have a good idea to do together

entrepreneurship has become a way to chase a lot of friends, yesterday attended the annual meeting of PMLab, found that many friends are more or less on the road to entrepreneurship. Good ideas, a lot of good ideas, do you want to work together?

In fact,

as early as 14 years, the guardian Yuan Kun published "the young 90 should immediately start" don’t wait, especially now the rapid development of mobile Internet, micro electricity supplier hot, Internet plus let more friends have a better business opportunities. To this day, or suggest that we can not do business.


entrepreneurship is a very fun thing, but for most of my friends, whether it should not want to do it, for example, today, a friend asked to be able to work together on a project (the project has been on the line). There are at least several issues that need to be addressed.

, a word clearly what to do.

many people love the simple things complicated, if, say there is no concept of a long and minute statement of concern. Can you say a word? At least in the heart of the partners to understand what we want to do, in the hearts of the user know what we are doing.

do you understand it? Can you understand it? Or do you want to understand the guardian Yuan Kun that the development of the market is very difficult, more difficult to cultivate users.

two, what are my strengths and differences?

a lot of ideas, creativity is also very good, do to know the results. What are the advantages of our current market, business models, what is our biggest difference?. If you do the same thing, the latter need a strong advantage.

don’t talk about feelings, that’s not what we play. Whether they match the key. Money to pay, strong output, there are resources out of resources, there is a product out of the product, what he did not have to integrate these people is also the ability.


three, do something or make money?

is the first priority to make money, do not talk too much empty, but earn more and earn less, earn early to earn the problem of late, no one can not do anything profitable. Guardian Yuan Kun remind entrepreneurs if you do now is a valuable thing, a short time can not make money can understand, but how to make money must be clear.

cannot do something meaningful, but also can not make money. Think about it? I don’t know how many people would like to do it. Anyway, I’m not SB.

four, I have a good idea, do you want to work together?

I have a good idea. I have a good project. Do you want to do it together? Let’s do it together. Guard Yuan Kun although not too great fame, but many business owners often say those words to me, I want to pull.

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