nstantly become micro million WeChat powder need to start from scratch

yesterday in the webmaster to share a piece of their own articles, written is the addition of WeChat store, the impact on the industry as a whole. After the publication of the article to get everyone’s support, his public account also ushered in a peak. Later, a friend asked me directly in the news, how can I make a few thousand fans in a week, the former even out of the price let me help. Here I want to say is, I also not God, not the red net, will not get some explicit photos to attract you, what I can do is that we can do, that is to adhere to, from the foundation of the good, every little bit take good care of our customers.

In fact, WeChat

public account is small, the user for your request is not a simple communication needs, but a need access to resources, consider the problem on this basis, then we must carry out strict filtering for their own information, must be useful to the user, are attracted to each other for a long time to to do so, otherwise everything is empty. Therefore, the simple pursuit of the number of fans is not a rational business attitude. Starting from scratch is probably what we should be concerned about.

but this friend’s attitude is very sincere, the exchange process also learned that the other is a girl, just go to business circle of friends to earn a living, but now there is no other better affinity. Although I focus on "but is happy" the public accounts, but for personal micro signal brush powder or heard slightly, the share of four small, I hope to help in the package will make the marketing circle of friends.

one, in pig eight quit to buy real fans. We all know that the pig has a lot of white-collar workers, students and other spare time more and more people, they always think in their spare time to earn extra money, and because there is usually study and work, so more love in some add friends, forwarding messages and points like such basic tasks. This can be used by us, spend one hundred dollars to buy real fans can be completely. But you will say, buy fans how do others designed to do the task? So this requires that you have at least three requirements, to participate in the fan first, communications friends in more than 150, second, three days can not delete, after adding third active observation of her friends once. Found strange, not qualified.

second, add a message below the net red. At the beginning of the time, attention and exposure will not be ideal, this time we have to think about how to use other people’s heat to enhance their popularity. Although micro-blog has not previously micro-blog viscosity, but large exposure rate is considerable, especially some large sales, it is basically not to comment on the audit, so even if you are following the ads will not be deleted, but also help them realize our own propaganda.

third, the use of nearby people, drifting bottles. People around us is definitely not a function, in fact, do the most want to join the sales of real friends, and the nearby

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