Axin network marketing strategy analysis

network marketing strategy analysis

marketing is the process of planning and implementing ideas, products, services, pricing, promotion and distribution in order to create individual and organizational transactions. Network marketing is the inevitable outcome of the development of human economy, science and technology, culture, network marketing is not limited by time and space, to a large extent changed the traditional marketing patterns and formats. Network marketing for enterprises, improve work efficiency, reduce costs, expand the market, to bring social and economic benefits. Compared with traditional marketing, network marketing has the internationalization, information and paperless, has become the trend of marketing development. In order to promote the popularization and development of network marketing, it is of great significance to carry out strategic analysis of network marketing.

1, network marketing analysis

The emergence of

network marketing, is the development of science and technology, consumer values and business competition and other factors caused by the comprehensive. The science and technology foundation of network marketing, twenty-first Century is the information century, the development of science and technology, economy and society are welcoming the arrival of this era. With the development of computer network, the connotation of information society has been changed. In the era of information network, the application of network technology has changed the way of information distribution and reception, which has changed the environment of people’s life, work and study, cooperation and communication. Companies are also using the new technology of the rapid network to promote the rapid development of enterprises. Network marketing is the Internet as the media, in a new way, methods and concepts of marketing activities, more effectively promote the realization of personal and organizational transactions. How to develop the network marketing and occupy the emerging market in such a huge potential market is both an opportunity and a challenge. Network marketing is also produced in the transformation of consumer values: to meet the needs of consumers, is the core of enterprise management forever. It is an important way to obtain the competitive advantage in the future by using the network technology to provide consumers with various types of services. When the market economy develops to the present day, most of the products are extremely rich both in quantity and variety. Consumers can choose and purchase goods and services on the basis of personal psychological desire. The more they demand, the faster the demand changes. Consumers will take the initiative to obtain information through a variety of channels and commodity related information to increase the trust of products and strive for psychological satisfaction. Network marketing is produced in the commercial competition, with the increasingly fierce market competition, in order to occupy the advantage in the competition, the enterprises are using all the skills to attract customers, it is difficult to say what novel and unique method of Clipsal. To carry out network marketing, you can save a lot of expensive store rent, you can reduce the inventory of commodity funds, can make the scale of operation is not subject to site constraints, easy to collect customer information, etc.. All these can make the cost and cost of the enterprise reduce, the operation cycle becomes shorter, and enhance the competitive advantage of the enterprise and increase the profit.

2, the basic characteristics of network marketing analysis

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