Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Plays NOLA Show With Jeff Chimenti [Gallery]

first_imgLast night marked the first night of Joe Russo’s Almost Dead in New Orleans, LA, as the group hit the Joy Theater for back-to-back nights of Grateful grooves. The Grateful Dead tribute band had previously announced a lineup change, explaining that Marco Benevento had previous Jazz Fest late night obligations, and that Jeff Chimenti would be replacing him for the run. Chimenti is obviously more than qualified, having performed with members of the Dead since The Other Ones in 2002. He currently plays for Dead & Company.Jeff Chimenti’s Long, Strange Trip As The Dead’s Longest-Tenured KeyboardistWith Chimenti in tow, the band opened with a monster jam that found its way into “Dancing In The Streets.” The whole show was packed with major highlights, including a sing-a-long “Cumberland Blues” and a “Help On The Way > Slipknot!” that cruised into “Viola Lee Blues” with a “Cumberland” jam. The set closed with a soulful “Throwing Stones,” packing over an hour of music into what was essentially six songs.The second set raged for a full hour and a half, bringing more Grateful Dead tunes like “He’s Gone” and “Friend Of The Devil,” the latter featured violin work from Katie Jacoby. Jacoby would stay with the band through “Not Fade Away” and a full suite rendition of “Terrapin Station.”The band closed out the show with “The Music Never Stopped,” which dropped out into a Joe Russo “Drums” section before closing the show with “Fire On The Mountain.” The show did not have an encore, as the band played up until their 1 AM curfew. Load remaining images Take a look at the full setlist below, courtesy of Peter Costello/Facebook:Setlist: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead at The Joy Theater, New Orleans, LA – 4/29/16Set 1 10:00PM – 11:15PMJam ->Dancing In The Streets (SM) ->Cumberland Blues (All)Help On The Way (TH) ->Slipknot! ->Viola Lee Blues @ (All) ->Cumberland Jam ->Viola Lee Blues Reprise (All)>Throwing Stones (SM)Set 2 11:32PM – 12:59AMHe’s Gone # ->Friend Of The Devil * >Not Fade Away *$ (All) ->Terrapin Suite *% (TH & JR) >The Music Never Stopped & (SM) ->Drums ->Fire On The Mountain (TH)Whole show with Jeff Chimenti on Keys. No [email protected] – With a Light My Fire (The Doors) tease (JC) & a Dancin’ Tease (TH)# – For Prince, With a ?Mason’s Children?, GDTRFB & probs 1 or 2 other teases (TH)* – With Katie Jacoby on Electric Violin$ – With a Good Lovin’ Tease (TH)% – With a Slipknot! tease – in a different key (Band)& – With a St. Stephen & (I think) Cosmic Charlie teases (TH)No encore was played as the band played straight up until curfew.Check out more photos from Jeremy Scott below:last_img


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