Tmall new regulations to combat improper registration members limit complaints


] December 30th news billion state power network, yesterday, Tmall officially released for Tmall and the "improper" registration rules change publicity notice ". The new rules for alleged improper registration of members, an increase of three temporary control measures, and increase the abuse of power order control measures.

in the new regulations before the release, for the investigation into allegations of improper registered members, Tmall and has warned, authentication, restricts the creation of shops, limit the station sent a letter, limit the release of goods, restriction site login, login, want restrictions limit buyers behavior, extended transaction timeout temporary control measures.

this time, three temporary control measures to increase membership respectively: Limit Evaluation (refers to the shop score delete points, and delete comments); delete evaluation (refers to the prohibition of evaluation to evaluate the transaction); limit complaints (refer to ban members initiated a complaint or have initiated complaints rejected, ban members the application of Taobao customer service intervention).

addition, the abuse of rights caused by the order, Tmall and Taobao also increased orders closed, excluding sales and other temporary control measures.  

According to the "Tmall

" rule seventy-sixth, improper registration refers to the user through the software program, etc., large quantities of registered Taobao account; or by registered Taobao account, abuse of membership rights damage the lawful rights and interests of others, disrupting the Taobao operation order behavior.

confirmed if improperly registered, Tmall and will be seized on the use of software program, the mode of mass registration into account, and the abuse of rights in order to be closed, deducted 12 points each.

according to the rules of the billion state power network to understand, change announcement in December 29, 2015, will take effect on January 5, 2016.

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