Five strokes to the point the product manager Fan Bingbing burst fire worth learning

Abstract: Yes, this is the product manager Fan Bingbing’s masterpiece: not beautiful, or give me death! As for the plot, that is to "pose" to exist.

every actress in the role of Wu Zetian around the challenge but "shaved" this Kaner, as to the role of the art of sacrifice and dedication, each actress "shaved" feat will be stir fried, but this version of Fan Bingbing never mentioned shaved thing, until suddenly found the audience to Niang industry temple the eyebrow pretty big ET.

yes, this is the product manager Fan Bingbing’s masterpiece: not beautiful, or give me death! As for the plot, that is to "pose" to exist.

I do not know how many years ago from the beginning of "bad" Queen Fan Bingbing’s works always escape the story the curse, in addition to clothing, modelling, photography and other "legend" episode later described as lackluster. But the strange thing is that so many years since the audience cursing, generally as long as there is a gifted Product Manager Fan Bingbing Bryant, both movies or TV ratings, are still plausible.

product manager is to be responsible for the results and the user experience, art is not really important, the product manager’s task is to create topics, create user experience.

TV series, product manager Fan Bingbing’s five point trick:

an accurate positioning of user groups

"later legend" precise positioning, high school students, college students and young people entering the community, they (of course, more important is they) it is a soap opera service group.

two, master the psychological needs of young people

is the new Huang Feihong movie with Huang Feihong in fact nothing new, Wu Zetian only borrowed Wu Zetian’s crown, tells the story of a gorgeous beauty is more than three outstanding man’s story, this is the ultimate fantasy girl’s heart, but also all the idol standard.

young girl fantasies in polite society, tall young men siqibailai pursuit fantasies are more handsome than Aarif Lee, they fantasized every morning from the nouveau riche can’t afford the house then wake up in a public beauty envy explain innocent hate eyes: they are really not what I want, I want a simple love


good! I’ll take 3 hundred million of this fairy tale for you! This is what the product manager should have.

three, pan entertainment strategy

all kinds of controversy on the Internet, she can always turn into their own favorable voice, as time passes, she found a product propaganda weapon.

"and brother" has just appeared in the plot with the screen, a photo of Fan Bingbing Li Chen and Li Chen’s grandmother timely outflow, a time Public opinion is seething with indignation. Two love instantly boarded the hot search list. In fact, from the angle at the beginning of the product manager’s intentions has been staggering.

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