Expose the female hacker Joanna by Ma and Liu Qiangdong and marketing scam

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with the double 11 approaching, Ali and Jingdong staged once again, the selection of a tear force war, a woman named Joanna hackers unexpectedly robbed the limelight of the two of the two.


event is the following: in November 1st, a large WeChat hair an article titled "what kind of female hacker was in the double 11 East Ma Qiang Yun ban together?" article, double effect by 11, in just two days, the amount of reading easily reach 100 thousand +, is maxed out my circle of friends.


has two core information, one is because Joanna implements "deciphering the whole network electricity supplier time system in the 2015 black hat conference, half a day in advance seckill open grab, and became the world’s most cattle star is a hacker; named after her APP was 3 billion in venture capital, but by Ma and Liu Qiangdong the joint campaign.

really? In fact, this argument does not Its loopholes appeared one after another., many of the scrutiny. Now, let’s take a look at how the article is disguised:

The first one: see

on the identity of female hackers Joanna, the article describes:

As a Chinese American

Joanna, at the black hat conference, showed a striking black technology, she spent 1 years studying Chinese double 11 Carnival feast, the original hacker technology, developed a fantastic App: named after her JOANNA. Among them, the whole network of electricity providers to decipher the time system, a half day spike spike grab the miracle, so that she became the world’s most cattle star hackers, and because of the appearance of outstanding as the world’s most beautiful hackers".

for the Chinese American, if you can really shine in the Blackhat 2015 such a top hacker conference, the domestic media can not be any reports. However, the search for the Joanna female hacker, could not find any relevant information.


In 2012

hacking contest, Joanna was only 19 years old because of compromised apple iOS system and fame, the Apple Corp of Internet software and services director Eddy Cue spoke publicly: "if she returned to China, constitute a devastating threat to the information security will".

said Joanna, is Poland famous beauty hacker Joanna Rutkowska, because the exposure Intel CPU cache loopholes and compromised apple IOS system, become the focus of the security industry.


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