Exploration and fusion of the steel business competition onslaught

as one of the energy industry iron boss, the transition from state-owned to private, for decades has been firmly grasp the indicators of many domestic industries for the first time, but in recent years the steel industry suffered a hitherto unknown crisis, from 2008 to 2013, the domestic steel price volatility dropped to 690 yuan / ton. Especially in the past 2013, the steel industry is a bad year, domestic steel prices continue to focus down in 2012 on the basis of, and affected by the macro-control policies of real estate and other countries, the steel industry suffered the first winter in decades, in recent years the industry has been in a low profit status. In this context, the industry invariably look to the Internet, steel electricity supplier fuse was detonated, and the competition in the steel industry is also transferred from the line to the line.

why iron and steel electricity providers will appear blowout potential

steel is from 2013 into the public eye, before the public view of the iron and steel industry as a traditional enterprise, and other industries as insurmountable electricity supplier in this huge wall, but the big surprise of the iron and steel industry blockbuster, 2013 blowout, more than and 120 iron and steel business platform has appeared in a blink of an eye, a fantastic.

summed up the reasons for the emergence of steel electricity supplier blowout potential at least the following:

1, the lack of credit, so that the entire steel industry is in urgent need of a re establishment of the credit system platform;


2, capital market, Internet banking, logistics and other industries to the rapid expansion of the energy industry as one of the iron and steel industry fast closer to the Internet, especially in the iron and steel trade financing to promote the bank;

3, engaged in iron and steel trading services businesses see the lack of iron and steel trading service market, the third party electronic business platform can build a bridge for sellers and buyers;

4, part of the business needs of financial security in the transaction, on the one hand, both in the financial docking with banks is more complex, through the analysis of transaction data that can help banks quickly enter the financing process; on the other hand can also control credit risk, and reduce the steel trade financing costs.

5, the plight of the development of the industry forced steel prices closer to the internet. Several data can be seen in the basic situation of the steel industry, the relevant data show that in 2008 the largest volatility of domestic steel prices reached 2550 yuan / ton, in 2010 was $960 / ton, while in 2013 was 690 yuan / ton. When only 5 years, the difference reached 1860 yuan / ton, steel price volatility narrowing of the traditional profit model is no advantage, the sales system rapid collapse, steel enterprises need a platform to achieve the integration of online and offline.

iron and steel electricity supplier status and analysis

iron and steel industry is the first to test the electricity supplier in the context of the industry, but also in the industry to enter the state of distress, forced to the Internet, the electricity supplier of the speed of the fast >

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