You and the network to promote the difference between the master




With the development of

network promotion, there is almost no industry is not doing promotion, network promotion personnel practitioners also greatly increased, the millions of Internet promotion, some just entry soon, some have been done for many years, everyone is not willing to fall, so we are eager to communicate with the master, more the desire to become a master, and not in a long time is the difference between master and master, ” by underhand working time is not judged. If you can know the essential difference between the master and the master will let you leave me closer to this level.

, a network of experts to pay more attention to resource accumulation

a line just a novice is difficult to do, only with the increase of time employees will have more accumulation of resources, the resources of the old Cao put him into the 2 kinds: 1, the accumulation of personal connections, the accumulation of professional knowledge, 3 website resources accumulated 4, approach 5, accumulation of wealth accumulation, few believe it we are very easy to understand, the accumulation of personal connections is to ‘acquaintance good things’, if you charge a large network and website are familiar words, let him give you a high weight of the link is not what difficult. Then there are third "web resources accumulation", if you are the site rankings, I believe that each of the chain is very important, so you can accumulate some chain website, just as we do contribute, can bring their own web site, which is the site of the accumulation of resources, and the aim is to use accumulation.

two, the network to promote the master’s plan to do things very carefully

‘ideas determine, determine the height of depth "are said in mind the importance, someone may be ugly in appearance, but if there is a thorough thinking can help the person is more likely to succeed. Careful thinking is not necessarily promotion master, but master must be careful thinking promotion. Do not know if you have studied some promotion master to do things, there are some old Cao friends like this, so Tsao often have nothing to study their method of doing things, they have a common characteristic is to do something before the first and some industry professionals to exchange, and then write out a detailed plan, and in a continuously changing, not their pursuit of perfection, but ahead of the thought of the thought of something to avoid, reduce all kinds of accidents in the implementation process.

three, network promotion experts prefer to communicate with others

communication is an important way to build trust and human progress. Communicate with different people will have different results, and used to master a certain industry more insightful people, especially before doing something, which will get many detours, take use of for Why not?. Cao Cao is doing the planning of the online sales platform with many industry professionals

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