Writing is not to attract attention but to occupy your time

we write the purpose of the text is to get as much as possible to the user’s time to stay, and communicate what we want to convey, to achieve the goal of conversion.

many people say that more and more people do not like to read, more and more do not like to read the text.

said they like to see pictures, watch movies, see GIF… Write a bunch of words, no one wants to read.

so don’t write long, don’t write more content, let the person in the title is enough.

said these words, probably didn’t know this time what is the value of the user.


the most important ability of this era is two, the first is the ability to capture attention, the second is the ability to occupy time.

two in the final analysis is a line, grab your attention, take up your time.

that’s why we have to write a copy, you can also hope to write a little longer – as long as you can let the user has been reading, your long copy will be more effective than the essay case.

last time we hired a company, I would like to two ways.

is the first to discuss some areas, with hiring message, saying that we are short of what, copy, salary, what are the requirements, interested please send resume to come over, we can arrange an interview.

this method is more startups will do, we do not have any resources to publish a message on a number of large sites, even up, and not many people can see our company.

second is that I wrote a long article, about 1600 words, on my wall.

less than a day, I received 20 resumes, three days of 50, until we determine the candidates, a total of 70 resumes, but also not the kind of standard, almost all of them in the design, and in accordance with the requirements of the content i.

let me really spend a lot of time screening and reply.

is not a person who does not read long text, do not read your long copy.

I write every word, every article, is to occupy your time, so that your attention has been on me.


why is a good novel so valuable, good movies so popular, because they hold you two hours, two days of time.

in this era, the amount of information is more and more, more and more channels to receive information, more and more people learn to create a variety of content, to attract everyone’s attention.

but the time is still the same, one day is 24 hours, every time is 16 hours, at the time of receiving information about 6-10 hours. >

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