WeChat entrance why is the loss of a loss of Jingdong

[Abstract] open WeChat to pay the entrance of a Jingdong, why in the earnings do not get more embodimentsof? Jingdong announced at the end of this year there are five strategies: channel sink, O2O, technology, finance and internationalization. This hides the future of Jingdong greater ambitions, but these plans are more difficult than Jingdong’s heavy bite.

really do not want to write the Jingdong’s earnings, because as the fat cat earlier "hand Tencent Jingdong Q2 has not reached the expected decline in market share" predicted results sounding the alarm, it is really lost, and thanks to a lot of non GAAP (Non-GAAP) net loss of 11 million 800 thousand yuan (about $1 million 900 thousand).

Jingdong in the second quarter of 2013 under non GAAP (Non-GAAP) net profit of $37 million 500 thousand. In accordance with U.S. GAAP (GAAP), Jingdong second quarter 2014 net loss of $582 million 500 thousand (about $93 million 900 thousand), a net loss of $28 million 300 thousand last year. This is the first report to shareholders of Jingdong listed after delivery.

in the earnings report released last Friday, the total turnover of second yuan in the Jingdong in the 63 billion quarter (about $10 billion 200 million), an increase of 107%, net income of $28 billion 600 million (about $4 billion 600 million), an increase of. The second quarter net loss reached 582 million yuan, significantly reduced compared with the previous quarter, but compared to the same period last year loss of 28 million yuan expansion. Jingdong 2014 second quarter net profit margin of -2%.

Although the

Jingdong’s net increase, mainly due to the Tencent involved with the strategic agreement in assets, amortization of intangible assets and bring business acquisition, the short term will not bring substantial impact on the Jingdong’s day-to-day operations, but after all is lost.

money is the last word of the ruthless market rule, do not know how to explain the given me. To see such results, can not help but think of the words cat a few days ago in the east of internal training said: "earn billions of profit is money, a year thirty or forty billion can be called to make money?"

the 582 million 500 thousand losses, is expected for the East, is the catchword of sky floated five words: it is not a thing! He was in Central Europe in passionate speech said: "most of all, a loss of 1 billion years of Jingdong." In fact, before the earnings release for the Jingdong, the market believes that Jingdong also has a lot of bright spots, such as Jingdong on the line in the WeChat platform shopping entrance.

August 8, 2014 Jingdong also opened a Tencent mobile QQ entrance. As of June 30, 2014, mobile QQ monthly active users has reached 520 million. This will further expand the Jingdong’s customer base in the country, especially the three or four line of urban residents and young customers.

in addition, Jingdong in Shanghai to build the Asia one logistics center in June 2014 put into trial operation, the logistics center using the latest technology >

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