Using micro blog to promote Taobao customers how to choose products

once wrote an article called "you ignore Taobao, Taobao customers will not care about you", is that Taobao customer is not a simple advertising model, not directly on the website or any promotion can have income, he pay attention to the method more than CPC advertising techniques. So we must reason Taobao customers, this Taobao customer income will dally.

said Taobao and guest, first pass should be how to choose their own promotional products, some non webmaster type Taobao customers, especially before Taobao shop, familiar with Taobao Taobao customers pay special attention to this aspect of their generalization ability is not strong, but the selection of products, so a push of a quasi, compared there are a lot of traffic based owners earn more, so this link is particularly important. I use a month’s time, the use of micro-blog to promote a number of Taobao guest products, some of the results and summarized the things we report.

today to talk about my personal understanding, for your reference.

first look: can sell, pay attention to sales


guest is not timely assistance work, but the icing on the cake, so a lot of new manager to find out if the special guest first look at Taobao cooperation, operating on the basis of their products, how do the sales history. If you do not sell a product, how can you let Taobao customers have information to help you promote it. So Taobao customers to choose products, look at the history of sales is very important, of course, sell more, the explosion is definitely the most popular, I also particularly praised the big shop, now I would like to find the single product sales, but not necessarily the high reputation of the shop, because the majority of Taobao is off the idea of do not find the store, but these products are explosive, the conversion rate is high. So the competition is small, high conversion, there is no reason not to promote. So I chose a product that I think is very OK to promote, it turns out that OK is indeed a specific product which I do not, I will send some of the products.


(a four drill seller of a product)


product price is 58 yuan, but the limited time discount 29 yuan, in addition, this product has the activity, is to buy 2 to send 1, the Commission is 15%, in general, the customer will buy 2, is 58 yuan, 58*15%=8.7 yuan. Almost a single can earn 8.7 yuan. A lot of people disdain this money, but I am more interested in his conversion rate, such a historical performance, as well as the transformation.

released a micro-blog, was broadcast about 20 times, URL was blocked by the Tencent. So it is no longer hair, no hair after this product, but this actually brings 7 sales commission is 60.9 yuan, although the Commission is not high, but due to the traffic is not much, so it is quite satisfactory, think this product conversion rate is particularly cattle, I collected under.

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