Brush up the collapse of the collapse of the collapse of some companies forced to collapse

in fact, in addition to the amount of financing fraud, the current venture capital companies announced App users, orders and other data, many are full of water".

now O2O mode (online to offline) are required to develop their own App, only the performance and attractive data to attract investors to invest or continue to vote, and thus highlight the enterprise.

has worked in several start-ups "80" Beijing young Zhang Chen said, because the investment opportunity is very important in the early stage of the investment, investors need to invest in advance sometimes not fully of the project survey, which makes some enterprises take in investment in low profit or even negative profit to make out the activities, use has surged to obtain short-term peak data.

in the business circles fought off Zhang Huan (a pseudonym) bluntly, the company developed its own App had to find a professional team to help a single brush.

"we are looking for a number of specialized brush single service providers." Zhang Huan said that these service providers and start-up companies agreed that they can use a variety of means to make your App in a short period of time, the amount of users and clicks are rising sharply.

"as people often found in playing mobile phone games or browsing the web, will pop up some advertising or promotion bar, even if you click close, will be credited to the total number of hits in the software; sometimes play games in order to pass must download a App download, and later found that the hand machine and bundled installation a new App, which are related to a single brush." Zhang Huan introduced, and taking a single brush can directly through the total user technicians to modify the statistical software in the background and the amount of total downloads data; some can rate and comment on the application, the application against competitors.

in addition to this employment type brush, the same industry in the circle of hard work for many years, the industry insiders Cai Xiaofei introduction, the current venture is another kind of more common is to stimulate the use of subsidies to brush.

start-up companies to use the user to send a red envelope, the form of subsidies, allowing users to enjoy the service at a very low price, in order to improve the total amount of orders, and then use these subsidies to brush the high data to get investment.

also has a start-up company with a number of units to seek cooperation in the form of employee benefits so that employees enjoy the service at very low prices, driven by business.

but Cai Xiaofei bluntly, the current high subsidies many companies have almost returned to service for free, although it can bring a lot of orders in a period of time, but the "burn" for enterprise development is not sustainable, and once the subsidies stop, will lose a large number of customers.

November 2, 2015, I love to wash the car CEO Li Dongjin quietly dismissed the company, disable the commonly used mobile phone number, leaving about 2000000 yuan in debt and arrears of wages of the employees of the 170.

the startup failure was "burn"

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