall custom, large-scale production of consumer oriented online shopping for consumers to provide cost-effective products. It is understood that the Tmall internal code named big custom promotional activities, plans to sell the package for each line of 100 thousand ~15 million units, a total of about 1 million 500 thousand units.

Tmall appliance city, said Chen Liang, head of small household electrical appliances, Tmall small household appliances currently large enough, but as an open platform, has been thinking about how to break the existing mode of cooperation. Therefore, just want to take the lead in the market to promote the mainstream of large brands and customized goods, promote the depth of cooperation in the supply chain upstream.

the beginning of the end of 2013, Tmall small household electrical appliances and brand cooperation has entered a new stage of data sharing, in the new year before the advent of product planning, marketing planning joint research on the industry data, especially rice cookers, vacuum cleaners, ironing machine, microwave ovens and other mature products, summed up the main selling point, the mainstream price distribution, consumer demand, and other important value-added selling, in order to guide manufacturers to prepare in advance in research and development, design, production, by the manufacturer identification.

The general manager of SUPOR

electric division Wang Fenghe told the "First Financial Daily reporters, and before Tmall had customized underwriting cooperation, more SUPOR recommend a product model, this is" the two sides together to determine customer needs, customized products for Tmall online consumers.

beautiful kitchen appliances division business director Zhang Yue also admitted that this and previous biggest difference is mainly: the first is the Tmall big data, analysis of customer love function, color, decision support, for example, the original 20 functions, only 10 common consumer products, you can focus on.

"followed by the value chain integration." Zhang Yue said, before is the manufacturers, agents and retailers sales distribution, value chain is very long, each level will "eat"; and now Tmall factory direct docking, an order can amount to 100 thousand. Tmall sales platform and the United States manufacturing platform docking, shortening the value chain, can benefit consumers."

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