Zhong Zhixin nternet marketing strategy to avoid competition with large companies or large sites

want to stand where the small and medium-sized enterprises in the online personal business, I advise you must remember a word: to compete with large companies or large website confrontation is dead.

no matter what you think of your products or services are good, special, no mess you think of how high their electronic, not with industry-leading company or website direct competition, otherwise fraught with grim possibilities. Unless you are a very strong character or is a big company, can find the risk investment, optical network advertising may anger well Luo hit tens of millions, like every guest, is the money to drop out of the popularity and brand.

Why is

with large sites or large positive competition will be fraught with grim possibilities? Mainly because of three reasons, if you think you can have this three than reason, then you will go competition.

reasons: sales channels

big company has a long history and very fixed sales channels. It is difficult for new competitors to enter the sales channels that are controlled by large companies. Big companies have been able to occupy a large number of customers, often because of the huge volume of sales and to give the middleman a variety of benefits, and so on, these reasons I do not have to say that we all understand. There is help on the marketing, as small and medium-sized enterprises want to compete with them, the cost is not its own profit can bear, for example, go to the back door and so on, these have to spend a lot of money, but also to spend than big companies can only hope that the sales master knows that it is the legendary the rebate, he dare not say.

reason: money

a lot of enterprise service knows that big companies make money, because their budget is often tens of millions of even, this is the small and medium-sized enterprises is an astronomical figure for personal or. If the big companies want to destroy new competitors simply draw tens of millions of advertising budget or engage in promotional activities, such as, suffer a big small competitors can hit. For large companies, tens of millions is a drop in the bucket, not what effect.

reason: brand awareness

in all other conditions the same situation, even if your product is displayed in front of consumers, the vast majority of users will choose the brand they know, and do not choose your new products, of course, if your money is really much to use, it will be like where customers like it a brand, this is also possible.


want to venture in the network business, we must find those companies website fundamental disdain, see you are too lazy and you make money market competition. There is no website that really meets the needs of the public. To build a profitable website, you must accurately identify your target market, find your target audience which is facing the problem? What products or services? Then you can go to the development of the product or service, to provide you with the target market. The pursuit of flow, the pursuit of suitable for all or most of the needs of the site is the most strenuous, very little chance of success. Some people fear

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